On 8th November, Sedes Minerva along with a few alumni of Christ Junior College batch of 2017-19 conducted the CJC Quiz, a quiz which as the name suggests was all about our college. The quiz was conducted by the ex-President of Sedes Minerva, Neha Shetty and Vikram Bhansali. The quiz attracted a decent participation of 15 teams which despite being the least participation that a quiz has witnessed this year, still packed a punch as the participants were extremely lively and chirpy throughout the duration of the quiz. The questions took us to the very depths of our college, ranging from Magna Christa and Page to Stage to the famous Bajaj sandwich and counting the number of washrooms in our building. The quiz had it all. It was a fun-filled quiz which was very different from the other quizzes this year and a unique experience too!

Winners of the quiz
1st Place-
Akshay Prakash- 2 PCME I, Chathurya Srinivasan- 2 HEPP N, Neha Pillai- 2 HEPP N
2nd Place-
Vishnu Nambiar- 2 CAMS K, Devika Deevasan- 2 HEPP N, Ashray Nambiar- 2 HESP M
3rd Place-
Pranav Gowda, Calvert Nazareth, Neha Sudhy (all from 2 PCMB C)



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