Fantasy Quiz Results!

The fantasy quiz, held last Thursday had the largest turnout with more than 20 teams eager to portray their knowledge about various fandoms.

It was a tough competition with rounds including charades, pictionary unlike a stereotypical quiz.

I am proud to announce the results are as follows:

In First Place-

  •  Joel Jacob – 16P1983
  • Yashas Hegde-16P1961
  • Tarsh Chowda- 16P1959

A Close Second:

  • Neeharika S – 15P2185
  • Devi- 15P1958
  • Laricsa- 15P1962

Third Place:

  • Saandra-  15P2166
  • Geetanjali-15P2127
  • Kruthi- 15P2129

Congratulations to all the winners!

Keep an eye out for more Pierian Spring Events… 🙂

-Sanjana N, Student Representative, Pierian Spring

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Fantasy Quiz

Hello Everyone!

The Fantasy quiz conducted by the Pierian Spring needs no introduction. From Game of Thrones to Harry Potter; to even Twilight, the Fantasy Quiz has everything!

Date: 8 September 2016

Time: 2:45

Venue: Room no. 11

Looking forward to see people of different ‘fandoms’ there! Good Luck 🙂

-Sanjana N, Student Representative, Pierian Spring



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Valleytronics …

A device made of bi layer graphene, an atomically thin hexagonal arrangement of carbon atoms ,provides experimental proof of the ability to control the momentum of electrons and offers a path to electronics that could require less energy and give off less heat than standard CMOS transistors.  It is one step forward in a new field of physics called valleytronics.

Current silicon based transistor device rely on the charge of electrons to turn the device on or off ,but many labs are looking at new ways to manipulate electrons based on other variables, called degree of freedom. Charge is one degree of freedom . Electron spin is another and the ability to build transistors based on spin called sprintronics ,is still in the development stage . A third electronic degree of freedom is the valley state of electrons which is based on their energy in relation to their momentum.

Think of electrons as cars and the valley States as red and blue colors ,just as a way to differentiate them. Inside a sheet of bilayer graphene, electrons will normally occupy both red and blue valley States and travel in all directions.

The device on which the scientists are working can make the red cars go in one direction and blue cars in the opposite direction . The system that is created puts a pair of gates above and below a bi layer graphene sheet . Then adds an electric field perpendicular to the plane .

By applying a positive voltage on one side and a negative voltage on the other , a band gap opens in bilayer graphene, which it doesn’t normally have . In the middle , between the two sides we leave a physical gap of about 70 nanometers.

Inside this gap lives one dimensional metallic states or wires that are colour coded freeways for electrons. The red cars travels in one direction and the blue cars travel in the opposite direction. In theory , coloured electrons could travel unhindered along the wires for a long distance with very little resistance.  Smaller resistance means power consumption is lower in electronic devices and less heat is generated . Both power consumption and thermal management are challenges in current miniaturized devices.

It’s quite remarkable that such sites can be created in the interior of an insulating bilayer graphene sheet, using just a few gates. They are not yet resistance free and we are doing more experiments to understand where resistance might come from . We are also trying to build valves that control the electrons flow based on the colour of the electrons . That’s a new concept of electronics called volleytronics.

  • Navyashree


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What’s your mileage?

In an era of information explosion and excessive dependence on the internet, young minds racing to make the cut find themselves taking a detour and consequently failing to make it to the finish line.

However, Sedes Minerva, the Quiz Club at Christ Junior College functions as a navigator and encourages students to achieve academic excellence and increase their awareness of the world around them with the right sense of direction. Apart from significantly expanding one’s breadth of knowledge and contributing to one’s intellectual growth, both in specific and general areas, the quizzes offered here are designed to be fun to participate in, and aim to provoke discussion, team spirit and healthy debate amongst participants.

This year Sedes Minerva declared the forum open to student participation by organizing its first quiz session on the 28th of May, 2016 on the theme ‘Automobile.’ The Club received an overwhelming response from students both girls and boys alike who were extremely keen and enthusiastic to participate in this quiz contest. The place buzzed with sounds of youthful cheer making that Saturday hour joyous and worthwhile. The club’s activities have begun with great fervor and zeal. Much awaits those who wish to hone their intellectual abilities or interpersonal skills. If you too are one of those who desires the same, Sedes Minerva is your place to be.

Atul Rokkam, student representative, Sedes Minerva

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The lecture contests organised by Science Forum culminated with the finals of the biology lecture contest that was conducted on 10th August 2016. The results are as follows:

1st place :    Lydia                 16p0317     (1 PCMB C  )

2nd place :  Rumana            15p0681     ( 2PCMB E)

 3rd place : Meghana L      15p0239       ( 2PCMB B)

Congratulations to all  the winners!!

Navya (2 PCME I )

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Mind Chow Results….

Science Forum conducted “MIND CHOW ” , the science quiz on 5th August 2016 . The event received great response with about 50+ teams who took part , each team comprising of 3 members each .

The results are as follows :

1st place

  • Satyam Raj       15p1083  ( 2 PCME H)
  • Atul Rokkam    15p1054  ( 2 PCME H)
  • Dev Mishra       15p1056   (2 PCME H)

2nd place

  • Girish Narayan     16p0908   (1 PCMB G)
  • Abdul Kareem Khan 16p0901  (1 PCMB G)
  • Shaik Noor             16p0926   (1 PCMB G)

 3rd place

  • Pranav M P          16p1140   (1PCME H)
  • Akash Kumar      16p1062   (1PCME H)
  • Vishnu S Reddy   16p1121   (1PCME H )

Congratulations to all the winners !!!          

      – Navya T ( 2 PCME I )

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Science Forum congratulates the following students for having secured the top three positions in the electronics lecture contest finals that was held on 5th August 2016 . The results are as follows :

1st place

Vijay Sukhija – 15p1087     ( 2 PCME H)

2nd place

Sebastien  -15p0630       (2 PCMB E)

3rd  place 

Karthikeya S Udupa –  16p1289  (1 PCME I)

 We also congratulate the following students for bagging the top three spots in the computer science lecture contest finals that was held on the same day . The results are as follows :

1st place

Chadalavada Sri Harsha  –  15p1089   (2 PCME H)

Gurudutt S   –   16p1288    ( 1 PCME I)

2nd place

Harshitha G  –  15p1294   (2 PCME I)

3rd place

Harshita    – 15p1215     (2 PCME I )

-Navya T (2 PCME I )

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