Incognito: The Unknown Paradox

Incognito, a science treasure hunt event that aimed at testing the dexterity and scientific intellect of the participants. The event was organized on 6th  September,2019 on the occasion of the mega CJC Fest “MAGNACHRISTA”.The event comprised of three rounds in total.

The first round had two divisions.To begin with we had the pen to paper round for 30 minutes,which required the participants to bring together their agility at solving fifteen puzzling questions. The qualified 20 teams moved onto the next segment of the round. The Taboo round needed the participants to bring their vocabulary into action.They were expected to explain a given word to their teammates,restricting them the use of a few particular words and actions.

The second round was an exciting modification to Monopoly-the board game. The ten qualified teams come together to play a game of Monopoly.The unusual twist here was that every table the team landed upon, had a set of envelopes to be brought. Each envelope had two tasks to be performed by each team,and hence only on the completion of these tasks were they allowed to continue their game. Each envelope had one Pictionary question and one minute to win it task to complete. The first six teams to complete their game were qualified for the final round.

The final round was a classic treasure hunt, where the participants had to face perplexing obstacles and challenges in their hunt for victory. Six locations, six different road maps and each team accompanied by a volunteer.The clues to each location had to be solved with a quick sense of mind. After a nail biting race to the victory, we had SJBHS declare themselves as winners of the event.

The event got the participants to take back with them an experience. An experience at a classic treasure hunt. The event not only enhanced one’s quick wittedness but was also concluded a great success.

-Gunjal Kothari


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