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Francis Bacon once said , ” Earth has enough power to cater to the needs of man but not his greed “.

As the quote goes , we humans are over exploiting nature , causing its destruction.Man and nature are dependent and must go hand in hand . End of nature leads to end of man. To create this awareness amidst young minds, PRAKRUTHI – THE ECO CLUB  had organized a Lecture contest . Intense topics such as Urban Sprawl , Global warming etc were given to students . Around 30 students competed actively . This is an initiative to bring about awareness and sense of responsibility to conserve our environment.










Vinu Sujitha




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Mind Chow- The Science Quiz

Mind Chow, as the name suggests, was a quiz competition organised by The Science Forum which blew the minds of the young quizzers. It was organised on Friday, 17th of July. Science is not just a subject, But everything that governs us and everything around us. It is not Factual. It requires Reasoning and the level curiosity to reveal the hidden secrets lying within it. So, in order to trigger and twist the brain cells of amateur scientific minds, Mind Chow was organised.

Mind Chow was a brilliant experience. It had two rounds- Prelims and the Finals. Prelims was a written round which had 15 extremely fascinating questions. Not only did the questions test our scientific skills but also our reasoning ability and our knowledge of current affairs.

The Finals had four crazy rounds with six teams, all equally good and enthusiastic.The rounds were Fun and all the teams were competitive too. The questions were from Science related TV shows to The Real Science Based Projects in India, everything you can relate science too. The interest was maintained till the very last question of the Quiz. Overall, This quiz was utter fun and an eye-opener too. We thoroughly enjoyed it because it chewed up our brain cells for it’s better use towards Science.

Rhythm Girdhar, Science Forum

Science Debate

The art of reasoning and contradicting is what Science is all about. Various inventions and discoveries have been made only due to those little unique questions that triggered the minds of Great scientists. This was the reason why Science Debate was organised by The Science Forum in the month of july.

Science debate consisted of two rounds: Prelims and Finals. Prelims were conducted on 27th Of july, where the participants were given a picture which had a hidden scientific phenomenon. They were supposed to speak FOR it for 2 minutes and then, AGAINST it for  another 2 minutes. Finding the theme of the picture was actually a good task for them. Few best students were selected.

The Finals were conducted on 31st Of July, again a Friday. Similar pattern was followed where the participants were supposed to speak about the Pro’s and Con’s of the displayed phenomenon. After Various rounds of debating, Final four participants were chosen by the judges. The competition was highly enthusiastic and informative where the young minds had to clash their scientific minds to talk about Science in every possible field around them.

Rhythm  Girdhar, Science Forum.

The Tech Quiz – Tech Club

Sedes Minerva, the quiz club in collaboration with the Tech Club hosted the “Tech Quiz” on the 10th of July 2015. The agenda was “Information Technology and it’s achievements till date”. The quiz consisted of 17 questions for the Prelims. The qualified teams would represent Christ Junior College in one of India’s most prestigious quiz, the “TCS IT Wiz 2015”

Just before the Tech Quiz, we had an orientation session by an Ex-Christite Nikhil Chandra who had attended the TCS IT Wiz for 4 consecutive years. We got to know a lot from him through his experience. We were given various advises on what measures has to be taken in order to participate in the quiz. We were given many advises on how to research on various topics so that we would be ready to handle the questions.

By the way, we had a good experience and felt connected while learning.

Congratulations to all the winners.

  • Sivan Sundar

Xite! Week: the Beginning, the End.

On 25th July, 2015, Xite, one of the largest and most remarkable fests at the intra collegiate level, came to and end. This years’ Xite didn’t disappoint, as usual. It gave us a glimpse at the level of talent, although not completely uncovered, but enough to make our jaws drop. The atmosphere was exhilarating, and the level of organization reached was perfect, simply put. From sketching, to debate, to Indian dance solos, the wide variety of events was met with an equally wild and remarkable crowd of participation from all three streams, putting and end to past notions about each one; everyone had a glimpse, if not a whole picture, of all the talent that lies in each student, the raw potential they have. Whether they won or not, every student played a part in this ultimate orchestration of skill and talent, and finally, after 5 days of total explosive excitement, it comes to an end.

Out of a crowd of thousands, a few emerged as winners in various events, but without everyone, without every single student contributing to Xite, none of this would be possible.
The SWO congratulates all the winners as well as the participants, and after all this, we have this to say: it does not end here.

All the events will set the stage on the 7th of August, the grand finale of Xite: which lies as a sort of coda for all the previous events. The final day was postponed due to the untimely passing of our beloved Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, and Christ Junior College has decided to join the nation in its 7 day mourning.
But Xite stands as a memoir of what he often spoke about, education with values and optimal utilisation of one’s talent and skill.

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On a quest to find the best….

Do you call yourself a book-nerd? Its high time you found out.

Pierian Spring is conducting a literary quiz on 31/07/15 in Room 11. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. Here’s a quick warm-up: 1) What is Emily Bronte’s pen name? 2) Who wrote the book “Three Men In a Boat“?  3)Which book begins with the line:” All children grew up but one” ?

You may or may not know the answers to these questions, but by the end of the quiz you’ll definitely know the answer to one question: How big of a literati are you really?

Social Ads – 1st PU

SPECTRUM, the Social Sciences Association held the ‘Social Ads’ competition for the juniors- 1st PU on the 4th of July, 2015. The participants were asked to come prepared to advertise a social issue with the help of enactments, catchy slogans and posters either endorsing a company or a product.

Awareness is the first step towards any positive change and it was good to see the juniors pick topics like gender equality, workplace harassment, ill-treatment of the old, and unemployment.

A total of seven teams from the three 1st year Social Sciences classes took part in the competition and gender equality was the most common topic among them. The participants performed fairly well in their given slot of time. Although the social enactments lacked an advertisement per se or a clearly performed act, the enthusiasm of the students was palpable.

Most of the participants strongly felt that the elimination of gender specific roles in the society begins at home. This shows that the future citizens of the country do indeed wish for a change and each one is taking up the responsibility to contribute towards changing the bigger picture by beginning with their homes. It was a successful event in terms of participation and a general test of social awareness but since the social sciences students are known across the college to be creative and novel in their approach to things, the impact was not up to the standards expected by the judges.

As  Jane Goodall said, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”, we can rest assured that tomorrow will indeed be a better place and society to thrive in since the students of today seem determined to make a difference even in the smallest aspect that will eventually contribute to a whole.






-Sujitha Prabhakar