Short Story Writing

Short Story Writing is the event hosted by Pierian Spring to give aspiring writers and perpetual daydreamers an opportunity to articulate their ideas and put to page their original stories. Participants were given one hour and asked to devise a short story under the genre ‘thriller’. The silence was conspicuous and creative vibes palpable as students gave flight to their imagination, plumbing the depths of their ingenuity. From spy thrillers to gripping escapades in Nazi Germany, nascent writers explored varied facets of the genre, bringing to the table a choice assortment of their creative best. Short story writing proved to be the perfect avenue for all writers-both seasoned scribblers and enthusiastic novices to experiment with the craft of spinning yarns. The three writers who melded imagination with artistic writing to compose arresting short stories were, in order of placement,

1. Navami N- II HEPP N

2. Samyuktha Iyer- II PPES O

3. Suhani Kurpad- I PCMB B

-Neha Susan Cherian


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Darpan, the annual theatre fest hosted by Christ University offers a space where students can express their stage skills. Students engage in street theatre, mime, proscenium and dance competitions, displaying an array of unique ideas and exploring creative means of bringing to light original stories. This year, as a part of the TheActrix workshop, Pierian Spring, the English literary club sent forth two troupes to compete alongside the university teams in street theatre and proscenium.

The proscenium students drew inspiration from the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana, and explored Ravana’s version of the battle. The actors brought to life the demon king’s nine emotions, commonly portrayed as his nine extra heads, and gave them unique characters. ‘The Eleventh face of Ravana’ revolved around the internal conflict of Ravana before his final battle with Lord Ram and brief courtship with Sita. His eleventh face, a dimension not seen in the original epic is heart-warming and even Sita, the loyal wife of Lord Ram, falters, as Ravana reveals the human side of his demonic personality. The play was well-received and left the audience with food for thought.

Street plays are aimed at bringing about social awareness and this time, the theme chosen by the troupe was ‘organ donation’. ‘Santa’s Satchel’ began as a casual piece but took a turn when the actors began questioning why organ donation remains nothing more than an idea and why very few people execute their best intentions. The message came out loud and clear through the performance and organ donation, a much-overlooked social cause drew the attention it deserves.

Students learnt a lot from the experience, both in the craft of theatre and in perspective. From a subaltern approach to mythology to a distinctive topic in street theatre, the actors put their best foot forward and presented one-of-a-kind plays at the fest.









-Supriti Sujay


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Jingle Writing

On July 6th, Pierian Spring, the English Literary club hosted Jingle Writing, a fledgling event designed to meet the artistic demands of the modern world by testing contestants on their ability to compose short, perky songs for commercials. Participants worked in pairs and were given the product ‘coconut hair oil’ to advertise. After much humming and many attempts at rhyming words, nine teams penned catchy jingles and set them to popular tunes. When the time came to present their handiwork, the atmosphere was rife with laughter and hilarity as each pair tried to sell their product by singing praises of the virtues of hair oil. This event served to throw the spotlight on the wordsmith, tunesmith and quick-witted, silver-tongued speaker (or singer) in students and indulge their inventive sides. The three teams which rose to the creative challenge, composing potential earworms were, in order of placement:

  1. Anupriya Das- II HESP M

      Sagarikaa Pradeep- II HESP M

  1. Avantika – I PPES O

      Aditi – I HEPP N

  1. Jumanah- I PCMB G

      Samyuktha- I PCMB D

  1. Monisha- I HEPP N

      Shreya – I HEPP N

-Neha Susan Cherian


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Great leaders make the best team.

The ACC is basically a team that ensures the social and spiritual upbringing of everybody around us. We come up with challenging missions to make the world a better place. Therefore, the team needs enthusiastic leaders so that everything we have aimed for may be fulfilled. And that is why we boast about the LTP (Leadership Training Programme).

This year, it was organised on the 7th and 8th of July. The ACC class representatives and the office bearers were asked to attend the programme. The students remained in the campus after college hours. It started at 2.00 pm and from then, all the fun began. The programme is particularly for us to form a bond so that we stay united throughout the year.

The talks by Livin Varghese and Maria Jose inspired us to befriend God as we heeded to the experiences they had when they discovered Jesus. The activities were amusing and always had a moral that was rational and realistic. The action songs kept us energized throughout. The Praise and Worship session led by Kunal Sengupta, Sylvi Andrat and Sharon Vas brought us closer to the Lord.

As we approached towards the end of the programme, we realised that we now worked and acted- liked a real, strong crew. There was a panel discussion by Sujith, Maria Jose Kunal Sengupta, Sharon Vas and Reshma, who shared their understandings and experiences on undertaking leaderships.

Indeed, the LTP encouraged us to take the responsibility of great leaders that we may guide and help our team to conquer people’s hearts in the voyage of accomplishments.

Joice Ann Mathew


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First General Assembly of 2018

Christ Junior College saw its first general assembly of 2018, on the 29th of June. Being the first of many to come, it was an occasion of great excitement. ‘Plena Progressio’ meaning ‘holistic development’ was given the spotlight. The program commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries, followed by the welcome address. The chief guest of the day, Dr. Nitin Yashas, a proud alumnus of Christ Junior College, then addressed the gathering. Emphasising on the significance of co-curricular activities, he urged all the students to wholeheartedly participate in competitions and events and be involved in the various clubs and associations. He termed them as ‘a place where you can find like-minded people and feel like you belong’. Dr. Nitin Yashas himself was a part of the Science Forum, Pierien Spring and actively participated various activities and competitions. His speech truly struck a chord and gave the students all the encouragement they needed to aim for the best. The Investiture Ceremony then followed, where the heads of the thirteen clubs and associations were sworn in. It is these thirteen clubs and associations that set Christ apart from the rest. We have the Science Forum, Colossus, and Spectrum, the respective clubs of the science, commerce and social sciences streams; Eco Club for the young environmentalists, ‘Prerana’ the language association, ‘Pierien Spring’ for those who possess a flair for English literature and theatre, the Student Welfare Office whose objective is to work for the welfare of the student community, and many more. As the newly appointed heads were handed their scrolls by their teacher coordinators of their respective clubs, it was a moment of pride, for not just the heads, but for the audience as well. After the recital of the oath, the release of the various newsletters, magazines and manuscripts took place. This was followed by the felicitation of students for their commendable performance in various activities. An electrifying performance was then put on by the cultural team which gathered much applause. Right when we thought the performance couldn’t get any better, the Xite banner was unveiled. Xite, our intra-collegiate fest, involving a cornucopia of literary, art and stage events really had the students fired up. Concluding the program, we had the vote of thanks. This year, being the Golden Jubilee year, we hope to make it the best.








Tanvi Bopanna – 2L

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1st PU Inauguration

A new year, a new beginning; as the freshmen explore a new chapter in their lives.

The 1st PU inauguration was held on 31st May 2018. The inauguration consisted of two separate sessions, one for the science stream and the other for the commerce and social sciences stream. The programme began with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and class teachers. The prayer service followed, including a reading of scriptures from the Holy Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Quran and the prayer of Saint Chavara. The Principal, Father Sebastian Mathai, then addressed the gathering. He emphasised on the importance of the upcoming two years, terming it the “transition period”. He was followed by the Vice Chancellor, Father Thomas C Mathew, who enlightened the audience, inspiring them to strive for success. Next, the 2nd PU Board Exam Toppers were felicitated. This was followed by a short briefing of the various training programmes offered in Christ such as the robotics workshop, communicare and personality development. The orientation schedule and general instructions were then announced by Mrs. Rajalakshmi V. The cultural team of CJC then put on a vibrant and electrifying performance, the theme of which was “colours”. The programme concluded with the recital of the college anthem.


 Tanvi Bopanna: 2L

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Wealth out of Waste.

“Re-cycling: Save this earth. It is the only one with chocolate!”

– Anonymous

May the ‘fourth’ be with us! We at Spectrum have moved on to our fourth event on 6th July, ‘Wealth out of Waste’. This was a team event, each team consisting of two persons. The teams had to create something unique out of the waste, recyclable material like tissues, paper cups, paper plates, plastic bottles and straws which were provided to the participants. The participation from first years are more. There were so many beautiful wall hangings and other decorative pieces.

– Rhea Ganesh


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