The whole excitement started when we heard we were selected for the Indo-Sweden student exchange programme, a socio-cultural exchange programme; the excitement for a new trip and an experience of our life time. This is an exchange programme where in the selected students are taken to Sweden (Lerum Gymnasium, Lerum near Gothenburg). The students stay with the host families and learn their social and cultural and habits. The trip will be 11 days long, from 18th April to 28th April, 2016.

The students underwent training sessions for two weeks, which included orientation towards the programme, project discussion, questionnaire preparation, cultural practices, responsibility distribution and session by BHM faculty on etiquettes during international visits.

The projects undertaken dealt with:

  1. Volvo Company
  2. Welfare state
  3. Waste management
  4. Immigrant Issues

Shruthi Bhamidipaty, Student Member of the Indo-Sweden squad.