Meta Schools

The students of Christ Junior college, for the very first time, participated in Meta Schools -2017,a Literature Fest hosted by St.Joseph’s College of Arts and Commerce on Langford Road.Students took part in a number of activities across the two days on 14 July2017 and 15July 2017,including Fandom Menace (the fan fiction writing contest),Spell bee,Quiz,Just a minute,Illustration,Cartooning,poetry slam etc. Participants of CJC managed to bag most of the prizes in the senior category, and even won multiple prizes in Just a minute, Spelling bee, Poetryslam and illustration. CJC won the overall rolling trophyin the senior category and hopeto retain it year after year.


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LSRW- Interdepartmental faculty enrichment

In 2017, the Department of English is conducting the faculty enrichment program on Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (LSRW) for all departments in Christ Junior College.

The program aims to share LSRW tools to every faculty member for their language development. There are four modules that will be conducted in every department, each focusing on one of the LSRW skills. The sessions began on July 14, 2017 with the Department of Mathematics. It will continue throughout the year till all departments have benefitted. The Department of English hopes to add value to everyone’s personal development by focusing on one of the most important aspects, that is, language.

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Terrace Gardening

“Planting a tree can be equivalent to saving a life”

Our club upholds the motto of making our environment a better place to live in. The new class of Christ Junior College was a part of the first eco club activity which was held on 8th of July 2017. The students assembled in Biology lab-1 and then were led to the terrace where they collected the tools, saplings, pots and other essential materials for plantation.

IMG_20170708_125124 They then collected fertilizers and other requirements needed for the nourishment of the plants from the ground and were guided back to the terrace to place the plants and water them. The students actively participated and showed great enthusiasm towards the program which made it a successful one.
Greener environment leads to a happier development. Hence we stand by the motto “see green, see life”.




Aashna Thakker

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Fundamentals of Lasers & Optical Communications

Wealth when shared gets divided; knowledge when shared gets multiplied. Seminars are one of these knowledge multiplying platforms as they spread awareness on topics beyond our syllabus and I was fortunate enough to attend two such sessions that made me wonder about the amazing advancements in science.

The first session, delivered by Dr. Reji Philip, truly blew my mind away. He is currently employed as a professor at Light & Matter Physics Group, Raman Research Institute and has specialized in nonlinear optics. Acquiring his post-doctoral training from University of Regensburg in Germany, he has reviewed several international journals and held visiting scientist positions at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA, and University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA. He’s a human encyclopedia on lasers. The workshop provided an insight in the fundamentals of a simple laser, in layman terms. Attractive demonstrations and vivid videos made the session even more interesting. It was fascinating to learn that Albert Einstein first suggested the idea of a laser, which intrigued people to create masers (primitive lasers). Above all, the entire physics and mechanics marking the existence of the laser are captivating.


The second session was based on the applications of the first, optical communications to be precise. It was presented by Dr. Srinivas Talabattula, an associate professor in the ECE Department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He was a post-doctoral fellow at Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan. His engaging persona acted as a catalyst in transferring information effectively. Transmission of data through light is called optical communication. The seminar helped in understanding the basic phenomenon behind the working of optical fibers. The benefits of optical fibers over conventional media are huge; they are light, fast and eco-friendly. Surgeries using light to correct defects in the human body are medical marvels and thus, optics altogether is the backbone of the modern world.



Nikitha Paarakh


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Project Exhibit – TECH CLUB

Education does not determine one’s success, but his intelligence surely does.

The quadrangle of Christ Junior College always filled with subtle ambiance was filled with excitement and enthusiasm on the 13th and 14th of June.

It was an absolutely wonderful experience when the students of 1st PU got the opportunity to view and reflect upon the achievements of “Tech Club” – one of the clubs that preaches innovation, technology & intelligence, along with their interconnection. Tech Club organized an electronics project exhibit to showcase the awe inspiring talent of the 2nd PU students in building electronic and robotic projects from the scratch. The project aimed at explaining the principles on which various devices worked, with precision and detail including the real-life applications in artificial intelligence and the overall development of mankind. The numerous working models were both exciting and inspiring at the same time. a few interesting models included a smart mirror, water turbine, pulse generator and a CNC Agricultural machine. An app named ‘AnniNet’ was the highlight of the exhibition as it was developed by a student to provide comfort and care to ailing animals by connecting with the relevant NGOs. The ‘AgriBot’ or the ‘CNC Agricultural machine’ was developed to help the farmers by easing their workload and portrayed the scope of electronics in the field of agriculture and farming. These projects definitely added a touch of humanity to the exhibit. The projects were all educational and informational. And so the grandeur of the event came to an end giving us  an insight to the fun-tastic future of technology.




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Saturday, the 8th of July 2017, saw an interactive session named‘Kavi-Kavya-Manthana’, organised by Prerana- the Language Association. Ms Sahana L., an avid writer and an ex-Christite, was the speaker for the session. She is the winner of national award and has bagged the first place in the international short story competition, based on a social issue. Throughout the session, Ms. Sahana shared her thoughts and gave a lot of tips to the students interested in literature and writing to enhance their writing skills.

At first, she recalled her fruitful memories of two years in Christ Junior College. She gave a gist of her delightful experience in the Prerana association, theatrics, poetry and other activities. Then she gave an account of how she dedicated two hours each day for writing and the efforts she used to put to balance her academics and her passion hand in hand. She suggested the budding writers to practise the same and dedicate some time every day in order to improve their writing skills.

Drawing on her own experience, Ms Sahana advised the young writers to abide by the motto of, “Observe and listen”. She justified it by saying that observing and listening provides immense knowledge, inspiration and ideas. She also advised students not to be judgemental, as being prejudiced will limit the freedom of thinking and writing and will unknowingly prove to be great hindrance for our writing.

After the speech, the students were given an opportunity to raise questions. One student raised a question on‘negative critics’. Ms Sahana’s reply to this was the assurance many were looking for. She told bad and negative critics are never ending, and then trying to write better to impress people wasn’t the solution always, as constant rejections would just make way for frustration. She said that writing must be done to satisfy the writer’s passion and creativity- it should be for oneself and not to appease others.

Overall, it was an illuminating session. It proved to be extremely helpful and motivating to all.

-Drishti V. Baliga
-Pooja. H. R


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Short Story Writing Competetion



The Pierian Spring, the literary club of Christ Junior College hosted the Short Story Writing competition as its first event open to both, the second year as well as the first year students to provide the community of thinkers to get along under one roof to pen down their creativity and ideas through words on a paper. The event encouraged free flow of thoughts as stories revolving around any genre were accepted as long as it was content of originality.
The event witnessed avid participation, with a large number of them being First year students, new to the literary world of Christ.





3 stories amongst all were picked to have stood out and created an impact on the minds of the readers. These stories belong in order of their placement belong to:
1. Samyukta Iyer – 1 PPES O
2. Rithika B.S – 2 PCMB C
3. Kathik S – 2 CAMS J

Post by Advaith. J


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