Tale-Spin Results

Spinning tales isn’t an art mastered by all. Pierian Spring conducted a competition to determine the best makers of tales. A few random words were given to the participants and they were asked to form a story incorporating those words.

There were many interesting stories. Creativity was at it’s highest! After a lot of deliberation, the winners were chosen- they are:

  • In First Place- Sharon Philip (16P1208- 1 PCME ‘I’)
  • Coming in Second- Rakshit (16P2003- 1 PCMB ‘A’)
  • A close Third- Prajwal B. M. (16P2013- 1 HEPP ‘N’)

Congratulations to all the winners!:)

We hope to see the same enthusiasm and similar spirit for the upcoming events too…

Sanjana N, Student Representative, Pierian Spring





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Pick and Speak Competition

The Second event held by the SSA with both the First and Second years competing against each others, ‘Pick and Speak’ took place on the 16th of July, where we had over two rooms full of students ready to show case their talents. The event was over an hour long and began at 12.00

Pick and speak is the spotlight for those who voluntarily hold the mike and speak up to the topic and look up to the curious crowd. The stage was set and it was time for the speakers to highlight their perspectives on the picked topic and impress the audience. One by one, each having their points with timer set tried their best and indeed a few did steal the audience’s heart and were rewarded with a huge round of applause. From women rights to vegetarianism, all topics were covered and the speakers did express and put forth their views to the judges and students. This event allowed the students to open up and showcase their abilities and their knowledge on various topics. It also helped them to broaden their outlook in a wide range and discover their hidden self and reveal the unknown facts.

Harshitha Jamadagni, 1 HESP ‘M’
Saandra Manoj, 2 PPES ‘O’

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The documentary ERULIGARU directed by Dr. BYREGOWDA, which was arranged by Prerana club, the Language Association, gives a clear picture of the lifestyle, food, culture and traditions of the tribal community called “ERULIGARU.” This documentary showed how the tribal people are developing gradually and are becoming civilised. They have a simple lifestyle. From morning to evening they are engaged in one or the other activities. Important ones being agriculture, hunting, basket weaving etc where majority of them are uneducated. But due to the initiatives taken by the government, the literacy rate is gradually increasing. People are provided with basic amenities. Dr. BYREGOWDA is appreciable for spending more than five years amongst them and preparing an amazing documentary about the lifestyle of  ” ERULIGAS.”



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” What makes superman a hero is not that he has power but that he has the ability to use the power widely.”

Prerana club, Language Association has arranged a street play on 21st of July 2016 lead by Mr. Bhaskar, Kannada department at 1:00 pm. Street play is a way to show n make people understand the problems of the society. The street play conducted is based on farmers suicide and its effects on others related.

  • Rakshita Bhat
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Results of Chemistry Lecture Contest

Kudos to the following students for bagging the top three spots in the chemistry lecture contest that was organised by the science forum on 8th July 2016.

1st  Sebastien  2 PCMB ‘E’

2nd  Rumana   2PCMB ‘E’

3rd   Harish      2 PCMB ‘A’

Congratulations to all the winners……

  • Navya T  (2 PCME  I)


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Continuation of Plantation Activity

The ever enthusiastic Eco-Club members joined hands for the extension of the plantation activity held about two weeks ago on the 2nd of July.

Eco-Club members planted medicinal plants like Neem, Insulin plant and Lemon. The Hibiscus, Rheo and Rose plants added more and colour to the garden. The plants were also watered and some more kitchen waste was dropped into the Khamba.

eco1 eco2 eco3 eco4








– Divya Shanbhag ( I CAMS K )


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Hello everyone!

“Competition is a good thing;it forces us to do our best” quoted Nancy Pearcy

Competition is necessary in everyone’s life, it compels us to do our best. XITE-Christites Innovative Talent Expo is the platform where every individual can showcase their talents. XITE is an intra-college competition which includes 29 events to bring out the talent in each one of us. Every individual is talented in something, maybe art, literature, music or dance. XITE is the best place where everyone can participate in as many event as one wishes to and showcase their aptitude and emerge winners. The winners of XITE are chosen to participate in inter-college competitions where they represent Christ Junior College. The events are held from 18th July to 23rd July and the stage events are going to be held on the 30th of July.

All the best Christities!!


Aditi Jain

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