Foot print

Every step you take has an impact on your life. One such ‘step’ or initiative taken by our English teacher succeeded in throwing light on creative thinking and vivid personae.

A sultry atmosphere had just set in, when our English teacher strode through one of the doors that offered ingress to the classroom. As he assumed his position on the podium, all eyes were fixated on the bundled sheets he held in his hand. On its dispensation, we realised that an unusual ‘non-PCME’ assignment laid at our disposal. The task was to pen our thoughts on the picture of a footprint.

A crowded buzz soon trickled down to a light murmur, mingled with the occasional sounds of scribbling as eager minds took to work. Once everybody put their pens down, the sheets were collected and filtered. The assignment paved way to uncover the hidden poets, scientists, detectives and artists of our class, as the variety of opinions built an atmosphere of bewilderment.

The plethora of outlooks were broadly categorised into five different groups.

‘They are the footprints of a hound’, Sherlock exclaimed! And so did others. Analytical minds deduced the size, gender, fitness and age with just one look at the footprint. Talks of carbon footprint and video games were also included.

Interest in mythology and epics was highlighted. References to Lord Krishna’s and Lord Hanuman’s imprints formed a major part.

A few of them addressed the philosophical aspect. As time and tide wait for no man, one must strive to leave behind ideal ‘footprints’ for others to follow. The legacy of a person is the only thing that unhinges oblivion.

The best of the lot were out-of-the-box thinkers. An intriguing poem and profound puns were at the top of the favourites list. Interestingly, some were able to view the footprint from a different perspective. They manifested as to how the picture also looks like a hunchbacked woman with a long braid.

Notably, it attained its primary goal which was to remind us of our childhood and hence, correlating it with the poem, ‘To the Foot from its Child’ by Pablo Neruda.

Thus, the exercise equipped us to interpret the poem from distinct stand-points and exposed the concealed adroitness of every student.


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Drones are air crafts without a human pilot . They work with the help of arduino board . There uses are expanding in commercial, scientific, recreational, agricultural and other applications such as policing and surveillance, aerial photography, etc.


This device is used for cutting grass, it basically runs on solar power. It uses revolving blades for chopping grass evenly and for a particular height. It also has a provision for adjusting heights , in order to cut the grass to a desired level . It uses the object sensors to change its directions. It also aids other process like cleaning, sweeping, etc. It is a multitasker.


Smart cars ,smart locks, smart home,etc are some of the emerging category called IOT. It’s goal is to provide users with smarter and more efficient experiences. This model consists of a rectifier circuit and a step down transformer in order to power up the arduino board. A set of relays are used for switching purpose .  The central component of the circuit is wifi . Wifi is used for connecting devices to internet . IOT has many real life applications like home automations, air and noise pollution sensors, weather forecasting, etc.


It is based on the technology of controlling the robotic arm in free space by leap motion. It uses a leap motion sensor that captures the sub millimeter movement of your hands and fingers, by using infra red light and camera. This device when connected to PC , has the ability to track your hands in 3D space and dispays it on the monitor. These are used in places where human interference is dangerous.


Inspired by the two wheeled self balancing personal transport vehicle, students of CJC invented segway. It uses an arduino board ,electric motors,accelerometer or gyro sensors. Gyro sensors enable to keep the robot in balance by measuring and reporting the velocity, orientation and gravitational forces of the robot. It integrates the idea of a self balancing platform that changes the speed of the motor based on the data received from the accelerometer.


It is a device which is efficient in solving the 3×3 rubics cube . It uses sensors and scanners to scan all the sides of the cube. It then functions according to the different algorithms dumped in it . It  is useful in solving the cubes.


It is a human controlled device and operates according to the signals received by it .These tanks are very compact and have a long durable life . They can be dropped from the air crafts on the battle field. As they reach the ground they cover themselves with the digital screens and become stationary like rocks which cannot be tracked by the radars or sonars. These then execute their work according to the signals received by them.

NavyaShree (2 PCME H)

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Robotic Day !!!!!…..

It’s said that “The only source of knowledge is experience “. The ‘ROBOFEST’ 
which was held in our college is a perfect example.

The quadrangle was filled with robotic enthusiasts.  They were awestruck upon one word ROBOFEST . Our ebullient Christites brimmed with pride, as they presented their simple yet awe inspiring projects . The zeal was uncontainable.  dsc_0231

Competitions are integral part of the fest. Junior sumo, vision centre challenges and so on  were  some of the programs hosted by Novatech Robo . This gave opportunities for our eager participants to display their wide knowledge on various aspects of technology. To learn , to win and to experience was easily the motto of this robotic expo.

Various projects displayed in the campus stole our attention,  each unique in its own way and altering our senses in the new horizon of technology. Among them were drones , segway , internet of things ,  lawn mower and many more.

The conclusion of the fest tells us that “scientific advancement promises improvement in human life “…..













Navya Shree K (2 PCME H )

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Eco Club Trek

This article is about our experience of trekking organised by the Eco Club on 28th Nov, Friday.

The verdant campus, brimming with fruit trees of every kind, hugs the slopes of a craggy hillock, and is in vivid contrast to the semi-arid boulder-strewn landscape that stretches beyond it. Here and there within this enormous Eden, a mere one-hour drive from Bangalore, are the simple and beautiful buildings of the Gurukula, all single-storeyed and with sloping roofs of coconut leaf thatch. These huts of varying sizes blend harmoniously with their natural surroundings and are reassuringly human in scale. Entering the place, one can’t help feeling that this is the kind of environment the human body was originally designed for.eco5

Guru Freddy Nature Awareness Camp, a camp like no other. We set out for this journey as early as the sun peeped over the horizon. A comfortable ride away from all the hustle and bustle of our Bengaluru. Our destination was surrounded by vast fields of corn. Amid which we had a delicious urban breakfast. Little did anyone know that the energy was to be harvested till the brim!eco3

The walk began. A three mile trek up a rocky hill, composed of thorny bushes and exotic scaly reptiles. The slight inclination began to get steeper, and the surface smoother. At one point, the hill came to a terrifying 70 degree inclination! On all fours, and with the highest adrenaline rushes some of us have ever faced, we slugged up. Reaching the top, clouds were now almost in our line of sight!

Looking around, we realised all that exhaustion was worth the breathtakingeco2 view! We sat down and enjoyed the beautiful sight.

Well, it was time to go back. Time to go down that event full hill!

When we reached mid-hill, we had to take a diversion, as following down that path would prove to be very dangerous. The diversion was through a cave. Passing through this narrow, pitch black cave was very challenging. As we went down the cave got narrower.

Fortunately, we all safelyeco1 managed to crawl out of it. That followed an extravagant lunch. Later that day, we had another thrilling experience Rappling, down a hill five storeys high!

Of course, we did have a team of experienced trekkers, along with two of are very own teachers – Mrs. Muthamma and Mr. Benjamin Bosco , guiding us in every phase of the journey. In the end, we had a rejuvenating drink and left that wonderful place with a smile and memories engraved in our minds forever.












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Story Narration Results

Hello All,

The long awaited Story Narration Results are here!

In first place – Mansi (II PPES O)

Coming in Second- Parvathy (I PCMB C)

And third place goes to – B.P. Prajwal (I PCME H)

Congratulations to all the winners!!! The rest of you put up a good fight, so be proud. Keep tuned in for more Pierian Spring Events .

Sanjana N, Student Representative


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Crisis management

” The secret of crisis management is not good Vs bad ,it is preventing the bad from getting worse “- Andy Gilman
The key characteristic of a crisis is that you cannot control ,that’s why they call it crisis management .You have to understand in real time when to yield and when to tilt and even if you navigate to perfection ,the threat could be existential .
Few essential tips – do not deny the problem ,minimise the problem ,slow down the blame,refrain from lying ,do not reveal the previous negative aspects and magnitude of the problem ,be clear do not succumb And panic when questions are shot at you .If you are confident and spontaneous ,you will manage to get through .

We expect to see overwhelming participation .

Written prelims round will be conducted on 17th  September 2016 .

Members – 3+1;  Selected teams make it the finals .

Results of product launch –

1. Keerthi and team (2 Cams ‘K’)

2. Raghvendra and team (2 Cams ‘J’)

3. Nidhi and team (2 Cams ‘J’)

  • Aanchal Nagori
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Fantasy Quiz Results!

The fantasy quiz, held last Thursday had the largest turnout with more than 20 teams eager to portray their knowledge about various fandoms.

It was a tough competition with rounds including charades, pictionary unlike a stereotypical quiz.

I am proud to announce the results are as follows:

In First Place-

  •  Joel Jacob – 16P1983
  • Yashas Hegde-16P1961
  • Tarsh Chowda- 16P1959

A Close Second:

  • Neeharika S – 15P2185
  • Devi- 15P1958
  • Laricsa- 15P1962

Third Place:

  • Saandra-  15P2166
  • Geetanjali-15P2127
  • Kruthi- 15P2129

Congratulations to all the winners!

Keep an eye out for more Pierian Spring Events… 🙂

-Sanjana N, Student Representative, Pierian Spring

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