Bengaluru Quiz

‘Ee sala quiz namde’ said every excited student who walked in hoping to have an amazing experience and that’s exactly what happened, although it was just three teams walking out able to say the statement , the others could say it proudly too with regard to the experience for they had definitely enjoyed every bit of the penultimate Sedes Minerva quiz.

The quiz had the usual format of prelims and final round with six teams advancing into the final. The prelims was hosted by Ananya and the finals shared with Aruna, with questions contributed by Neha and Akhila. The quiz tested the knowledge of the young Bangaloreans about their beloved city with questions that were intriguing and got the brain cells of the participants tingling, but the results turned out to be very surprising with one team getting a total of 26 out of 30 in the prelims although some answers like the mythic society failed to appear in any of the answer sheets.

To consolidate the whole experience, the quiz was witness to a plethora of emotions ranging from beaming smiles as results of right answers to the looks of ‘how did we not get that’ , but ultimately it was yet another successful Sedes Minerva quiz with everybody leaving the room with satisfaction but also a desire for more. The love for Bengaluru, our splendid city was felt in every one of the young zealous quizzers.

Winners of the Bangalore Quiz:

1st Place – Chandan S(2’H’), Harish VV Naik(2’D’) and Vishesh V(2’I’)
2nd Place – TM Sidhanth(2’J’), Vinyas NM(1’K’) and Vishnu Nambiar(1’K’)
3rd  Place- Shashank C(2’H’), Sachin R(2’H’) and Srinivasan M(2’H’)






Ananya Manjunath


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