Fun & Frolic

Well if asked to name this article, I would rather name it “ROSE FUN @ YIO CHU KANG”, simply because “Rose Lodge” at Yio Chu Kang Road was a place that all the 38 of us will cherish throughout our life.

The moment we reached the lodge, we were taken to the basement in the dining hall. The excitement and the thrill of the upcoming 7 days were crystal clear in all of us enthusiasm and anticipation filled our hearts. The set o formalities then began with the safety instructions, food timings and other general instructions. Then the lodge official took us to the respective rooms; it was a huge room which was divided into 3 and we were three of us in each room. Well the division of the rooms was no concern as it only multiplied our fun. The hospitality of the lodge was uniquely pleasant.

Each and every moment spent in the lodge is now an inseparable part of my life. The moments when the entire group came along and sat together in the entertainment room, played games, went through the TV channels, surfed the internet and just sat down for chit chatting; memories which will be cherished lifelong. Having our strange and uniquely different meals together simply added to our list of unforgettable. The amount of fun that we had during the practice sessions for our cultural performance was just beyond what words can explain.

The experience of the lodge, against the delusion of many was fun filled and memorable. Finally, I have just one thing to say, we had the ‘TIME OF OUR LIVES’…

Anto Philip

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