Singapore Memoirs

Memories are meant to be cherished forever. And if such memories are penned down as a newsletter, it can provide the reader a first hand experience of having visited a place. The students of the Singapore Immersion Programme posted their experiences in the newsletter called Xplorer. This International Gateway Programme Newsletter, prepared by the students gave a glimpse of what Singapore has in store for a reader!

Here is an experience from Gautam Goyal, one of the students.

As I looked around the magnificent conference room I was sitting in, I pinched myself once to make sure this wasn’t a dream and I realized I was actually sitting in the Treasury, waiting for Singapore’s Finance minister, the revered Mr. Tharman Shanmugratnam.

 Our 3rd day in Singapore started off with a dialogue with the Finance Minister of Singapore. This was perhaps the highlight of our trip.

The first thing one noticed about Mr. Tharman is his striking simplicity. The only way one could differentiate him from the common man, was by hearing his brilliant command over the English language. His voice exemplified his persona and left us with deep sense of respect.

 The questioning round can aptly be compared to a flowing river of knowledge and thought.  Nithin, Soma, Anusha and myself asked Mr. Tharman questions related to Singapore’s success. Mr. Tharman’s viewpoint on India’s development and his suggestions for India. Mr. Tharman mostly emphasized on transparency in the working of the systems and education for the masses in India. When asked about solutions to labor management problems in India, Mr. Tharman promptly replied that India should look at its own companies for its solutions. “The problem to any solution lies within us” was his simple yet stirring answer on being asked how Singapore solves its problem. This meeting not only inspired us, but also put our thought processes on the right track.


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