Logo Quiz Report

The eagerly anticipated Logo Quiz was conducted by Sedes Minerva on friday, 13th of September. The quiz was conducted by Neha Pillai and Devika Deevasan of 2 HEPP ‘N’, who placed third in the XITE quiz event. Being one of the more popular quizzes hosted by the Quiz Club, the quiz drew an overwhelming turnout of participants. Over 250 students in 80 teams participated in the preliminary round. The finals consisted of two rounds, which were extremely engaging and informative. The quizmasters smoothly conducted the quiz and brought in some innovative rounds as well. Overall, the quiz received a very positive feedback and continues to be a fan favourite among the students. The winners are as follows :

1st Place : A.P. Raghav – 2 CAMS’K’- 18P1501 ; Shashank Anand – 2 CAMS ‘K’ – 18P1508 and Darpan Sunil – 2 CAMS ‘J’ – 18P1417.

2nd Place : Vivek Cherian – 2 PPES ‘O’ – 18P2143 ; Rohan Ravesh – 2 PPES ‘O’ – 18P2186 and Ameya Rajiv – 2 HEPP ‘N’ – 18P2036.

3rd Place : Rehaan Shabbir – 2 HESP ‘M’- 18P1829 ; Ashish Raj – 2 PPES ‘O’ – 18P2138 and Yash Sudhir – 2 PPES ‘O’ – 18P2144.

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