About blogging

Here is an opportunity you can use to write about your Association/Club on the blog. You may adhere to the following instructions while blogging:

  • You may write about your Association/Club activities
  • Schedules for various programmes may be posted
  • Articles associated to your Association/Club may be posted too
  • You may also encourage your classmates to write for the blog. The articles may be sent to you by email. These may be posted by you on the blog
  • Images/Pictures, relevant to the Association/Club  may also be uploaded
  • While writing, you may be informal but retain clarity
  • You may use different colors for highlighting important dates, events and the like
  • You may also write about the follow-up of all events of your club/association

How to use the Blog?

  1. Student Representatives, chosen by the Club/Association Coordinators shall be invited by the Administrator
  2. On accepting the invitation, the Student Representative shall create an account on the blog
  3. Through the username and password, the Representative shall begin blogging

For further clarifications, please contact Mrs. Sherlin Kennedy, Department of Chemistry.

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