On Friday, 19th July, Sedes Minerva, along with the Tech Club, conducted the Tech Quiz. The quiz was hosted by Nikhil Chandra, an alumnus of Christ Junior College who is currently studying law and is also heading the Quiz Club in Christ University. The quiz drew a good response with 25 teams taking part. The quiz covered an umbrella of topics ranging from technology to current affairs. The top 6 teams qualifying from the preliminary round had their quizzing caps on in an engaging three round final. The quiz was challenging and informative at the same time and was smoothly conducted.


1st Place : Suhas K.V. – 18P1207 – 2 PCME ‘I’

Pramuk M.P. – 181249 – 2 PCME ‘I’

2nd Place : Mustafa – 18P0360 – 2 PCMB ‘C’

Aryan K – 18P0318 – 2 PCMB ‘C’

2nd Place : Vignesh K – 18P1444 – 2 CAMS ‘J’

Rishi T. – 18P1452 – 2 CAMS ‘J’

3rd Place : Harsh Mehta – 18P1063 – 2 PCME ‘H’

Pratham Varma – 18P1069 – 2 PCME ‘H’

-Ashray Nambiar

2 HESP ‘M’

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