2nd PUC General Quiz – 2019

Sedes Minerva hosted its first quiz of the academic year 2019-20 which was the general quiz for the students of 2nd PUC. The quiz was conducted by Ashray Nambiar of 2 HESP M and Vishnu Nambiar of 2 CAMS K. Announcements for the quiz were made with the help of catchy pictures and through various social media sites and on Friday the 17th of May, the quiz kicked off with an overwhelming response. Over 50 teams with 3 students in a team, took part in the quiz which comprised of a preliminary and final round. While the preliminary round was a tough round to crack, 7 teams made it through to the finals. The finals had 2 rounds and all the teams worked their brains to the very limit. It was a high scoring contest which saw four teams winning at the end including a tie for the third position. Overall, the quiz saw a high turnout of participants and it was an engaging and inquisitive contest over a series of challenging questions.

Winners :-

3rd Place:

Pranav R – 18P0305 – 2 PCMB C ; Aryan Reddy – 18P1502 – 2 CAMS K ; Joe Viju – 18P1522 – 2 CAMS K.

Kaushal Gowda – 18P1854 – 2 HESP M ; Bhairav Reddy – 18P1809 – 2 HESP M ; Vignesh K.V. – 18P1869 – 2 HESP M.

2nd Place:

Aashish Kumar – 18P1671 – 2 CAME L ; Shreyas S – 18P1385 – 2 CAMS J ; Rishi T – 18P1452 – 2 CAMS J.

1st Place:

Neha Pillai – 18P1299 – 2 HEPP N ; Devika Deevasan – 18P1959 – 2 HEPP N ; Gauri Kolte – 18P2050 – 2 HEPP N.

-Ashray Nambiar


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