And thereby hangs a tale-Talespin 2018

Talespin 2018, hosted by Pierian Spring, the English literary club was a unique take on the popular event, hosted to adjudge the best weavers of tales among the second-year students.

In a singular twist to the classic competition, the participants worked relay-style, in pairs, to spin a yarn around the ending phrase ‘What you seek is seeking you’. To pump up the contest and challenge the writers, random words and phrases were thrown in at regular intervals to be assimilated into the story.

The first writer in each pair penned the beginning of the story and was given the word ‘pluviophile’ to incorporate. After the lapse of twenty minutes, the second writer of each pair picked up the threads of the story, inserting the phrase ‘between the devil and the deep sea’ into their narratives. The compositions were once again passed to the first writers who brought their tales to a close, each with a unique interpretation of the ending phrase.

The resultant stories were a striking pastiche of two unique writing styles and tested the imaginative genius of the participants at a whole new level. The three pairs of writers who wielded their pen with greatest dexterity were, in order of placement:

  1. Samyuktha Iyer- II PPES O

      Manaal Jahaan- II PPES O

  1. Ananya Manjunath- II HEPP N

      Aruna- II HEPP N

  1. Rahul K S- II CAME L

     Anmol- II CAME L



-Neha Susan Cherian


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A New Beginning….

God is benevolent. His everlasting love has gifted another year of fulfillment and cheerfulness. The Association of Christian Christites is the spiritual and inspiring team of CJC that strives to pursue various social and religious goals and above all gives a heartening and fun-filled experience to all its team members. This year is really auspicious to us as we are commemorating Golden Jubilee Year of our institution and also the “Year Of Youth”.

Members of the team are hustling about with their formulations for the upcoming inaugural ceremony on the 23rd of June, Saturday at 12.45 pm in the 4th block Auditorium of Christ University. A visual treat is planned for our juniors that they may be motivated and seek God’s grace through our association. May the Loving God guide us and keep us protected in His mighty hands.

Joice Ann Mathew


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Environment day occurs on the 5th of June every year, and is the principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

ECO club at CJC empowers students to take part in activities to create awareness about the various environmental issues and do our best to protect our planet. It’s a platform through which students can convey their ideas to the communities around and promote a well-managed environmental behaviour. This year the students of ECO club celebrated World Environment Day in a very congenial manner.

The theme for this year was ‘BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION’ with the aim of moving towards a plastic free future.

We started the day by distributing ‘Environmental Write Up’ bookmarks and the students dressed formally with the ECO CLUB BANDS. A huge backdrop was also put up for the environment week in order to display its importance to the students. The students also organised a signature campaign to create awareness as well as to reduce the usage of plastic and work towards a better future. They worked to their utmost level to draw people’s attention towards nature and the harm done to it.

The members of ECO club collaborated with CSA (Centre for Social Action), presented a street play at three different venues – CJC Quadrangle, in front of Central Block and Bird’s Park (Christ deemed to be University). The street play mainly focused on the ill effects of plastic usage and its consequences. A pledge was taken by all the students which was as follow: “We promise to say no to plastic, we promise to become eco-friendly, we promise to be a part of the solution and not a part of the pollution”. It was a great experience altogether which not only taught us about the environment but inculcated the values of teamwork and decision making. The Biology Department in collaboration with the ECO club organised a plantation program. Students from various classes were asked to bring saplings and planted them in the campus. These activities paved a way and was a great opportunity for students to opinionate their voice and work for the protection of environment.

The day ended with quite a lot of responses and a change in the mindset of people towards environment.

Overall, the students who took part in these programs and activities had a whale of time and at the same time conveyed the message of nature to the people.

‘Refuse what you can’t reuse so that the future generation can create a cleaner and greener world.’ This year’s theme was a wakeup call for all of us to come together and take actions. It’s never too late to bring a change in society.




-Shruthi.R.Bharadwaj [2-PPES ‘O’]

-Sahana J Gowda [2-PCMB ‘A’]

-Arvind AK [2-PCMB ‘B’]



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Service Launch 2k18

The commerce forum – Colossus held it’s very first event i.e ‘Service Launch’ on May 26. The event was held exclusively for 2nd PUC students. It was a thrilling event with a new experience for the students.

The participants had gathered in one of the rooms and were preparing intensely for the competition. Teams of 4 or 5 students were entitled with a task to bring up a new service or improve an already existing service. Along with it’s description, they were also required to provide a detailed explanation of their finance, marketing strategies and SWOT analysis to the judges. In order to get the glimpse of the entire service, the judges informed the  students to make a video, print ad or a radio jingle. Each team presented their service explicitly. But after every presentation the judges interrogated about the feasibility of the service. After a lot of hustle the judges winded up the event by giving valuable feedback to all the teams. The results were declared the day after and was duly informed to all the participants. The results were :

1. ABEONA – Pranav and team – II J.

2. ACQUITALE – Ankit and team – II K.

3. NAMMA METRO – Sidhanth and team – II J.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for participating.

– Gautam Rathi : II J

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New beginnings!


The science forum welcomed the start of a fresh academic year by conducting an interesting series of activities in order to select its core committee for the upcoming year. The students opting for a place in this prestigious committee assembled in one of the classrooms on 18th May, and the selection process began with the students being split into teams of 5. The various activities that were conducted aimed at testing the all-round skills of students, from their communication to their spirit of teamwork; their creativity to their crisis management skills and thus ensured that the unique talents in every individual were brought out through one activity or the other. After much consideration by the teachers and previous members of the committee, around 18 students were shortlisted and were individually interviewed, in order to enable them to choose the right people who matched the criteria for the various posts in the forum. In this manner, the core committee and other committees of the Science forum were formed and are all set to take up the challenge of creating another successful and memorable year for the forum!

-Aliyah K


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Sedes Minerva – General Quiz 2018 (Exclusively for 2nd PUC)

The first general quiz exclusively for 2nd PU was held on the 18th of May 2018 which was hosted by Neha Shetty, the student Coordinator of Sedes Minerva. The competition comprised over 50 enthusiastic quizzers and was divided into teams consisting of 3. There was a preliminary round and 6 teams made it to the finals.

The quiz started off with the quizmaster displaying around 20 questions for which answers had to be written down. The teams were eager to answer each question in order to make it to the finals. It was an inquisitive and nervous atmosphere as the questions asked were quite intriguing but this didn’t let down the spirits of the participants.  The finals ended with a tie breaker between two teams competing for the 3rd place for which Mr. Arun Sir (Teacher Coordinator of Sedes Minerva)  being the Pink Floyd fanatic dropped in a question which left the participants awestruck and could answer only half the question and eventually ended with both the teams sharing the title.

All in all Sedes Minerva has had a very optimistic and enthusiastic beginning indeed. As said by Aristotle “What’s well begun is half done” is what the first quiz achieved and we hope to have the same success in all competitions that we will be organising through-out the year. When one of the winners was asked about her experience she admitted to have immensely enjoyed it. She says “As the first quiz of the year, the event was truly a success. The questions were diverse, difficult yet were all from events around us. The team and the quizmaster were interactive and helpful. The atmosphere had a vibe of excitement. Overall, it was a fun event but most importantly taught us all something new”.

With a good head start Sedes Minerva strives to bring many more exhilarating quizzes.

Happy Quizzing!


Winners of General Quiz

1st Place – Soumya Joshi (2 HEPP N)

Rohini Dikshit (2 HEPP N)

Yashaswini Hareesh (2 HEPP N)

2nd Place – Tanay Agarwal (2 CAMS K)

Ankith Nukul (2 CAMS K)

Amruth CS (2 CAMS K)

3rd Place – Ashutosh Aryan Behara (2 PCMBA)

Wajahath Ali Khan (2 PCMB A)

Amruth CS (2 PCMB A)

Vijith Raghavendra (2 CAME L)

Sumukh B Ram ( 2 CAME L)

Sidhanth T ( 2 CAMS J)

               –  AKHILA.P 

                  2 HEPP N

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On 2nd May 2018, Christ Junior College welcomed the II year students. The inauguration held in the auditorium commenced at 8:45 am with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries.  Invoking the presence of the almighty the prayer service by Mr. Pradeep CE, after which, there was a recital of scriptures from the Holy Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Quran and the prayer of Saint Chavara. Our beloved Principal, Rev.Fr .Sebastian Mathai, addressed the gathering inspiring the students to aim for the stars. In his speech Fr mentioned that 2018 marked the golden jubilee year for Christ College. As a part of this, the senior most faculty Prof. Eden Joseph was honoured for his exemplary service and dedication with a shawl and Mysore petta by Mr Pradeep CE and Mrs Sheela Chacko. Prof Eden who has witnessed the growth of this institution enlightened the audience about the history of CJC. During the inauguration the stream and subject toppers of the 1st PU annual examination were felicitated for their impeccable performance. Following which students were briefed on general rules and training programs of the college .The audience were treated visually by a video which summarised the Model United Nations experience at CJC followed by a thrilling performance by the cultural team of CJC. The event concluded with the college anthem. The whole event was accompanied by the melodious chorus of the choir.

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