Christ Junior College proves on every occasion that holistic development will not be compromised. A ‘Statement of Purpose’ training was conducted by the English Department, to ensure that students are ready to enrol into their dream colleges. Ms Lizil Johnson from Centre of Academic and Professional Support (CAPS) of Christ (Deemed to be University) conducted the session over two days. The training was held on the Microsoft Teams platform from 2:32 pm to 4:12 pm on 10th July and 11:32 am to 1:01 pm on 11th July 2020.

The first session began with a welcome address by Ms Vidya, the moderator for the day. Ms Lizil gave the students a brief introduction about CAPS. She went ahead and covered the idea of a personal brand and how this is valued in a SOP (Statement of Purpose). Quoting Jeff Bezos, ‘Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room’. Her candidness and eloquence grabbed the attention of 107 students and 11 teachers who were present for the first session. Subsequently, she covered the difference between a résumé, curriculum vitae and biodata, with an extensive review of résumé. The session ended by addressing queries of the students.

Graced by 99 students and 11 teachers, the second session dealt with the format of a SOP with special reference to universities in UK and USA. The format was strategically covered to clear any ambiguity. Following this, the session enlightened us with the format of a cover letter for internships. Queries of the students were also answered at regular intervals by the presenter, with the help of Ms Philu, the moderator for the day. 

Personally, the sessions were engaging and very informative. The concepts were made relatable by Ms Lizil with her personal anecdotes. The comprehensive construct of the presentation made it illuminating. Overall, it was a very successful training provided by the English Department and on behalf of the students, I would like to thank the teachers responsible for helping us take a step closer to achieving our dreams.

In the end, I leave you with this – What is your brand?



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Online Quiz

On 5th June 2020, World Environment Day, the Eco Club of Christ Junior College conducted an online quiz in order to sensitise students on the importance of Environment Day. The Quiz was conducted online at 2:00 pm on Microsoft Teams where students had to answer 30 questions within 30 minutes. Two students were selected from each class by their class teacher. 

The questions were multiple choice type with different points with a total score of 90. Shuffle option was enabled so that it could not be misused. The total number of participants were 31 and twenty students were able to answer within the stipulated time. The winners’ list was announced and put up by the SWO.

The winners were:

1st place: Bhumika P M (II PCMC I)

2nd place: Aravind R (II PCMB B)

3rd place: Gayathri Nayanore (II CAMS J)

-Vikas Royan G J

Department of Chemistry


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The Eco Club Video

A video was streamed on the World Environment Day on 5th June 2020. The main content for the video included microgreens- to sensitise students that conservation of the environment starts at home. For making this video a reality, students and faculty members were asked to send their photos with microgreens. A good response was received from the faculty members and students. The video was prepared in collaboration with The Student Welfare Office. The same was streamed in every class in the first hour by the respective subject teachers. It was a great success with a good response from the students and faculty members.

-Vikas Royan G J

Department of Chemistry

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Report On Slogan Writing Competition

Eco club conducted slogan writing competition on the topic “Celebrate Biodiversity” on 4 June 2020 to explore the writing skills of the students. Students had to send their slogans through mail. The competition was planned and executed by The Student Welfare Office. The competition was open to all the students. We received around 36 students who registered for the event and around 20 students sent slogans on time. The three best slogans were selected.

The winners of the competition were:

1st place: Amit Kurana (II CAMS K)

2nd place: Harshitha G (II PCMB B)

3rd place: Hiranmayi P (II HEPP N) 

-Vikas Royan G J

Department of Chemistry

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“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” – Robert Frost.

Prerana—the Language Association organised a Kannada Poetry Writing Workshop on 20th June 2020 named Shabd conducted by Mr Hulikunte Murthy who is not just a great poet and lecturer but an influential voice of social justice as well.

The session began with a welcome speech and introduction by Akul of 2 CAMS K.

During the session, Murthy Sir provided us with an insight into the evolution of Kannada poetry from the earliest epic poems of Pampa to the modern poets of Karnataka today. He explained the role that praasa, chandassu and alankaara play in giving complexity to poetry.

According to him, the most important quality a poet can have is empathy; to feel the pain and joy of someone else and he called this “poetic sense”. He told us that poetry in our mother tongue should be easier for us to write and understand as the words have a higher impact on us and the meaning becomes crystal clear. He gave us some tips and tricks and some priceless advice for making our poetry more beautiful and to have social impact. He advised that we must not keep waiting for inspiration to appear before us but we must take our feelings and form them into words. He concluded by saying that poems are a reflection of our feelings and emotions.

At the end of the hour, we had an interactive question and answer session where Murthy sir patiently answered all our questions.

The session was extremely informative with not a single dull moment as Murthy Sir quoted verses of poems to make his points clear. The session was concluded by an eloquent vote of thanks by Vaaruni of 2 HEPP N.

Vibha Sriranga



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Tug of Words

The MUNSOC hosted its first debate competition on the 19th of June 2020, Friday. The event started with a welcome speech delivered by Satvika Arun, followed by a small interaction by the moderator of the event Mr Joel Jacob, an alumnus of Christ Junior College. All participants then made their cases for the motions that had been released the preceding day. The topics for the first round were carefully selected to cover the most interesting national and international discussions of the past few weeks. They included the following statements:

  1. The ‘Boys Locker Room’ issue was dealt with correctly.
  2. Countries should resume international travel immediately.
  3. Predictive policing is the future of law enforcement.
  4. The US should not have withdrawn funding from the WHO.

The first round was concluded successfully and the finalist’s names were announced. 

The finals were conducted on Monday, 22nd June. This was an impromptu round, in which all finalists had been allotted 7 minutes to prepare a 2-minute speech for a statement they were sent. In this round, all the topics were indirectly linked to the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in India. This was followed by a 1-minute question and answer session and vote of thanks. 

Both rounds went smoothly without any issues. The results were announced later that evening. The winner was Riddhi Juyal from 2 PPES O. The runners up were Esha Mehta from 2 CAMS J and Advaith Anand from 2 PCMB A. Samyukta Menon from 2 CAME L received a special mention for her performance. 

-Nikita Aphale 

2 CAME ‘L’

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While the government of India was successfully enforcing the all India lockdown, the monotony engulfed within our lives dug even deeper. In bizarre circumstances like these, the Science Forum of Christ Junior College brought up an online event to keep the students’ acuity intact.

Quarannaire 1.0 –

Multiple questions thrown at you,

 Two hours you’ve got to see them through,

 Bring your intellect to test,

Predominance of answers wins this quest.”

An event introduced solely to risk problem-solving skills, and enhance the expertise in Science.

The event was held via the Forum’s Instagram page from 20th May, 2020 to 30th May, 2020. A link to the Google Form was updated in the bio of the same which lasted for a period of ten days. Each day consisted of a set of three questions, each picked from various common fields. The event was open to all streams. 

The questions were put up on the Instagram Story at 7pm, and students were asked to submit the answers along with their details by 9pm. The first week was restricted to the creativity of scientific questions. As the days passed by the number of participants took a rise. The answers to the questions were released by 10pm every day. All enquiries and clarifications were cleared immediately. An official Whatsapp Group helped us keep the participants updated.

The second week of the event was a theme-based one. Five general themes of great interest were decided upon per day. Sports, Web Series, Marvel and College linked quizzing was involved. The questions were framed in pictorial, written and audio formats. In order to make the event an exhilarating one, the students were also asked to explore their creative side at making memes. The best memes were presented on the Instagram Page. Bonus points were also assigned for specific questions. On the final day, the points were calculated and the list of the winners was posted. Positive feedback was received from several participants as well as the teachers.

After two successful weeks of participation, the event receded with a noteworthy ardour. Every event has its own little issues, but the active interest and regular order of the participants overlooked them.

“Denying to maintain the space is not our choice to embrace,

But by breaking the walls of boredom, you have a life to retrace.”

-Gunjal Kothari



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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Workshop

The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence workshop, organised by the Tech club of Christ Junior College in collaboration with Enginomatic Technologies, was held on 22nd May 2020 for four days. There were around 22 students who enrolled in this exciting event. In this 10 hours long workshop, we were introduced to Python, with the help of an online programming platform called Google Collab, for machine learning and graphical icon usage, and to create exemplary programming techniques. Assignments were given to us during this course to enhance the knowledge inculcated. The students brought in colourful ideas and creativity to every aspect of programming. They also encouraged us to use the GitHub platform to showcase one’s talent related to programming and also gave us a detailed explanation of its usage. We were thought to make various applications such as a dice thrower, stone-paper-scissors game, graphical icon calculator and also the iris dataset prediction. We had a great time interacting with the experts. This session was more interactive and enjoyable due to the students’ cooperation as well as interaction. The best part was various resources were provided after the session to enhance our knowledge in the subject. To my knowledge, this is one of the best workshops CJC has offered for Christies!

-Devesh B


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International Day of Yoga: Yoga Workshop

Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath; that creates inner serenity and harmony – Debasish Mridha.  

It is an ancient art and, perhaps, one of the greatest gifts of mankind as a means to rejuvenate, revive and relax; now, more than ever. To commemorate the International Day of Yoga, the Student Welfare Office at Christ Junior College organised a workshop hosted by Ms Nidhi Srivatsa, a professional yoga trainer authorized by the Yoga Federation of India who is also a student of Law at Christ (Deemed to be University) on 21 June 2020.  

At 7 a.m. on Sunday, after an introduction by Arpitha Anil of II HEPP N, we were led into performing a few breathing exercises and a quick warm-up, followed by three refreshing rounds of Surya Namaskara which is believed to be extremely helpful in building one’s immunity. The yogi intrigued the students with demonstrations of strength and flexibility asanas like Ustrasana and Paschimottanasana which everyone followed. 

After an hour of mindful practice, the participants rested peacefully in Shavasana, surrendering their bodies to the yoga mat. The vote of thanks delivered by Piya Jain of II CAMS K was succeeded by a small, yet resourceful, question and answer session with Ms Nidhi. 

In a scenario where gathering in person is not advised, this online workshop allowed all Christites to assemble on a common platform from the comfort of their homes and practice and celebrate the art of yoga on a pleasant and serene morning.

-Prachi Jain





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Offbeat Session I

The Student Welfare Office conducted their first Offbeat Session of the academic year 2020-2021 on June 17, from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The idea for this event was conceived in order to connect with the student community of Christ Junior College.

The guest speaker of the session was Mr Sourabh S Kulkarni, an alumnus of Christ Junior College and a successful theatre personality. Mr Sourabh is a multi-faceted young talent, excelling as an anchor, debater, actor and director. The session was conducted smoothly through the Microsoft Teams and was attended by nearly 60 students and faculty members

After the initial introduction and welcoming of the guest, the speaker took over. With his inimitable style, he captured the attention of the participants through his eloquent presentation, with the right mix of humour, motivation and value-added insights. Mr Sourabh S. Kulkarni stressed the need for youngsters to view success in a distinctly different fashion and urged the youngsters to follow their passion with self-confidence. The speaker also highlighted the positive impact of ‘Prerana – The Language Association’ and events like ‘Darpan’, of Christ Junior College, in his life and career. The participants were urged to seek and create opportunities in every crisis.

The Q&A session saw an inflow of vibrant and thought-provoking questions and ideas by the participants, which were answered with poise and conviction.

The event concluded with an online photo session followed by concluding remarks and a vote of thanks. The session was relevant and meaningful and served as a good platform for students seeking clarity and guidance in their career and life.

-Juana Peter Jossy



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