The last event held by Spectrum for the academic year 2017-2018 was welcomed by a huge amount of participation. The event ‘CLUE’ was a team event; a team of 2. There were 29 teams in total. The event began by 12:00 with a lot of anticipation and excitement from the participants. They were clueless on what they would be tested for and the competition they would face. CLUE had 3 rounds. The first round was about guessing logos, dialogues, taglines, emblems and flags. All the teams were given a sheet where they had to answer to 15 questions. There were a lot of expressions of recognition and excitement from the participants on seeing the questions.

Only 6 teams qualified for round 2 which was about personalities. There were 18 questions in round 2 and there were a lot of audio clips to add to the existing anticipation. In round 2, the rule of ‘Pounces’ came into play. A question was posed to one particular team who had 30 seconds to answer. Any other team who was able to guess the answer could answer within 20 seconds. If the other teams answered it right, they were awarded 5 points. If the team who the question was directed to got it right, they were awarded 10 points. If the answer was wrong, 5 points were deducted. Only 4 teams qualified for the final round; the 3rd round. In round 3, there were 12 questions that were posed. All the questions consisted of 4 pictures which were related. By putting together the meaning of the pictures, the teams had to guess which movie or show or book it could be. The rule of Pounces was used here too.

The event finally ended at 13:15 with 3 winning teams. CLUE ended very well and so did Spectrum’s events. This entire year of Spectrum’s activities focused on accomplishing all its aims and objectives and we believe we have been successful.

Romola Verghese

(2 PPES O)

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Pick and Speak Competition

Spectrum has become synonymous with conducting activities and competitions that are known to help students focus much on their creative abilities and general knowledge. On the 10th of November this year, the association had conducted one such competition that provided students an opportunity to exhibit their on-the-spot decision making skills and creative ideas.

Pick and Speak competition was conducted and according to the rules of the competition, each student had to pick a chit from the given bowl and would be given the time limit of five minutes to speak about the topic written in the chosen chit. The topics were mostly related to current affairs, historical events, general grievances of the public, etc. Each student had five minutes to prepare for his/her speech before their turn. These five minutes seemed the most precious minutes of the day. The assessment of the competition was done based on a few judging criteria such as the students’ ability to understand the topic, to speak within the scope of the topic and to be as original in thinking as possible.

By providing similar opportunities and platforms such as this, we have reached one more milestone in enabling the holistic development of the students.

Prajwal B.M.

(2 HEPP N)

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TheActrix workshop

Expression is an art. Theatre gives a shape to the art of expression. It demands versatility and fluency. Theatre has no definite limit. It is an amalgamation of voices, of emotions and a question of one’s confidence.

The THEACTRIX workshop at Christ Junior College invited students to experience and express themselves through the various sessions that were conducted across the year. The students who chose to enroll themselves were divided into two batches giving each of them enough space to explore the subject with brazen. The first few classes that began in the month of June explored varied emotions and stressed on topics such as voice modulation.

The first batch was given the opportunity to be a part of Christ University’s fest, Darpan in the events of Proscenium theatre and Street Play. The practice sessions for this event drove us deeper into the art, giving a sense of understanding on the importance of clear speech and time.

The first batch ended with the students learning to define their spaces on stage and strengthening their power of imagination to create a whole new world while performing. The workshop lightly touched upon all the elements of theatre, clearly defining the demands of a performer and ridding any sense of inhibition. All of it wonderfully coordinated by the Theatre Light Stories team, a team perfectly formed by Mr. Anirudh Mahesh, Mr. Nalin Kumar Ms. Varshini Vijay and Mr. Pradeep Ramana, the mentors and the sublime guides to molding us into people of theatre.




Edited by: Advaith J ( 2 CAME L)

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Bangalore Literature Festival – 2017 report

The Bangalore Literature Festival is an annual, community-funded event that
celebrates reading, writing and all things literary. This year, the sixth edition of
the festival was slated for the 28 th and 29 th of October at the Hotel Lalit Ashok.
Student volunteers of Christ Junior College who participated in the festival not
only managed the book fair “Atta-Galatta’, but also had the opportunity to listen
to the talks of journalists, eminent personalities, distinguished figures in literary
circles and up-and- coming writers. The book fair with its hundreds of
artistically arranged tomes was entirely the handiwork of students who
unpacked the volumes and assisted frenzied bibliophiles find the latest works in
English, Kannada and other regional languages. Atta Galatta was the launchpad
for upcoming writers to see their novels hit the shelves. The theme of this year’s
festival, ‘Speak up, speak out’, witnessed writers of local, national and
international repute discourse at length on issues related to current affairs. ‘Red
Couch’, hosted near the book fair witnessed writers speak about the themes of
their writing and their experiences in writing and publishing. Renowned

cricketers, journalists and novelists also addressed the crowds on their works.
The Bangalore Lit Fest also witnessed the launch of new books and featured a
LitMart where aspiring authors, including students from Christ Junior College
could pitch their ideas for books. Book signing sessions at the book fair gave
students the opportunity to interact with novelists and publishers as well as take
home copies of newly-released books. The Bangalore Literature Festival gave
hardcore bibliophiles and bibliomaniacs the perfect opportunity to indulge their
taste in literature and passion for books.

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Jingle Writing

The literary club of Christ Junior College, the Pierian Spring conducted an entertaining event, Jingle Writing. This event revolves around the idea of creatively advertising a product with a catchy tone to enable the seeking of attention towards the product.  The event witnessed a mixed presentation from the participants and paid off by creating a remarkably fun atmosphere with all the teams trying to present out the given themes with recognizable, rhyme filled tunes.


The product that the jingle was to be written on was ‘toothpaste’; and the team that managed to present this in the most appealing way ended up winning the event.

Ashwin Ganesan of 2 HEPP N and Advaith J of 2 CAME L won the prize for their hilarious, innovative take on their ‘Ola Toothpaste’, set to the famous tune of the song Santhoshakke.

– Advaith J (2 CAME L)

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The Pierian Spring hosted a fantasy quiz to tickle the brains of ardent followers of the various fantasy worlds and fandoms ranging from the magical Harry Potter to the action filled Batman series and everything in between. The quiz-masters, Yashas Hegde and Joel Jacob, well equipped in their knowledge about the fantasy world put up a really interesting session and a quiz which witnessed full-house participation. The preliminary round, filled with close edged competition, resulted in the qualification of 8 teams to the main quiz.


The main quiz consisted of several rounds, packed with intensity and fun. The teams battled it out with interesting competition and the teams that placed were:

  1. Faaiza Mariya 2 PCMB C
  2. Anjali Binesh 2 PCMB C
  3. Aswathi Jayakumar 2 PCMB C

( Winners)

  1. Mariam Jaza 2 PCMB A
  2. Nikita Xavier 2 PCMB A
  3. Aaisha Nehal 2 PPES O

(Runners up)

  1. Ashwin Ganesan 2 HEPP N
  2. Atmika Dechamma 2 PPES O
  3. Jhanavi Prabhakar 2 HEPP N

– Advaith J


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“On a mission to build an empire, and leave a legacy”

Christ Junior College has sent their cultural team to several intercollegiate fests this year, and have come back victorious in almost all. The Cultural Team has bagged seven overall trophies, conquering events in various fields of science, art and commerce.

One would truly say that we have left a legacy, as all the hard work has paid off, and we have many students who are all doing the college proud, and many students who will continue to do so in the years to follow!




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