On 18th afternoon, we reached Lerum Gymnasium and were welcomed by the host students and staff over a Fika.

We also took part in classroom immersion programme which included intercultural discussion, a meeting with the social advice and guidance center for youth, a joint cooking at school. In this session, the Swedish students prepared an Indian lunch for all. This was followed by a visit to an elementary school and kindergarten. The Indian team made a socio-cultural presentation.  A visit to an elderly home and the opera house in Goteborg were also part of itinerary.

Weekends reminded all of us relaxation and what better way to relax, visits to the museum, Liseburg amusement park and to the harbor. We also witnessed snow fall towards the weekend.

At the beginning of every week, that is, on Mondays, a meeting is scheduled with the principal and teachers, and hence regular classes begin at 9.30.

We had a meeting with the political leaders of Lerum, wherein students discussed matters relating to welfare state. This was followed by an immigration student’s classroom observation. We also hiked in the Sasvea valley.

In the days that followed, we participated in English classroom as part of classroom immersion. We also visited the home for under aged unaccompanied migrants. The exchange programme ended with final discussions, evaluation and farewell ceremony on April 28, 2016.

A report generated by the Indian contingent of Indo Sweden Exchange Programme