Heliocentrika was set in timelines other than the present. In the first round, participants were required to present Galileo’s proofs of the heliocentric structure of our solar system (hence the name ‘Heliocentrika’) to a panel of judges who were set in the 17th century. In the second round, participants were instructed to represent 22nd century science by adopting concepts from movies and showcase how they would aid humanity in its progress. The concepts picked by respective participants included arc reactor (from ‘Iron Man’), virtual reality (from ‘Jumanji’) and battlechips (from ‘Battlechip’). In the climax of the event participants were instructed to pick sides, whether to save the planet or move to another, while humanity is on the brink of extinction. The arguments for both sides were formulated as standard debate. Issues such as time taken for travel, socio-economic differences between travelers to the other planet, and the ecosystem of the new planet, or lack therefore were major concepts of the debate. After a very close tie, the winners were declared as follows.

1st price- Jyoti Nivas College
2nd price- Mount Carmel College

-Manasa V Reddy

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