A literary odyssey

“The only journey is the one within.” The 2 year long journey along the road of literary development was one of the best I have had so far.

It has been a great journey indeed, one which had a generous dose of opportunities to discover our talent and abilities. Six events were conducted this year: Literary Quiz, Fantasy Quiz, Story Narration, Story writing, Pictionary, etc. These events have definitely helped the participants in more ways than one.  Though picking a winner was an obvious objective, the events focused more on tapping the potential and building the talent among the participants. All those who have been a part of this journey will agree with me when I say that Pierian Spring is more than just a club.  Instead of resorting to the popular cliché, “platform for development”, I have chosen to describe the club as a “literary spotlight”. It is true that talent never goes un-noticed, but we all need that kick-start in our lives; and Pierian Spring was the kick-start in mine.

Early this year, we spent a lot of time making the club’s banner for inauguration day and drawing up a list of events to be held.  Somewhere during the middle, you could see us going around to all the classes and making announcements about the competitions. Quite recently, we had a valedictory ceremony to congratulate the ones who stood out from the rest. And now, we have reached a point where the curtains are just about to close on this very spectacular show. Each one of us felt the spotlight and realised the talent that lay within us.This is the part where I thank the people behind the curtains: the core committee of Pierian Spring led by Mrs. Anu Mathai and student coordinator Ms. Shikha Prasad. Systematic planning and efforts put into organizing the events have given clarity to the club’s success.

Creativity is not something that can be taught; it is something that can be nurtured and developed. It is not something that can be put under lock-and-key because it always seeps out, in one form or the other. In a world where academics and good marks top the list of a student’s must-haves, the Pierian Spring events were much-needed opportunities to vent out stress and hand over the reins to our imagination and talent.

As Ernest Hemmingway says, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” The whole process of creative growth that took place with us is definitely something that will yield many benefits in the years to come. This makes me think, “Has this journey really ended?”

Ritika Sowda, Student Representative, Pierian Spring

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The lecture contest

Bangalore Science Forum Lecture Contest

“50th Annual Inter Collegiate Contest in Speaking on science subjects”- The dream of almost every science student who has ever been keen in learning and expressing his/her thoughts about it. Christ junior College provided an opportunity to turn these dreams into reality, and nurture our speaking skills.

It all began in the month of June. Lecture contest dates were out. It was an Intra-collegiate competition. Topics were out and registrations per class had begun. Students along with the teachers as their mentors were preparing for it. The Prelims were held on 27th June. It was a tough competition followed by the results. Then came up the finals, held on various dates on various subjects. CJC Lecture contest was definitely not a piece of cake. The judges were well- versed in their subject and students were  expected to do the same. “Chalk and talk” was the motto. The topics were never restricted to the given boring textbook. It gave an break to all the students to explore various territories related to a simple matter. The finals grew intense with all the students trying to give their best. The temperature seemed to be rising with each and every lecture that passed by. Finally, the results. It made some people jump with joy while teaching the spirit of sportsmanship to a few.

No, it didn’t end here. “The will to conquer is the first condition of victory.”  The winners were given another responsibility after that. The responsibility to represent our college in Bangalore Science Forum. It was definitely not an easy mission because keeping up the name of Christ is a mammoth task indeed! Students were supposed to meet their respective mentors and start their training. It began with diction and pronunciation classes. Spending time with the teachers in the department was an everyday story. It was so much fun with teachers letting out their experiences and enriching our minds with loads of knowledge. The best part about it was that it wasn’t one student and one teacher working for it, it was the combined effort of the entire department. Whatever maybe the result, it was the main goal of every member of the teaching body to make sure that the student gains knowledge and has a wonderful experience. There were many mock lectures held before the senior teachers of all departments with them giving in their inputs.

Then came the twist in the tale. Science Forum had made the usage of powerpoint presentation compulsory. The students had to make some changes and keep a track of all the techniques allowed for usage. Teachers were always very co-operative, needless to mention. There were some small inter-collegiate competitions too, some came out happy while some were depressed, but they never paid heed to all the comments passed onto them.

English department was called to finally check with the language delivery and voice modulations. Probably, this was the maximum effort any institution would put into the betterment of a student’s performance. The competition was held during the Mid-terms. The tension of the exams seemed to overpower the young minds but it was totally worth it.

Now the final Showdown. The very last Practice. One last time the lecture was going to be presented. It was the Day. Lecture contest had begun. It was so much fun with not even a bit of nervousness. It was because the students had practised so much and were so prepared that nothing could trouble them anymore. It was a good day which came to a good end. As Einstein rightly said “The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Results? Needless to mention, Christ Junior College got the overall rolling Shield. Finally, all the hard work paid off. They ruled. And, the christites marched out with their heads held high and hearts so strong…

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Prerana finishes year on a successful note

Prerana, The language club, finished the year’s co-curricular activities and observed the Clubs and Associations’ Valedictory Programme  with a sense of pride. After a successful and eventful year, active Prerana members were awarded certificates to acknowledge their contribution to the successful organisation and conduction of events throughout the year. Prerana once again wishes to thank the student fraternity for the success of the year’s programmes.

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Eco club Valedictory Programme

PRAKRUTHI – the Eco Club had concluded its activities for the academic year 2015-16. The valedictory Programme was held on 05th of December 2015 at Christ Junior College. The club had conducted various events and competitions to create awareness on nature and also spread Eco friendliness. The winners of these competitions were felicitated during the programme . Rev. Fr. Birju . K.C , vice principal, Christ Junior College had arrived in order to felicitate the winners . He also spoke on environmental issues and the havoc that rain has caused in Tamilnadu . Appreciation certificates were also given to students who had worked for efficient functioning of Eco club. With this , the activities of Eco club has come to a successful end for the year 2015-16.






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As part of founders day celebration , we the students of Christ Junior College, under the initiative of Prakruthi – the Eco Club have planted around 100 spinach seeds in the Christ campus on 02nd of December 2015. These plants once grown will be given to the people at Aashwaas.

Not only this , another programme called PIRI ARI  is also being planned. It is an initiative of our  founder, St.Kuriakose Elias Chavara. This involves contribution of  students to solve the cries of hunger at least for a day. Each student is supposed to keep aside a handful of rice everyday for a month and the rice so collected will be given to Aashwaas center along with the spinach grown. We , students along with  Eco Club feel a sense of satisfaction by doing the least we could towards these people. We would like to call all other students to join us in this amazing programme.

IMG_20151202_141310 IMG_20151202_141336 IMG-20151202-WA0001




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Photography is an art of observation…. it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. – Elliott Erwitt
Prakruthi, the Eco Club had organised a photography competition based on the topic, ‘Our Environment’. This was an initiative taken to reinforce that true beauty lies in the tiniest and finest details of life. Students exhibited their creativity and skill by capturing the nuances of nature.
IMG_20151202_143215 IMG_20151202_143428





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WP_20151107_08_59_14_ProTrekking is an adventurous event.The motivation usually lies in the nature experience, sportsmanship and to meet the request, original cultures and nature. Tour operators sit beside average condition and mental strength as well as the knowledge of general wilderness skills ahead.Some of the students of Christ Junior College had a lifetime experience during trekking at Somanahalli , Guru Freddy s nature awareness camp.





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