World Environment Day

The tree screamed and beseeched, but no one cared to listen.

The lone twig cried at the skeletons on the ground,”If only back then you’d made it your mission!!”

This is today’s reality and the students of CSA and the Eco club set forth to change it. On June 6th, they were drenched in green and white, trying to spread a message of utmost importance. A message from the depths of planet Earth and her crying children. The zealous team worked on this year’s theme, it being Air pollution and lung health. Posters made by all the classes on the same topic decorated the building and made us face reality. The team also put up a street play of sorts in which father ozone and a tree talked about their plight and implored the students to understand what air pollution was doing to them and how it was destroying everything they meant to protect. Facts and statistics too were presented to make the audience realize the depth of the situation. Students walked around holding colourful posters and shouting slogans that resonated deep within the listeners conscience. Bright green handmade ribbon badges were distributed for the students to wear proudly and to make them understand that they too were a part of the solution. All in all,the day was green and bright and the students put forth all their creativity and might.

Surabhi K. C.

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