Slam Poetry

Slam poetry is an up-and-coming form of spoken word poetry that is being increasingly lionised by student poets. Pierian Spring, the English literary club hosted its first ever slam poetry event to cater to the interests and talents of spoken word artists.

As in a regular poetry slam, artists gathered to recite their original pieces before a judge and their fellow poets. Poets plumbed the depths of their creativity, unbridled by a given theme or word limit and presented the choicest poems of their collections with great élan. Life, silence and personal experiences emerged as popular themes that had captured the imaginations of the writers. Participants were assessed on a variety of criteria including the content of their poems, style of presenting and ability to engage with the audience and elicit emotions.

The three poets with compelling pieces, who demonstrated eloquence and verve were, in order of placement,

1. Supriti Sujay- II HESP M

2. Thanmayee- II HEPP N

3. Lakshana- II HESP M

Neha Susan Cherian


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