We don’t just act. We impact

The wide spread popularisation of street play is no less than a “Transformational Social Movement”. Street plays are not just used as tools of political awareness but it is used for fighting social injustice as well. When small kids, whose eyes were filled with curiosity and dreams that reach the sky, sat in circles hearing the loud voices from the center of circle  was not merely an act but an impact it was drishti!!
On the 12th of September, a team of 30 students and 3 teachers made their way to Kolar, an exciting rural visit in a mission to enlighten the students there about RTE law. The “Right to education” law which encourages and makes it compulsory to all the parents and guardians of India to educate their children as schooling for kids up to the age of 16 is free. Not only till 16 but even after that students are given the privilege to apply for study loans on lesser interest rates to pursue their higher education. It was really enchanting to see those eager eyes and the cutest smiles the kids had after seeing the street play. The kids surely got inspired by the play and asked many questions. It was so en-thrilling to talk with the children there. They have the potential to change this world and as a part of drishti we felt as if we showed them exactly how to do it.

~Anusha. G


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