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Do you call yourself a book-nerd? Its high time you found out.

Pierian Spring is conducting a literary quiz on 31/07/15 in Room 11. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. Here’s a quick warm-up: 1) What is Emily Bronte’s pen name? 2) Who wrote the book “Three Men In a Boat“?  3)Which book begins with the line:” All children grew up but one” ?

You may or may not know the answers to these questions, but by the end of the quiz you’ll definitely know the answer to one question: How big of a literati are you really?

Social Ads – 1st PU

SPECTRUM, the Social Sciences Association held the ‘Social Ads’ competition for the juniors- 1st PU on the 4th of July, 2015. The participants were asked to come prepared to advertise a social issue with the help of enactments, catchy slogans and posters either endorsing a company or a product.

Awareness is the first step towards any positive change and it was good to see the juniors pick topics like gender equality, workplace harassment, ill-treatment of the old, and unemployment.

A total of seven teams from the three 1st year Social Sciences classes took part in the competition and gender equality was the most common topic among them. The participants performed fairly well in their given slot of time. Although the social enactments lacked an advertisement per se or a clearly performed act, the enthusiasm of the students was palpable.

Most of the participants strongly felt that the elimination of gender specific roles in the society begins at home. This shows that the future citizens of the country do indeed wish for a change and each one is taking up the responsibility to contribute towards changing the bigger picture by beginning with their homes. It was a successful event in terms of participation and a general test of social awareness but since the social sciences students are known across the college to be creative and novel in their approach to things, the impact was not up to the standards expected by the judges.

As  Jane Goodall said, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”, we can rest assured that tomorrow will indeed be a better place and society to thrive in since the students of today seem determined to make a difference even in the smallest aspect that will eventually contribute to a whole.






-Sujitha Prabhakar

A Riveting Start to Quizzing !

Science and Tech enthusiasts were drooling with excitement at the commencement of TCS IT WIZ prelims . Your chance to take part in the biggest quiz every year for junior college students. Out of the astonishingly large number of teams of about 50 , only the top 10 were able to make it through. Kudos to all of you  who made it!!Hoping to see all of you acing this year’s IT WIZ!!

Abilash Namboodiri


ECO-CLUB had conducted the competition “MAKING CRAFTS FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS” on Friday the 17th  of July 2015 to emphasize on creating WEALTH FROM WASTE . Around 20 students from 1st and  2nd PUC had participated enthusiastically and won prizes.

This is an initiative to create awareness in the young minds to imbibe the concept of REDUCE ,REUSE,RECYCLE . The ECO-CLUB takes great pride in exploring the innovative minds of young Christites.

IMG_20150717_155655 IMG_20150717_155825 IMG_20150717_161707 IMG_20150717_162023 IMG_20150720_121415






Vinu Sujitha

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Beginning with a hope…….

Christ College’s greatest and heart thawing initiative, the Centre for Social Action (CSA) is a student’s movement for a humane and just society where people, especially Christites, are sensitized on various issues affecting the poor and the marginalized section of the society. Established in 1999, CSA works towards promoting the value of social responsibility amongst the student community. With the support of volunteers, faculties and professionals from different fields, CSA is able to intensely engage itself in highlighting issues related to child rights, socio-economic development of women, youth and farmer’s livelihood, community mobilization and environment/climate change issues.

On Friday, dated 17/07/2015 was our first official meeting along with our new joiners in CSA. It was a huge gathering, literally filling the whole room. We were pretty excited about what was going to happen as we heard some volunteers from the university were coming to orient us regarding the on goings of the CSA, till date. There were four of them who came to orient us. They spoke about the objective of CSA that is to encourage the holistic development of students by involving them in social action and to make the college a mean through which under privileged sections of society can gain access to tangible improvements in their quality of life. They also briefed us about their activities and programs conducted all these years like ‘Drishti’ which is a street theatre association and ‘Prayatna’ which takes an initiative of converting waste products into useful products. They also highlighted about the child sponsorship which helps in providing education to under privileged children. All this discussion was really inspiring for us and also for our new joiners. Then they also discussed about their current focus of area that is making a zero-waste campus, which is a bigger problem than it looks. The women, who work in segregating the waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, work really hard to make this campus waste-free. The biodegradable products are then converted into beautiful useful products like photo frames, bags made out of tetra packs, pen stands, diaries, hand-made paper and etc. The volunteers from the university also asked us for suggestions regarding the ‘zero-waste campus’ and how they could create awareness amongst most of the population in the campus. The result was great as our enthusiastic juniors came up with such innovative ideas. After a long discussion, we played a small game which was pretty funny and enjoyable.

As it was time to conclude the session, the speakers reiterated the CSA motto “We can make a change together.”

Shristi Sampat



India is a country of villages. Our roots lie in our villages which are now developing technologically at a rapid pace due to advancements in the field of technology. But, at this juncture, we, who have been born, brought up and nurtured in the hustle and bustle of city life, need to be acquainted with our roots. To experience a day of village life and to bring back to the city, some unforgettable memories, Rural Exposure Programs to Hoskote and other project areas under CSA are organized by CSA, Christ Junior College. A lot of students get to participate in this event and are benefitted from this program.

Last year, the volunteers of CSA got the opportunity to visit Hoskote as a part of this exposure program. It was a day long affair. The students were divided into groups and were asked to assess various things in the village like the sanitation facilities, condition of the schools, infrastructure, communication and agriculture. The visit was not only fun but also created awareness among the students about the rural culture, with them analytically examining the people and their mindsets. The students also interacted with some of the villagers, which was very helpful in garnering information about village life. The interaction with the kids in the school located in the village which is sponsored by CSA was refreshing and the students were given a chance to play some games with the kids. The students themselves were made to conduct some activities, through which they could understand the importance of teamwork, coordination etc. The exposure visit was the best way to understand Rural Karnataka and in a larger sense, rural life, because what we have read in the books and watch in the movies may not hold true to what’s reality.

Thus, CSA gives the students the ground and foundation for understanding and creating awareness among the student community about the society we live in. The rural exposure is the best example for this and also provides for a great experience. CSA aims to continue this practice this year as well, with more enthusiasm, providing for a great forum to explore the unexplored and experience the true traditional and cultural richness that India stands for.

Abhignya K



Cheating on a quiz show ? That’s sort of like plagiarizing a comic strip . 


The whole of this event consists of 2 rounds comprising of 2 members of 2 each in a team . The round goes on with a prefinal followed by a final . It just proves your anomalist  about business. Only the best wins . Prove that you are the best in the quiz held by the dept. on 31st JULY 2015. Hoping all going well . The dept. would wish all students a very best luck.


Student Representative , Colossus

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