Visit to CJC

VISIT TO Catholic Junior College

A peek into the itinerary as narrated by Sarah Kwaja and Aditya Banka, students who were part of the team, which visited Singapore.

Our visit to CJC Singapore kicked off with the college assembly, which was very interesting and different. It started with the college anthem and simultaneously there was flag hoisting of the CJC Singapore and Singapore national flags. After the college anthem and flag hoisting, one of the student council members of the CJC Singapore said the country’s oath. After which,  Mr. Leong introduced us to the entire college and for us Grace reached out to them through her speech.

Singapore Lion StatueAfter the assembly we were given an introduction to the college history and its curriculum. Emphasis is laid on life skills, ethics and religion. Every student has to study General paper which is similar to Value Education and project work. They are also offered “Knowledge and Inquiry” for the students with higher skills in English. Various subjects in the Science and Humanities stream are also offered. Each student is required to take at least four subjects apart from  their mother tongue, general paper and project work. Students have to take Mathematics, two subjects from the desired stream and one subject from the other stream. Gosh! They have a competitive world out there. One has to get straight A’s in all subjects with may be a B in a few courses if they want to get into their countries universities for higher education. If they score less then they have no choice but to move overseas for higher education.

The campus tour around Catholic Junior College was amazing and a fun experience. It was all together a new and a different environment. The College is equipped with six lectures rooms, a fully air-conditioned Performing Arts Centre (PAC), Training and Development Centre, a Media Resource Centre, a Shooting Range and a Library. Then we were taken to the sports field were the students play sports like Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball and Football. Then we went to the gymnasium and the Student Council Centre. We were also told that certain students represent the college in various sports including Fencing, Shooting and Soccer. It was a marvelous experience for us to tour around the campus of CJC Singapore.

After the campus tour we had the classroom immersion. We were divided into groups of four and sent to different classes.  We attended three classes of an hour each, i.e. General paper, Geography and Economics. General paper is similar to Value education, the topic for the hour was “Family in Decline”.  The class consisted of about thirty students including the four of us. The class was divided into five groups, each indulging in group discussions and giving out the arguments and points in writting. This class seemed highly interactive, with every student actively contributing in the discussions and adding points. The next hour was Geography lecture class with about a hundred students, the class room was like a auditorium form where the teacher could see every student, but there was less interaction in the class. In the end the teacher started a question answer session for which she had to offer chocolates to get answers from students, even then she was unsuccessful. After this we went to an Economics class of about thirty students. It was very interesting and interactive, basically due to student participation and the excellent teaching techniques used by the teacher. In Generally we observed that the classes were technology intensive, with teachers streaming videos directly from you tube, reading out the daily news.Students & Faculty @ Connexis Tower

We learnt a lot from this visit to CJC Singapore. We had an amazing experience sitting in their class rooms and getting to see their teaching methods. We have made many new friends from Singapore. What impressed us the most was the friendly relation between the students and the teachers not only outside the classrooms but inside the classes too. We should learn from them and make our classes more interactive, which will also make the classes more interesting.

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