World environment day 2019

“Don’t let our future go up in smoke” was the slogan of this years world environment day organised on 6 June 2019 at Christ Junior College. The Eco Club in collaboration with the CSA helped make this event a huge success. The main subject for this event was to spread awareness regarding air pollution.

In the morning students as well as teachers were given a green ribbon badge. Bookmarks was given to the teachers. Around 100 students from class 2PCMB A to 2PCMB G had gotten Hibiscus and Vinca Rosea saplings that was to be planted in the campus. A small skit was put up by the presentation team in order to spread awareness about rising air pollution. Surabhi of class 2 PCMB F made a 3D working model of an affected earth showing how air pollution is harmful and toxic to the environment.

Together the CSA and Eco club made a 7ft tall poster depicting how man tries to live by recycling the carbon dioxide exhaled by him which is then used in respiration for plants.

If we all join hands and work together in making this earth a cleaner and a healthier place, we would have very less diseases and a much safer environment.

Lakshaa Pankaj – 2 PCMB B

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