A visit to BMW Museum

BMW Museum showcases the history of BMW company, its brand and products in an innovative way. The museum is spread over 5,000 square metres that comprises of most appealing cars, motorcycles and engines. The museum was opened in 1973 and redesigned in 2008. Our visit to the museum was an experience in itself as we were taken through a guided tour of brand experience.

BMW Museum - Entry

BMW started its journey by manufacturing engines for war planes during world wars. Later it spread its wings to manufacturing engines for motorcycles and cars.

A Motorcycle @ BMW

F1 car

BMW also worked on Formula 1 cars to make an imprint in the world of F1 competitions, famous worldwide. To the right  is a picture of F1 car of BMW that will be of interest to you.

A coloured car model

BMW has also set into experimenting with colours as this model displays a hue of colours painted on it. You will also find clay models of cars being displayed like this one to the right, which is completely made out of clay. Sometimes, these clay models are also painted in different colours that gives one the picture of a true car!

Number plates @ BMWPhew! Wondering what these are! Yes, these are number plates that are brought by BMW. The number plates provide information about the series, the year in which it was released and so on.

A few BMW M series cars:

M-series Cars
M-series Car

The extensive measures taken up by BMW include all activities of reduction in fuel consumption and an increase in performance. To further increase in efficiency, BMW has opted for BMW hybrid technology. It also plans to extend its role in the area of hydrogen power with BMW clean energy.Below is a car model that uses hydrogen power!

BMW's Hydrogen power car

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