Enigma a ciphering event that gave students an opportunity to enter a world of Ciphers. The event was organized by the Science Forum on 9 August, 2019. This event tested the students’ cyphering skills and made one realize the true triumph of being a Cryptographer. The event began with an exclusive exuberance, with an active participation of 51 teams. The first round involved the pen to paper concept, where the participants were required to bring together their adroitness and agility at solving seven cipher questions. After a tough competition of scoring we had six teams qualify themselves for the final, and the most exciting round. This round was a surprise round which was revealed on spot to the participants. The teams were given five puzzling cipher clues to play a game of hunt. Though the clues were hidden in some of the most usual places the real challenge was to decrypt the cipher and get to the location. After a nail biting race to battle of Encipherment, we had three teams get to the decider segment of the event. As the teams battled among themselves with quick decoding skills, Harsh Kumar and Yash Kumar from 2CAMS K announced their victory with the final quest answer. The event brought a great end to the day with puzzled minds.Enigma aimed at deciphering the skills of the students. Despite what seems to be a relatively simple concept, ciphers play a crucial role in the modern technology today. The event got students to take back with them an experience. An experience at coding and decoding cyphers. The event not only enhanced one’s quick wittedness but was also concluded a great success.

Gunjal Kothari


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