Christ Junior College is participating in a Student Exchange Programme with St. Anna’s Gymnasium, Munich, Germany. This year-long programme is iniatiated by Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan), New Delhi. The programme is funded by  Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation. We thank wholeheartedly for their support and encouragement.

As a part of the programme,  students of both the countries not only get to exchange cultures between them but also work on a project. The project for this year’s programme is Carbon Foot Print, focusing on the emission of carbon from the daily activities of individuals like transportation, food, electricity etc. The statistics collected will be shared with the German group that will finally culminate in bringing out a newspaper based on the work done. The project is very significant in that it brings out an awareness about the protecting our environment and globe.

The students of Christ Junior College visited St. Anna’s Gymnasium, Munich in the month of April between 16-29, while their German counterparts will visit our college in Bangalore, India in the month of November. During the two-week visit, students will stay at their host families. Here are a few glimpses of the tour de Munich!

St. Anna’s Gymnasium is located in Lehel in Munich. The word Gymnasium, in the German Education System is a type of secondary school with a strong emphasis on academic learning. The school concentrates not only on academic subjects, but on producing well-rounded individuals, so physical education and religion or ethics are compulsory subjects for pupils.

St.Anna's Gymnasium, Munich

 St. Anna’s Gymnasium is one of the most reputed schools in Munich. This year it is celebrating its one hundredth year. This is a school where students are trained for higher studies. The students write their exams in five subjects (3 compulsory and 2 optional). Their performance in all the tests is considered for grading.

Students in a English Class

At St. Anna’s Gymnasium, the students participated in the discussions in the English class and shared their views and thoughts about India and Germany alike. This discussion eliminated all the inhibitions and helped them to understand each other thus bridging the gap.

Guided Tour of MunichThis picture was shot during a guided tour of Munich. Mr. Maul, a History teacher accompanied us on this tour and gave details about certain historic places, places of relevance in Munich. Here, students are seen keenly listening to his description.

Church in between the housesMunich is famous for Churches. There are many situated in and around the city. This one in particular is of importance because it is rare. The church is seen in the middle and on either sides, there are houses. This church was built by two brothers, one Sculptor and the other Painter. Indeed, a Church to remember!

This picture is that of Konigsplatz , one of the main centres of Munich city.


As mentioned earlier, many churches can be seen in Munich. Below you find a photograph of a strasse (street), where a church is located. The churches have a dome at the top, constructed in the form of an onion, that is typical of Bavarian architecture!

Onion-shaped dome on the church, typical of Bavarian architecture

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