The following students are the Blog Representatives chosen by the Coordinators of the Club/Association for the academic year 2016-17:
  1. Association of Christian Christites (ACC) Anita Babu (II E)
  2. Prakruthi, The Eco ClubDivya Shanbhag (II K)
  3. Science ForumNavyashree (II H)
  4. Sedes Minerva, The Quiz Club –  Atul Rokkam (II H)
  5. Colossus, Commerce AssociationAanchal Nagori (II J)
  6. Spectrum (SSA) –  Saandra Manoj (II O)
  7. Student Welfare officeAditi Jain (II K)
  8. Pierian Spring – Sanjana N  (II O)
  9. Prerana (Language Association) – Rakshitha S Bhat ( II L)
  10. Centre for Social Action – Shruti Bhamidipaty ( II M)
  11. Tech Club- Navyashree (II H)

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