Christ Junior College Model United Nations Society on 2nd, 3rd and 6th of August held its first ever edition of the Historical Moot Court under the guidance and support of the teacher coordinator Ms Dolly Martin. 

The event comprised three rounds – firstly, 24 duo teams faced off in a turncoat round where one of the duo had to represent for the topic and the other against the same, allowing only 10 teams to move ahead to the second round of media trials. In the second round, the teams were furnished with a press update. They had to deliberate upon it by taking sides and managing to convince the judges and the audience through their orating skills, logical arguments and so on.

The competition saw an influx of participation from law enthusiasts who hustled through two elimination rounds only for two victorious teams to reach the finals as prosecutor and defendant for the infamous criminal case of Lt. Anil Kumar versus INA judged by Christ Junior College alumni and law students Calvert Nazareth, Divya Govindan and Vikrant Dwivedi. The defendants exhibited their arguments with logic and swayed the judgement in their favour.

Winners – Shrikar BN and Abhay 

Runners up – Sarah Bohra and Kashvi Golecha

Thoshithashree A N Chowdary


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Investiture Ceremony and Clubs and Associations Inauguration

“Leadership is an action, not a position.” -Donald McGannon.

With this spirit in mind, the Investiture Ceremony and the Inauguration of Clubs and Associations took place on 24th June 2022. The ceremony took place offline in the auditorium after a span of almost two years with the traditional lamp-lighting ceremony while the invocation hymn was melodiously rendered by the college choir.

The blessings of the Lord were invoked with an introductory prayer by Rev Dr Fr Peter M V and the readings from various scriptures. The gathering was then wholeheartedly welcomed by Dr Shruthi Jose, Coordinator, Student Welfare Office, followed by an address by our beloved Principal Rev Dr Fr Sebastian Mathai, who stressed on the need for holistic development, thus encouraging the students to participate in the various activities of the clubs and associations. The Chief Guest of the day, Ms Chitra Shenoy, a renowned actress and producer, reiterated the importance of working on our talents besides excelling in academics. It was then time for the induction of the Teacher and Student coordinators, who were sworn in by a formal oath presented by Anish Sanghvi of II CAME L. A capturing video presentation elucidated the essence of each club and association. To conclude the programme, an enthralling dance performance by the cultural team captured the crowd’s heart and mind.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Philu Rose Jose, Student Development Officer, followed by the powerful rendition of the college anthem. And on that proud and lively note, the programme ended, as all good things must, with the hope of great times ahead.

Naadia Ghalib Sheriff


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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” Seneca

One of the most gratifying ardor for the Christ Junior College family was the formal inauguration of the 1st PU students for the year 2022- 2023, after a long halt because of the pandemic. The inauguration took place in two sessions; the first session was scheduled at 8:30am for the IBDP and Science students and followed by the second session for the Commerce and Social Sciences students at 12:30pm. 

The event started with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and the I PU class teachers and the invocation hymn was rendered by the choir. This was followed by introductory prayer, scripture readings, intercessory prayers and concluding prayer. The Principal, Rev Fr Sebastin Mathai addressed the gathering by emphasizing the college culture and mentioned Christ’s countless opportunities for their holistic development. The second rank holder of the PU Board Examination for the academic year 2021-2022, Sai Chirag B of II PCMB I, was felicitated on this auspicious occasion. He scored 597 out of 600, making his parents and institution proud.  

The most vital prerequisite for the students is to explore and learn new things for their holistic development and training for the outer world. Keeping these things in mind, Christ offers numerous training programmes for the students and Ms Philu Rose Jose, Teacher Coordinator of the Student Development Office, briefed I PU students about the same. Dr Shruthi Jose, Coordinator of the Student Welfare Office gave the general instruction for the academic year.

The cultural team of Christ Junior College performed a powerful dance, ‘Aazadiyan’, which symbolizes freedom from all perspectives, to raise the enthusiasm and spirit of Christites. The event concluded with the college anthem, which rejuvenated the Christite spirit.

Loraine Lukose 


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Sanskrit Picture Description Competition

On 15th July, 2022, Prerana-The Language Association conducted a Sanskrit picture description competition for both I and II PU students. The objective of this was to enhance the skills of description and critical thinking in students and connect stories through images. Mr. Pradeep Joshi, Faculty in Sanskrit, Department of Languages, Christ Junior College and the Teacher Coordinator of Prerana,welcomed the participants and briefed them about the instructions for the same. Thirty six participants turned up for the competition, who were given an hour to write about the displayed picture, which was that of the Geeta Updesha by Lord Krishna to Arjuna.

Winner’s list:

1st place – Spoorthy KH (II CAMS J)

2nd place – Varshini K (II CAMS J)

3rd place – Priyanka Umesh (II PCMB C)

Yashbhardwaj Shankaranna Venkatesh, I PCMC I

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Kavya Utsav

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” -Robert Frost

Prerana- The Language Association at Christ Junior College, hosted Hindi and Kannada poetry writing competitions for the I and II PU students on 15th July, 2022. The competition witnessed a participation of 15 students in total, who were given an hour’s time to pen down their thoughts. The student coordinators in the respective languages welcomed the participants and the judges and the teacher coordinators of Prerana– Ms. Kavita Pania(Hindi) and Ms. Vanitha P( Kannada). Witnessing the congruence of the thoughts of budding poets, harmonizing in writing, was indeed an audio-visual treat. The judges appreciated the wholehearted participation of the students and encouraged them for the same.

Winner’s List(Hindi):

1st place- Mayank Jangid ( I PCMC H)

2nd place- Diya H ( II CAME L)

3rd place- Dhruvi Prakash Patel ( II PCMB F)

Winner’s list(Kannada):

1st place- Neha TP ( II PCMB E)

2nd place- Shreya Bharadwaj ( II CAMS J)

3rd place- Bharath M ( I PCMB C)

Sneha M, II HEPP N &  Hajira Misnaad, II HESP M

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Kavya Spandan

Hindi & Kannada

“Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow.” — Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Prerana –The Language Association at Christ Junior College conducted its first poetry writing workshops in Kannada and Hindi titled Kavya Spandan on 9th July 2022. The event was open to I and II PUC students, with the objective to appreciate literature in these lamguages and hone their skills in poetry writing. For the Kannada event which was conducted on Google Meet, the chief guest was Ms. Suchitra Hegde, renowned poetess in Kannada, popularly known for her travel diary Pravasa Pravara in Shravana. The teacher coordinator Ms. Vanitha P, Faculty in Kannada, Department of Languages, briefed the students on the conduct of the event. Dr. Reeta Das Ram, Faculty, University of Mumbai, deigned to be the chief guest for the Hindi poetry writing workshop. A poetess and a recipient of the Hemant Smriti Samman, Abhivyakti Gaurav Samman and several awards, Dr Ram enthused the minds of the participants with the recitation of one of her poems and sharing an account of her poetic journey. The participants in both the events, recited short poems penned by them, that was open to feedback and discussions on the same.

  • Priyadharshini, II CAME L & Tushar Jain, II CAMS K
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Gyan Ganga Service – Learning Appreciation Ceremony

Gyan Ganga is the service-learning initiative of Christ Junior College, in collaboration with the Centre for Social Action (CSA), headed by teacher coordinator- Dr Soumiya Jatla, Faculty, Department of Languages, Christ Junior College and IBDP. It is based on the principle of ‘Each one, teach one’ – and aims to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 – Quality Education. Under this programme, few students of Christ Junior College were assigned a ward, in rural Karnataka for school students from grades 8 to 10, where various subjects of Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English, and Hindi were taught. On 16th July, the outgoing batch of 2022 received certificates for their participation in service learning in a felicitation ceremony. Dr Jatla, addressed the volunteers on the impact of their contribution to the society. Volunteers of the programme expressed their gratitude for this opportunity by sharing their rural experience, that upped their communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills. The volunteers were felicitated by the Principal, Dr Fr Sebastian Mathai, with mementoes as tokens of their appreciation. Fr Mathai urged the gathering to give back to the less fortunate as pioneers of change for the satisfaction it gives individuals, in making the society a better place to live in. 

-Anusri Yadavalli & Sparsha Sanjay, II HEPP N

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Inauguration of the Association of Christian Christites (ACC)

Jeremiah 29:22 – “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.’’

The orientation for the I PU Christian students was enunciated with the inauguration  of the Association of Christian Christites on 2nd July, 2022 at 12:45 pm at 4th Block, K E Auditorium, Christ University- Main Campus. The programme began with an invocation dance and was followed by lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, Mr. Jose Sebastian, Rev. Fr. Sebastian Mathai, Principal, Christ Junior College, Ms. Sindhumol Antony, Teacher Coordinator and the President of ACC Ms. Anjali Liju. Fr. Mathai enlightened the gathering about the importance of growing in holiness and how the Association was instrumental for the same. This was followed by the oath taking ceremony of the student representatives and the core team for the academic year 2022-’23. A skit by the members of the ACC portraying the essence of faith in the Almighty and a brief depiction of the life of St. Thomas formed the cultural segment of the programme. The music ministry led the gathering in praise and worship, which was succeeded by Mr. Sebastian’s sharing an account of  his enriching spiritual experience. 

-Riya. T. T, II PPES O

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Jack O Trade

Colossus- The Commerce Association of Christ Junior College commenced its first event called Jack-O-Trade for the II PU students.  The event was conducted on the 8th and 9th of July, 2022 with 109 participants and 42 teams. The event consisted of a series of activities to boost students’ corporate and commercial knowledge. The 3 events conducted were Ace of Apps, Trump Card and The Full Deck. In Ace of Apps, the participants had to make a product or a service for the metaverse with a unique selling proposition and marketing strategy for it. The second event, Trump Card, was based on financial crisis; the participants had to make an investment portfolio and finances for a crisis. The Full Deck consisted of several rounds ranging from marketing the Women’s Indian Premier League 2023; to resolving the crisis of a water manufacturing company and stimulation of corporate warfare. The events were judged by Alumni from Christ Junior College and active members of Colossus, during their batch, namely- Mr. Vinyas, Mr. Pranav, Ms. Avadhi, Mr Taksh and Mr Sidhant. 

Winners’ list:

Ace of Apps-  1st place-  Anish Sanghvi, Prayan Jain, Rhea Bhansali (II CAME L)

                       2nd place- S.S.Srijan, Raina Lutfiya, Tatva Chouhan (II CAMS K)

The Trump Card- 1st place- Diya P, Spoorthy Kashyap K H (II CAMS J)

                             2nd place- Harshita Jodhani , Chirag Chowdary (II CAME L)

The Full Deck- 1st place- Harshita Jodhani , Chirag Chowdary, Vidhi Mehta (II CAME L) 

                         2nd place- Rhea Bhansali(2 CAME L), Manan Parmar, Tatva Chouhan (II CAMS K) 

-Pragathi B, II CAMS K

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The Commerce Association of Christ Junior College, Colossus, conducted a marketing event- Mercatus– on 15th and 16th July, 2022 with 135 participants and 45 teams. With the objective of familiarizing the I PU students of Commerce with the best financial, commercial and corporate knowledge, the event had several rounds to test their marketing skills and strategies. The judges for the event were the members of the ex-core committee of Colossus– Abhay Bhandarkar, Saakshi Jain and Heenisha Jain. The first round assessed the participants in marketing the snack Junglee Funglee, a hit amongst college goers in the campus eatery, by listing down various ways keeping the ‘4Ps’ of marketing in mind. In the second round, an advertisement had to be made with two random ambassadors and one product was assigned via lot picking. Creation of a poster for an online dating app was the activity for the third online round. The final round was an auction where participants were bidding with time for dying companies or failing products and made marketing strategies for those companies.

Winners’ list:

1st place- Sarah Bohra, Meeth Jain, Vitraag Jain (1 CAME L)

2nd place- Saurabh, Yash Shah, Divyam Khater (1 CAMS J)

3rd place- Himani Barlota, Lakshita Kothari, Riddhi V Kormaralla (1 CAMS J)  

–        Pragathi B, II CAMS K

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