2nd PUC General Quiz – 2019

Sedes Minerva hosted its first quiz of the academic year 2019-20 which was the general quiz for the students of 2nd PUC. The quiz was conducted by Ashray Nambiar of 2 HESP M and Vishnu Nambiar of 2 CAMS K. Announcements for the quiz were made with the help of catchy pictures and through various social media sites and on Friday the 17th of May, the quiz kicked off with an overwhelming response. Over 50 teams with 3 students in a team, took part in the quiz which comprised of a preliminary and final round. While the preliminary round was a tough round to crack, 7 teams made it through to the finals. The finals had 2 rounds and all the teams worked their brains to the very limit. It was a high scoring contest which saw four teams winning at the end including a tie for the third position. Overall, the quiz saw a high turnout of participants and it was an engaging and inquisitive contest over a series of challenging questions.

Winners :-

3rd Place:

Pranav R – 18P0305 – 2 PCMB C ; Aryan Reddy – 18P1502 – 2 CAMS K ; Joe Viju – 18P1522 – 2 CAMS K.

Kaushal Gowda – 18P1854 – 2 HESP M ; Bhairav Reddy – 18P1809 – 2 HESP M ; Vignesh K.V. – 18P1869 – 2 HESP M.

2nd Place:

Aashish Kumar – 18P1671 – 2 CAME L ; Shreyas S – 18P1385 – 2 CAMS J ; Rishi T – 18P1452 – 2 CAMS J.

1st Place:

Neha Pillai – 18P1299 – 2 HEPP N ; Devika Deevasan – 18P1959 – 2 HEPP N ; Gauri Kolte – 18P2050 – 2 HEPP N.

-Ashray Nambiar



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The Mathematics Quiz

The Math Quiz was conducted by Math Department in collaboration with Sedes Minerva. The quiz was hosted by Suman Sir, who handled the quiz efficiently and effortlessly. The quiz was not at all stream restrictive and saw a good participation from students of all streams. It was a delight for all of us as the classroom was full and we were certainly overwhelmed by the participation.

The prelims comprised of 20 questions which were from the basics of 9th and 10th standard mathematics. The students solved the problems very well and the top six teams made it to the final.

The final witnessed four high voltage rounds which really tested the mettle of our participants. They were really innovative and tricky in nature.

The Math Quiz was officially our last quiz. It was an honour and privilege hosting and preparing quizzes for all. The enthusiasm and zeal shown by our participants is what keeps us going. We’re happy that our endeavours were actually helpful as it ignited the spirit of inquiry and the passion for quizzing in many. As we keep telling our participants that quizzing is not studying some quintessential quiz books or rote learning, it is the simple act of keeping oneself updated with latest happenings and trying to apply that logic to the questions which are designed in a way to keep our participants thinking on their feet.

None of the final rounds in our quizzes were direct, in fact they were designed keeping in mind certain highly unnoticed and rare things. The constant participation of students regularly is something which is highly appreciated. Our predecessors set a benchmark, we lived up to the same and have made quizzing a more accessible and fun avenue. We hope our successors can do the same.

On this note, we would like to thank our Teacher Co Ordinator, Mr. Kenath Arun for being a pillar of support and supporting us in all our endeavours. He was always forthcoming in accepting all our ideas and was the backbone for some exceptional quizzes. We can’t thank him enough for his tireless efforts in promoting quizzing and constantly motivating us. We’d like to thank all our collaborators for really helping us produce some exceptional quizzes.

Last but not the least, special mention to all our participants for always being there in huge numbers to participate in quizzes. Kudos to all the winners. Quizzing isn’t always about winning, we have emphasised this and truly believe in this. Echoing the words of the exceptional quiz club, ‘we made quizzing great again’. Thanks to all once again. Cheers.

To stay connected with us, do follow us on our social media handles for some awesome facts and trivia.

Until next year, goodbye.

Be curious and never stop learning as it is never too late.

Winners of Math Quiz :

1st Place – Chirag S(2’H’), Yadhuraj M(2’H’) and Ullass(2’B’)

2nd Place – Mohit Raj Bhurat(2’I’), Divy  Jain(2’I’) and Rahul D Makhija(2’I’)

3rd Place – Yash Darira(2’I’), Sharan F Peter(2’I’) and Syed Imad(2’I’)



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Bengaluru Quiz

‘Ee sala quiz namde’ said every excited student who walked in hoping to have an amazing experience and that’s exactly what happened, although it was just three teams walking out able to say the statement , the others could say it proudly too with regard to the experience for they had definitely enjoyed every bit of the penultimate Sedes Minerva quiz.

The quiz had the usual format of prelims and final round with six teams advancing into the final. The prelims was hosted by Ananya and the finals shared with Aruna, with questions contributed by Neha and Akhila. The quiz tested the knowledge of the young Bangaloreans about their beloved city with questions that were intriguing and got the brain cells of the participants tingling, but the results turned out to be very surprising with one team getting a total of 26 out of 30 in the prelims although some answers like the mythic society failed to appear in any of the answer sheets.

To consolidate the whole experience, the quiz was witness to a plethora of emotions ranging from beaming smiles as results of right answers to the looks of ‘how did we not get that’ , but ultimately it was yet another successful Sedes Minerva quiz with everybody leaving the room with satisfaction but also a desire for more. The love for Bengaluru, our splendid city was felt in every one of the young zealous quizzers.

Winners of the Bangalore Quiz:

1st Place – Chandan S(2’H’), Harish VV Naik(2’D’) and Vishesh V(2’I’)
2nd Place – TM Sidhanth(2’J’), Vinyas NM(1’K’) and Vishnu Nambiar(1’K’)
3rd  Place- Shashank C(2’H’), Sachin R(2’H’) and Srinivasan M(2’H’)






Ananya Manjunath


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The Business Quiz was conducted on the 9th of October 2018 in collaboration with Colossus – The Commerce Club. The quiz was hosted by Satvik Babu, Vijith Raghavendra, and Vikram Bhansali. The prelims comprised of 20 challenging and engaging questions which were from the wide world of Business. The questions were carefully framed by the quiz masters by incorporating areas such as connect, tweets, identify etc. It was truly a delight to see the participants arriving at the answers with much enthusiasm.

The top six teams made it to the final. The final comprised of interesting rounds titled – Mind Your Business, Ad-Venture, Match Fixing, where the participant’s knowledge of logos, brands, taglines were tested. A riveting feature in one of the rounds included participants to stake their points among 6 topics and selection was done based on bidding. This round was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  All in all, the final were definitely mind boggling and fun at the same time.

The Business Quiz was officially the last quiz of 2018. This year we have had over 13 amazing quizzes and are very grateful to all the avid enthusiastic quizzers who made this happen.  We, Sedes Minerva- The Quiz Club thank all the quizzers who have inspired, motivated and heartened us throughout the year to provide you with the best quizzing experience here at Christ Junior College. We hope that our endeavor has ignited the spark of quizzing in all and taught something new. Quizzing is not just a game of question and answers but a game of minds. If you have got what it takes to crack these questions, then Sedes Minerva is definitely the place to be!

Winners of The Business Quiz:

1st Place – Sumukh B Ram (2’L’) T M Sidhanth (2’J’) and Mohammed Kazim Agha (2’B)

2nd Place – Vishnu Nambiar (1’K’) Shashank TA (1’K’) and Sidhanth B (1’K’)

3rd Place- Aruna (2’N’) Rohini Dikshit (2’N’) and Soumya Joshi (2’N’)

Happy Quizzing!



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“Earth is no longer habitable. We need a collaborative, sustainable plan to habit Saturn’s moon Enceladus” was the sole idea behind the science event Enigma, conducted at Magnachrista 2018. A practical understanding of science and loads of creativity was required to excel at Enigma as it brought out the applications of basic scientific principles such as magnetic field and gravity. The inquisition of Terra formation was brought to the forefront which was dealt with uniquely by each participant. Some thought that introducing genetically engineered bacteria was viable while others preferred the idea of encapsulated cities, with their own soil and atmosphere. Some participants pointed out that Enceladus had a frozen ocean near it’s poles, which can be used as a source of water. Thus, having provided the perfect platform for participants to showcase their understanding of various scientific concepts and their ability to think miles outside the box, this event produced creative outcomes. Overall, the winners were declared based on the creativity of their ideas and their presentation.

1st price- Christ Academy
2nd price- Mount Carmel College
3rd price- Jyoti Nivas College

-Manasa V Reddy

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Heliocentrika was set in timelines other than the present. In the first round, participants were required to present Galileo’s proofs of the heliocentric structure of our solar system (hence the name ‘Heliocentrika’) to a panel of judges who were set in the 17th century. In the second round, participants were instructed to represent 22nd century science by adopting concepts from movies and showcase how they would aid humanity in its progress. The concepts picked by respective participants included arc reactor (from ‘Iron Man’), virtual reality (from ‘Jumanji’) and battlechips (from ‘Battlechip’). In the climax of the event participants were instructed to pick sides, whether to save the planet or move to another, while humanity is on the brink of extinction. The arguments for both sides were formulated as standard debate. Issues such as time taken for travel, socio-economic differences between travelers to the other planet, and the ecosystem of the new planet, or lack therefore were major concepts of the debate. After a very close tie, the winners were declared as follows.

1st price- Jyoti Nivas College
2nd price- Mount Carmel College

-Manasa V Reddy

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Anakritis, an event conducted at Magnachrista 2018, had the biggest turnout among the science events because of its interesting detective-like archetype. ‘Anakritis’ is derived from the Gorgan Anakritis, who were interrogators in Greek mythology. This was well encapsulated in three rounds.

The preliminary elimination round had a set of logic-based questions to be answered on paper. When interviewed, the participants said that a combination of spontaneity and common sense is needed to answer the questions.

The second round involved a riddle, featuring a line from ‘Toy Story’- “Ride like the wind- bullseye” which was said by Woody, a cowboy. If one could fit the puzzle together they’d arrive at the Ramanujan number. The top six participants who were quickest to unravel the riddle proceeded to the next round.

The final round was a classic detective murder mystery. The setup consisted of an outline of a dead body, a diary, fingerprints and a half- burnt photo. The characters involved were the victim, his best friend, his colleague and his neighbour, who he wasn’t very friendly with. Whichever team figured out first who the killer was and explained the plot of the murder won the event. This event thus managed to push participants to their analytical extremes and had channel their inner detectives!

Winners :
1st price- Christ academy
2nd price- Jyoti Nivas College
3rd price- Transcend PU college

-Manasa V Reddy

  1 PCMB D

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