Bengaluru Poetry Festival

The Bengaluru Poetry Festival 2019 was held on 20th July at Taj West end. 10 zealous students from Prerana took part in this fest. The festival, organised by Atta Galata had poets from all over India attend it. The students interacted with Siddhant Chaturvedi , popularly known as MC Sher from the movie Gully Boy. He talked about his experience in poetry writing, what it means to him and went on to encourage everyone present to express themselves through poetry.

The second part of the program saw an interaction between HS Venkateshmurthy, a renowned Kannada author and poet and Veeranna Madiwalar , a newcomer to the literary world. He talked about his experience being a poet and the evolution of Kannada literature over time. The students struck a gold mine in meeting him and learning from his immense experience.

The third and final session for the day was that of poet Hoshang Merchant, an English poet from Kolkata. The 72 year old poet, known as the father of Indian Queer poetry read a few of his poems outlining his life in Kolkata , the US and Hyderabad. The retired English professor also spoke loads about discrimination in day to day life and how each living being should imbibe the principle ‘Live and let live’. The three poets imbibed in the students 3 different yet valuable things.

  1. The art of poetry
  2. The value of language
  3. Humanity

To say the least, it was an unforgettable experience!!!

– Surabhi K. C


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