The Business Quiz was conducted on the 9th of October 2018 in collaboration with Colossus – The Commerce Club. The quiz was hosted by Satvik Babu, Vijith Raghavendra, and Vikram Bhansali. The prelims comprised of 20 challenging and engaging questions which were from the wide world of Business. The questions were carefully framed by the quiz masters by incorporating areas such as connect, tweets, identify etc. It was truly a delight to see the participants arriving at the answers with much enthusiasm.

The top six teams made it to the final. The final comprised of interesting rounds titled – Mind Your Business, Ad-Venture, Match Fixing, where the participant’s knowledge of logos, brands, taglines were tested. A riveting feature in one of the rounds included participants to stake their points among 6 topics and selection was done based on bidding. This round was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  All in all, the final were definitely mind boggling and fun at the same time.

The Business Quiz was officially the last quiz of 2018. This year we have had over 13 amazing quizzes and are very grateful to all the avid enthusiastic quizzers who made this happen.  We, Sedes Minerva- The Quiz Club thank all the quizzers who have inspired, motivated and heartened us throughout the year to provide you with the best quizzing experience here at Christ Junior College. We hope that our endeavor has ignited the spark of quizzing in all and taught something new. Quizzing is not just a game of question and answers but a game of minds. If you have got what it takes to crack these questions, then Sedes Minerva is definitely the place to be!

Winners of The Business Quiz:

1st Place – Sumukh B Ram (2’L’) T M Sidhanth (2’J’) and Mohammed Kazim Agha (2’B)

2nd Place – Vishnu Nambiar (1’K’) Shashank TA (1’K’) and Sidhanth B (1’K’)

3rd Place- Aruna (2’N’) Rohini Dikshit (2’N’) and Soumya Joshi (2’N’)

Happy Quizzing!



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