The Department of English conducted the Ministerial Staff Enrichment Programme in the Month of June, July and January. The programme was divided into three sessions for an hour and a half each. The objective of the programme was to enrich the ministerial staff members with various life and soft skills. A total of 9 women were selected from the ministerial staff in which 8 of them were regular attendees. This year the module was designed by Ms. Nikitha Noronha and Ms. Blessy Issac and other members of the department helped in the execution of the same. Teachers were also allotted one student each so that individual attention could also be given when required. The six classes included an ice breaker session, writing alphabets/numerals, various forms applicable to the staff in college/bank, days of the week, months of the year, greeting, directing, responding to basic enquiry, answering and asking time, month, week etc. Each of the session included activities and worksheets which the staff member could use for future reference. The ministerial staff appreciated the department’s efforts in conducting these sessions and were also enthusiastic to have such sessions in the coming years.

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