Christ university is really a dream come true. The students studying here have the best facilities and the most beautiful and comfortable campus environment. Ever wondered how Christ manages to keep a campus filled with nearly 19,000 students so clean. The college has well managed waste segregation system, not only waste even the water here gets reused. The management is proud to say that the only waste that goes out of the campus is plastic and everything else is recycled or reused here. Isn’t that simply wonderful. But how? That’s where Parivarthana unit, a wing of the Center for Social Action, does it’s magic. The Parivarthana units set up in the campus has helped in achieving this. Parivarthana hasn’t done magic only by clearing waste in a excellent way but has also changed the lives of many rural women. The rural women who are economically weak work here . They recycle the waste to make papers, they use waste for bio gas, manure and even water treatment to reuse water. Isn’t it amazing to know to how Parivarthana, a small unit on Christ, has brought up such a big change not only by making our campus clean and beautiful, but also by bringing light and hope into the lives of rural women.

~ Anusha G


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