Roses are red,

Violets are blue


Aliens are here for you’

In a desperate fight against time and space, participants from different schools and colleges from Bangalore crossed their fingers as there was a thin white line between humanity, life and total annihilation. The Purge was a Sci-Fi game of ‘Hide and Seek’ but against the aliens. The event embraced three absorbing rounds where participants were members of NASA and had to save humanity from the extraterrestrials using clues and their wit.

In the first round, participants had to crack 8 puzzles to find the planet’s name – KRYPTON 5364 . The second round was ‘Plan-It’ where they had to plot their way to KRYPTON-5364 using science as the base. In the last round, members were captured in the foriegn planet . They had to find their way out of the planet to save humanity using all the traces and clues left behind by the previously incarcerated.

The Purge tested participants’ intelligence and logics with a  hint Science and Fiction. It was indeed an unforgettable and phenomenal experience!

First prize: Deeksha college

-Diya K Mutha


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