Architekton was an event held on 24 September 2018 for Magnachrista, Christ Junior College’s very own intercollegiate fest. This event was an architecture-based one and consisted of two rounds. The first round required the teams to present their own city plan using the software Google SketchUp and present it to the judges, elaborating on their ideas. In the second round, teams were given a city plan and they had to explain how they could help to improve the plan of that area. The participants had to demonstrate their own ideas on how to plan a city that would be self-sustainable, ecological and eco-friendly.

Christ Academy Junior College emerged as the winners for this event. They made their own plan using various principles based on physics. They made a bridge based on the principle of tensegrity. They also used soap film as one of the materials in making different structures of the city. They adopted efficient ways to minimize usage of cement and instead use plastic and ethylene. This cut down the labor cost and usage of too many materials.

Teams put immense effort into their models and presentations, and this could be seen by the wonderful outcomes of this event. The theme for this year’s fest being “Bengaluru – Involve to Evolve”, the event Architekton captured the very essence of this theme by involving participants and getting them to give their inputs and ideas on how to create the ideal city.

Lakshaa Pankaj


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Techtonics is an event that had computer lovers come together with a splurge of creativity. It was conducted by the tech club in collaboration with the science forum during inter-collegiate fest, Magnachrista 2018. Participants from different colleges participated in this event and showcased their outstanding talent in the field of electronics, coding, circuit building and so on.

Techtonics was divided into 5 sub events. Each event was of a duration of about one hour. Ten teams from various colleges participated in this event and there were three members in each team. The first event held was ‘Treasure Hunt’. In this event the participants were given clues of a few hidden components, which they had to identify. The second event was ‘Build a circuit’, in which participants had to build their own circuit with the materials given to them. The third round was ‘Code-A-Thon’, in which participants had to make fifteen programs on which they would be marked out of a total of 100 marks. They had a choice to choose any programming language (C++, Java, Python) to do the same. This was followed by the elimination round. The fourth round was ‘Electro’, in which participants had to design a drone and develop few features in the drone that would help to carry out secret operations and could even be of use to the Indian Army. The fifth event was ‘Build a Robot’. In this event, the participants were given instructions and materials required to build a robot, and successfully complete the event.

Jain VV Puram placed first in this event and thus, yet another highly interesting, fun-filled and challenging events came to an end.

-Lakshaa Pankaj


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Inopinatum was an event conducted by the Science Forum of Christ Junior College during the intercollegiate fest, Magnachrista on 24 September 2018.

‘Inopinatum’, a word of Latin origin, means ‘unexpected’. As the name suggests, this event was a challenging science treasure hunt that consisted of three highly interesting and surprising rounds that had participants on their feet right from the beginning.

The first round was a ‘Pen and Paper’ round in which the participants were given riddles and had to answer a few logic-based questions that tested their ability to think outside the box and come up with the expected answers within the allotted time frame. This was followed by a ‘To-Do’ round in which each team was split into three and each of them had to perform individual tasks. There were dares and solo tasks given, locations to identify and various other challenges, which pushed them to their analytical and scientific extremes. The final round was a ‘Classic Treasure Hunt’ round where different clues were given that would help the participants to reach the destination and emerge victorious.

The team from Christ Academy Junior College bagged the first place followed by the teams from Jain V V Puram and Mount Carmel PU College in the second and third places respectively.

From immensely exciting rounds that had teams play ‘Atomic Chess’ to rounds that challenged their teamwork and communication skills, Inopinatum left no stone unturned when it came to test the all-round skills of the participants.

Lakshaa Pankaj


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“Things turn out best for those who make best of how things turn out”

– John Wooden

On 24 September 2018 Christ Junior College held its very own intercollegiate fest Magnachrista and project exhibition Cosmos. ‘Best Out of Waste’ was one of the events conducted by the Science Forum and Eco Club Team. Ingenious and imaginative minds came together to display their talents on how to preserve, recycle, conserve, reduce and reuse waste. These values are imbibed in young hearts and minds by demonstrating this noble act of concern and care towards the environment.

Every year, a ton of waste is produced globally. Everything can be reused if creative and thoughtful minds are put to work. The students of Jain College, Jyoti Nivas College, CMR PU College, Christ Academy Junior College, Mount Carmel PU College, Kumarans PU College and Transcend PU College proved it by their outstanding and creative products.

The best creation was a ‘Multipurpose Bowl’ made by Hassini and Keerthna of Mount Carmel PU College. The participants used waste items such as newspapers, old CDs, straws, paper cups, plastic spoons, rags, waste cloth, plastic bottles, waste wood from construction sites and many more.

Waste is a huge threat to the environment and public health. It is linked to the way society is producing and consuming goods of any kind. Waste creates pollution of all kinds that is detrimental to the environment as a whole.

Plastic, being one of the most harmful, dangerous and toxic waste, that we use in our daily lives, takes more than hundreds of years to degrade. It is hazardous due to styrofoam and polystyrene foam. This is the reason why plastic is banned in many parts of India. Recycling paper has become a rapidly growing trend in today’s world. It has a huge demand of markets for its organic aspect.

Waste creates pollution of all kinds that is detrimental to the environment. If we don’t act today, tomorrow will not be a safe place for the coming generations. Let us do our bit to help the environment and create a healthy place to live by getting the best out of waste.

Laksha Pankaj


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Book Jacket Designing

Book Jacket designing was a first-of-its-kind event hosted by Pierian Spring in an effort to offer students a platform to showcase their talents at the intersection of art and literature.  Participants were given the blurb of a novel and asked to design book jackets that illustrated the theme of the book.  The event pulled out all the stops to creativity by offering the artists the liberty to choose their own medium and interpretation of the blurb. Students painted their imagination with remarkable clarity as evidenced by their arresting handiwork.

With this novel, well-received event under its belt, Pierian Spring welcomed into its fold versatile students who could appreciate the subtleties of literature and wield paint brushes with equal panache. The artists who impressed their way to the top three are, in order of placement

  1. Emiroli- II HEPP N
  2. Nandana Mukesh- I PCMB D
  3. Lisa George- II HEPP N






-Neha Susan Cherian


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Space Poetry

Space Poetry, hosted by Pierian Spring is an innovative take on poetry writing in which participants are required to pen a poem within a given shape and adherent to a theme. This year, the poets were given the outline of a four-leafed clover and asked to compose a poem on the theme ‘luck’. Participants with a penchant for free verse and budding rhymesters though long and hard before putting pen to paper and couching their thoughts in the ever-flexible language of poetry.

Space Poetry compelled nascent poets to think every which way and tested their knack for versification. The final entries were a mixed bag of humorous, narrative, romantic and tragic poems, written across a gamut of styles and attesting the poetic prowess of the participants. The three poets who demonstrated unique perspective with a flair for verse were, in order of placement,

  1. Marvin-II HEPP N
  2. Suhas K V- I PCME I
  3. Avantika-I PPES O

-Neha Susan Cherian


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Eco Painting Competition

Painting is the best way to express ones’ thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Eco Club held a painting competition on 31st August and there were about 15 participants. The aesthetic sense and vivid imagination of the students was appreciated by all. The topics for the event were as follows:

  1. Pollination by animals.
  2. Judicious use of natural resources.

The enthusiasm and tremendous amount of interest in the students helped them to put their creative ideas on paper and fill their imagination with paints. The exuberance of the students added more fun to the event and they were judged based on how much they were able to relate to the topic and to depict it. This provided an opportunity to the students to showcase their talent along with the basic concept of keeping in mind the importance of environment and mother earth.

-Shruthi . R . Bharadwaj


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