Indo-German Student Exchange Program 2014

Students from Christ Junior College are participating in a year-long Indo German Student Exchange Programme, initiated by Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe Institute).

For two weeks between 29 April and 12 May, sixteen students visited St. Michael’s Gymnasium, Metten. The students stayed with host families and visited various sites in the state of Bavaria. To facilitate a complete cultural and academic exchange, students also worked on individual projects, focusing on a comparative study of the economic growth models of India and Germany. Here’s a brief account of the experience:

St.Michael’s Gymnasium is a small but beautiful school in the monastery of Metten. It has a friendly atmosphere and encourages humanistic, linguistic as well as scientific and technological study. We were immediately captivated, not only by the sheer beauty, but also by the history of this magnificent school, and consider ourselves privileged to have had the opportunity to tie up with such an institution.

St. Michael's GymnasiumOn our first day in Metten, we visited the “Rathaus” or the Town Hall. Previously a hospital, the Town Hall is a place for all important officials to meet and discuss the day-to-day affairs of the town. Naturally, this made us feel quite important, as we, being the first group of Indian exchange students in Metten, were lucky enough to have met the Mayor and spoken to him.

Rathaus, The Town Hall

Here’s a picture of the entire group at the University of Applied Sciences, Deggendorf:

University of Applied Sciences

On our third day in Germany, we went on a trek in the gorgeous Bavarian Forest. From the top of a spiralling structure, we could see the forest in all its green glory. This picture was taken of us while walking up to the top of the watchpoint:

Bavarian Forest

Another highlight of our eventful trip was when we visited Munich, and from there, the concentration camp in Dachau. The experience was chilling. Seeing and imagining the dismal living and working conditions of the prisoners, the sheer hopelessness with which they lived, made us shiver. The visit gave us a clear insight into this brutal chapter of world history. The picture adjacent shows a slab containing ashes of an unknown camp prisoner and a sign which reads, “Never Again”, seen upon entering the camp.

The Concentration Camp, Dachau

BMW – We were absolutely thrilled to have toured the largest plant of the world famous automobile brand, BMW, in Dingolfing. The very size of the manufacturing plant (2.4 million sq. m) had us awestruck. It was truly remarkable to see so many beautiful cars (1,000 vehicles a day) rolling off the assembly line. We will take much more than mere souvenirs from the entire experience.

BMW @ Dingolfing

Finally, our last working day in the school of Metten arrived, and the time came for us to present our research on the projects we had been working on all this while.

This was followed by a cultural event in the evening, where our team put in its best effort to display the vibrant colours of India through a feat of music and dance. Clad in our best ethnic wear, both Indian students as well as our friends from Germany celebrated a successful programme that evening.

Xchanging Culture


Shruthi Bangari, II PCME H

Shruthi was a student of the Indo-German Exchange Programme.

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