Space Poetry

Space Poetry, hosted by Pierian Spring is an innovative take on poetry writing in which participants are required to pen a poem within a given shape and adherent to a theme. This year, the poets were given the outline of a four-leafed clover and asked to compose a poem on the theme ‘luck’. Participants with a penchant for free verse and budding rhymesters though long and hard before putting pen to paper and couching their thoughts in the ever-flexible language of poetry.

Space Poetry compelled nascent poets to think every which way and tested their knack for versification. The final entries were a mixed bag of humorous, narrative, romantic and tragic poems, written across a gamut of styles and attesting the poetic prowess of the participants. The three poets who demonstrated unique perspective with a flair for verse were, in order of placement,

  1. Marvin-II HEPP N
  2. Suhas K V- I PCME I
  3. Avantika-I PPES O

-Neha Susan Cherian


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