Singapore – the hub of intrigued madness and passion is right here in front of you all through my eyes. It gives me immense pleasure to take you readers, into this crazy passionate world of finance and marketing. I am grateful to CHRIST JUNIOR COLLEGE which has given me and another fifteen students an opportunity to be a part of this programme called Singapore Immersion Programme.

Singapore is one of the world’s most PROSPEROUS countries I’ve ever come across. It is a prominent financial centre, and has a highly developed economy, attracting major MNCs to its shores. Apart from the urge of being able to make tons of money, what really brings people aboard is the infectious night life that this little island possesses. Singapore has continuously been named ONE OF THE BEST CITIES TO LIVE IN all over the world. Business, travel, and family magazines levy awards on the city-state because it combines the intrigue and excitement of life in an Asian hub with the amenities and traditions that are also quite familiar to expats coming from Western countries. Yes, being in Singapore or having the opportunity to become a temporary Singaporean in itself gives me goosebumps, not that it scares me off but the fact that the country”s RICH CULTURE, it’s VARIED TRADITIONS, it’s passionate CROWD, the mind boggling ARCHITECTURE, and most importantly, the fact that I’d get to indulge my taste buds with its FOOD for a while empowers my soul. The amount of excitement my heart peaks up to when I hear the name SINGAPORE is astonishing to myself too. Inline image 2 Singapore is a beloved home base because the country supports all kinds of interests. If you’re the kind who prefers to live the high CITY LIFE with cultural activities, there is theater, dancing, and plenty of opportunities to shop. The streets of the world famous Orchard Road shopping street fill up every sunday with Singaporeans and expats looking to put some mileage on their credit cards. Those who prefer to escape the hustle and bustle can surround themselves with greenery and wildlife. A series of connector paths helps locals take advantage of the vast NATURE PARK system, and there are also several easily accessible small islands along the coast that are great for hiking and biking. Sentosa, Singapore’s beloved ‘resort island’ is perfect for sun worshipping, as well as water sports like paddle boarding and dragon boating. The universal studios Singapore is a theme park located within resort world Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore. Foodies will feel like they are in HEAVEN !! Singapore offers a vast variety of mouth watering dishes with a broad variety of world-famous cuisines and a traditional coffee, or ‘”kopi” culture that keeps the country powered through those long workdays. Coffee lovers will never want to return home once in Singapore !! Apart from all the noisy pleasant eye-catching attractions there is a symbol of peace located at this passionate island, THE MERLION !! Inline image 3 The Merlion (Singa-Laut) is a traditional creature in western heraldry that depicts a creature with a lion’s head and a body of a fish. In Singapore, it has become a marketing icon used as a mascot and NATIONAL PERSONIFICATION of Singapore. Merlions do not feature in any local folklore or myths of Singapore, and was only used in Singapore initially as the logo for the tourism board. The list doesn’t end right here , there is a vast variety of other attractions and a lot more heart embracing sites !! It’s time for me to pack my bags and get set to enter this enthusiastic world of courage, strength and compassion. So folks that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed having a small ride through my emotions !! I’ll be back with a few more blogs once I am back from amazing experiences that I’m going to get along my journey to this ASIAN HUB !! STAY TUNED !

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