Space Poetry

The Pierian Spring created a unique space for the poets of CJC, quite literally! Space poetry, an event that the literary club organized on the 7th of July was an opportunity for poets to think outside the box while presenting their ideas inside one. In this event, the participants were provided a particular shape and it was dependent on the imaginative prowess of each one to create a poem on the spot, basing it on the shape provided.

The event witnessed good participation from both, the first as well as the second year students. The competition had three poems that stood out amongst all of them in all the judged criteria. In order of their placement, these belonged to

1. Samyuktha Iyer – 1 PPES O
2. Araadhana – 2 PPES O
3. Marvin – 1 HEPP N

– Advaith J, 2 CAME L

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Sketching Competition

“I paint the spirit and the soul of what I see,” said once Brian Froud, an English illustrator. The Sketching competition organised by Spectrum, the Social Science Association, on the 30th of June this year has enabled the students to paint from both their inner spirit and soul of what they could see from their magical eyes of creativity.

As soon as the topic ‘Looking Out Of A Window’ was announced, everyone looked at their window of imagination through the frames of their hearts and eyes. Then followed drafting, scribbling, shading, erasing, wiping and again; redrawing. The more they drew, the more they erased; it seemed an endless effort to them. Well, if that was the case of few, others had a very different story to tell. Despite the richness of diversity and uniqueness of individualism in the competition, one quality that surely was strong enough to stand out amongst others was their eagerness to bring out the best from their inner talent they latched onto. Though many looked almost professional in their sketches, the number of people who had held pencils for a drawing competition for the first time was also handful in number. Few creative minds even stepped into making use of charcoal reckoning exquisite shades of dark grey and black.

Another quality that seems worth mentioning was their peculiarity of interpretation. Many had sketched what they could see from the windows of their own houses. People who drew lush tropic-green Indian landscapes had brought nativeness in their art.  The frames of windows in their sketches had actually become the outline frames of their drawing-paper by default.

The task of describing art resembles an old saying, “The more we say, the more remains yet to be said.” The flamboyant sketches of participants were indeed the exact replicas of a look into their windows of hearts.





Prajwal B.M. (2 HEPP N)


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Wealth Out of Waste Competition

As Bob Marley rightly said, “The greatness of a man is not in how much he acquires but in his integrity and ability of converting everything around him positively.” The event of ‘Wealth Out of Waste’ conducted by Spectrum, the Social Science Association, undoubtedly followed the great words of great man.

The event of Wealth Out of Waste took place on 8th of July, where enthusiasts from both first PUC and second PUC flocked in to register their names for the competition. With around 109 participants, the room was bustling with new ideas for old materials. The students were provided with the so-called waste materials like old newspapers, bottles, paper cups and plates, tissues, thread and straws. No theme was given to the competition so as to enable the students’ minds to bring out the best quality of wealth they could imagine. As time is more precious than anything, the participants never let the wealth-waste as soon as the materials were provided. The minds of the seniors and juniors worked alike when it came to creativity. Papers began to tear, bottles were cut, cups and straws were stuck…the room then was filled with the buzz of students’ activities. No given material was left unused or perhaps wasted. The students sorted out as many ways possible for converting as many things into wealth. At the time when they submitted their works, we were completely assured that the wealth they created was worth the most precious thing! The dazzling flower vases were everywhere to be seen. Elegant wind chimes proved worth- noticing! There was a snowman too amongst us! Decors, paper swans and boats were also among the wealth that was created.

The event, Wealth Out Of Waste, indeed taught students to make the best of everything they had got to the fullest and to never consider anything as waste. This event has now become one among many other innovative and exuberant events conducted by SSA and has been extremely successful in transforming students into resourceful individuals themselves.





Prajwal B.M. (2 HEPP N)


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Science Debate Competition

It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it. – Joseph Joubert.

The Science Forum had organised an intra-collegiate debate competition on Friday, the 28th of July. Some of the topics that were debated upon were as follows:
1) Should we invest more in R&D of green energy than space exploration?
2) Global warming is caused by domestic flights more than cars. Should India cut the number of cars or the number of domestic flights?

3) India generates a lot of wast-should we increase the number of processing units or we put a limit on the amount of waste generated per household and charge for excess waste?
4) Improvement in technology for simplifying everyday work vs adverse effects on humans due to the usage of technology.
5) Can capitalism and climate change ever be together?
6) Should we allow human cloning?
7) Evolution vs Intelligent design.
8) Should we use nuclear energy for commercial purposes?
9) Should we perform genetic experiments on animals?

The event demanded the participants to take part in teams consisting of two each- one for the topic chosen by the team and other against it.

The event saw an enthusiastic participation, of about 40 individual contestants, and there was indeed an abundant outpour of thoughts, ideas, information and not to forget the belligerent rebuttal and witty replies. The eminence of the event was that, this brought out firstly, the platform to showcase the participants’ treasury of information, and also encouraged the ability of every individual present to question and urged to think critically on each and every point made- thus each statement made was thoroughly reasoned out to confirm its validity and to battle it out with contradictions.

From mere arguments on waste management and ethics of research to and beyond the level of creationism and existence of life, the event was wholly animative, and also nevertheless it was, at the same time, along with the high school standards.

At last, for the final round, the number of participants were scaled down to two teams of three against three. The last round was strictly a conventional debate round, and the topic was ‘ Scientific Research v/s Environment’.


The results of the event are as follows:


  • Ayesha N, 16P2139, 2 PPES ‘O’.
  • Pratik K P, 16P0621, 2 PCMB ‘ E’.
  • Gurudutt, 16P1288, 2 PCME, ‘I’.

Runners up:

  • Divya G, 17P2125, 1 PPES ‘O’.
  • Nagendra, 16P0488, 2 PCMB ‘ D’.
  • Lavanya N, 16P0237, 2 PCMB ‘ B’.



2 PCMB ‘A’.

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Ambassadors of Integrity ( a department of English initiative)

Integrity, the most sophisticated reflection of all virtues and values, is the hot topic of discussion among Christ Junior College students. Thanks to the Ambassadors of Integrity, Anjali Binesh (II PCMB C), Riddhi Bohra (II CAMS J), Renibi Mukhia (I HEPPN), and Shreyas Kudari (II PCME H), who declaimed the importance of academic, social, and personal integrity, Christites have reinforced their commitment to uphold the core value of ‘moral uprightness’. The declamation was accompanied by the display of artwork on various aspects of integrity by Christ Junior College students, ‘Integrity Walk’, in the quadrangle. Now that the conversation has begun, the Ambassadors of Integrity will set into motion a culture of integrity that will distinguish Christites as responsible and righteous citizens of the world community.

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Haste from Waste

Just like charity begins at home, even cleanliness begins at home. Before we talk about all popular stuff like  Swacch   Bharat Abhiyaan ,we need to think of cleanliness at home. When we talk of cleanliness  , the first thing that comes to our mind is waste management. Bangalore generates around 5000 tonnes of garbage everyday .It was not  very long ago that Bangalore’s  sobriquet Garden city nearly came to be replaced with Garbage city. Instead of always blaming the government we need to do something to resolve this problem.

As a part of the Eco club activity, students from various classes  learnt about organic waste recycling .They were introduced to a recycling equipment consisting of terracotta pots also known as kambha  along with coconut fibre ,bacterial spores ,neem powder etc. The equipment costs approximately  Rs 2000- Rs 3000 . Kitchen waste like vegetable  and fruit peel, left over  coriander etc can be used  to generate manure. The entire recycling procedure was demonstrated to the students . The students also took the responsibility to carry out the recycling  procedure in college. The end product is organic manure which is a very good fertilizer. Nowadays , chemical fertilizers are extensively used in the production of food crops which leads to various health hazards. Organic manure  is a great solution to this problem as it can be used to grow crops at home itself.


Overall , it was a great experience learning the art of waste management  which is not just useful  now, but also in the future.

Taiyab Mahmood


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Meme Quiz!

On Saturday, the 29th of July, 2017, Christ Junior College had its first Meme Quiz organised by Sedes Minerva- the Quiz Club. A student-initiative, the quiz was conducted by Mrudula Srivatsa of 2 HEPP ‘N’.

With over 41 teams comprising of 123 highly spirited participants and an electric ambience, the greatly awaited Meme Quiz began, at long last. The preliminary round consisting of 15 questions, was of moderate difficulty. Joyful shouts and a few mournful groans rent the air when the answers were revealed. 6 teams made their way to the finals which had 3 rounds- a General Round, ‘Name the Meme’ and a round of ‘What is the origin of the meme?’, which had 6 MCQs.

The Meme Quiz garnered a plethora of optimistic reviews and the young Memelords of CJC, sure did enjoy competing against each other. The quiz also provided the students with a much needed break and whether winners or not, quite few happy faces went home that day.

All in all, the Meme Quiz proved to be the grand success the students had anticipated it to be, and we are pretty certain that the participants had as much fun participating in the quiz, as did the creators, while creating it. May meme quizzes be conducted each year, henceforth!

Happy Quizzing!

-Drishti V. Baliga


(Photo Credits-Aayush Naik)

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