Book Spine Poetry

Book Spine Poetry is a singular take on poetry writing that serves to blur the lines between poetry and prose. It has, over the years, carved a niche for itself among the poetic events lined up by Pierian Spring. Participants are given a selection of book titles and asked to compose a poem, employing any five titles of their choice. The burgeoning coterie of poets of Christ Junior College turned out enthusiastically to meld their imaginations and aptitude for verse with the tools given to them.

The resultant poems were striking for their diction and rendered poignant by the use of book titles such as In Search of Lost Time, Things Fall Apart and One Hundred Years of Solitude.  Students wrote across a range of themes and presented a heady mix of the comic, tragic and romantic, penned in elegant verse.

The three poets who demonstrated a knack for creative adaptation were, in order of placement,

  1. Farhan- I PCMB G
  2. Dhruthi D A- I PPES O
  3. Marvin- II HEPP N

Neha Susan Cherian


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