The motive of magnachrista was to instill the spirit of confidence, healthy competition and harmony amongst the participants and unravel was the perfect example. It’s an event  which assesses participants on their logical reasoning and capability to decrypt ciphers. With every succeeding level the intricacy of the event increases which highlights the event architects’ selfless efforts.

In the first round, the participants had to solve four ciphers and three logical questions after which they had to guess the names of five movies through pictionary.

Only six teams made it through to the triathlon where they had three sets of tasks and ciphers which on completion would give them three words namely infrared light, cancer and astronomy.The participants had to formulate a theory with these words and the team which came up with the most accurate theory with respect to the original one, won the event.

The team of four was divided into two.

Two of them had to perform the tasks and two of them had to decrypt the ciphers.

The participants had to decrypt a miscellany of ciphers including vigenere cipher, rail fence, dorabell and book ciphers.

They had to perform an assortment of tasks which on completion would enlighten them about the theory. The formulation of the theory by the participants marks the cessation of the event. The team which completed this tedious and exciting process in the least amount of time and arose with the most accurate theory won unravel.

These are the champions of unravel

First: St Joseph’s boys high school team2

Second: jain college jayanagar

Third : St Joseph’s boys high school team 1

-Ananya R


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