John De Brito

Saint John de Brito also known as Arulanandar, (born in Lisbon, Portugal , on March 1,

1647 – died at Oriyur, Tamil Nadu, India. On February 11, 1693) was a  Portuguese Jesuit

missionary and martyr. He is often called as “the Portuguese St. Francis Xavier” by Indian Catholics.

John de Brito was the scion of a powerful aristocratic Portuguese family; his father,

Salvador de Brito Pereira, died while serving as Viceroy of the Portuguese colony of Brazil. He

joined the Jesuits in 1662, studying at the famous University of Coimbra. He traveled to the missions

of Madurai, in Southern India, present-day Tamil Nadu. in 1673 and preached the Christian religion

in the region of the Maravar country.

John de Brito’s preaching led to the conversion of Thadiyathevan, a Marava prince who

had several wives. When Thadiyathevan was required to dismiss all his wives but one, a serious

problem arose. One of the wives was a niece of the neighboring king, Sethupathi, who took up her

quarrel and began a general persecution of Christians. De Brito and the catechists were taken and

carried to the capital, Ramnad, the Brahmins clamoring for his death. Thence he was led to Oriyur,

some thirty miles northward along the coast, where he was executed on 4 February 1693..

Brito was beatified by Pope Pius IX on August 21, 1853. He was canonized by Pope Pius XII on

June 22, 1947.

Feast day- February 4

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seminar on composting and waste management.

Waste management has turned out as the biggest problem in Bangalore. Improper waste management has adverse effects on humans as well as the environment .to create awareness on this major issue, PRAKRUTHI – The Eco Club had conducted a program on 24th of September 2015 , on which Biology day was celebrated well . Mrs.Poonam Bir Kasthuri and Ms. Preethi from Daily Dump organization had arrived to make us realize for a change. There was a talk on waste segregation, composting and thus waste management .Eco club is proud to let everyone know that we have bought a composting device for our students to use. Never is it late to start. So let us join Hands and manage this crisis efficiently.

IMG-20150925-WA0001 IMG-20150925-WA0004 IMG-20150925-WA0006 IMG-20150925-WA0007 IMG-20150925-WA0008




  • Vinu Sujitha
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That week dedicated to Science

IMG_0025 IMG_0003 Screenshot_3 IMG_0080 IMG_0097Well, the most awaited time in the academic year of a science student was witnessed from 21-24 september in Christ Junior College. Nothing, But THE SCIENCE WEEK. An amazing 4 day journey to appreciate and talk about the importance of science in our everyday lives.

It kick-started with the inauguration of various science subjects. It had dance displaying the fact that science students are not only book smart but street smart as well. Mere bookworms don’t exist in our world.

21st september,2015 – PHYSICS DAY

Well, it all began with the celebration of the most reasonable science subject, PHYSICS. Various activities were conducted in our quadrangle during the lunch time. Firstly, various day-to-day experiments were displayed and student were supposed to guess the laws and principles behind those experiments. It looked extremely simple but it truly tested our concept clarity. It had experiments talking about law of gravity to inertia to interference to the angular momentum to many other principles. Also, Pic-and-Speak was held in room no.9 where subjects were given an object and they were supposed to talk about the physics behind it. It was a good day with some mind boggling tasks which seemed quite simple but had loads of tricks and tests hidden in it.

22nd september,2015 – CHEMISTRY DAY

The next day was celebrated as the day of the most fascinating science of all times, CHEMISTRY.The enthusiasm was the same with various events taking place in our quadrangle again. Various chemistry projects were exhibited by the first PU classes. They talked about various phenomena which exist only due to the presence of a brilliant subject like chemistry. The students were eager to answer all the questions thrown at them. There was a game held right in the middle, about rearranging the periodic table. It was a fun game though which was appreciated by all the students. It was a very interesting day with these events brain curling the young minds.

23rd september, 2015- MATHEMATICS DAY

We all know about Midas, the Greek king, whose magical touch turned everything into Gold. Similarly, we have an undisputed queen whose magic paved way for all the sciences to flourish in their fields- none other than MATHEMATICS. It started with various games in the quadrangle like Rubik’s cube, Sudoku, Brainvita etc. and also the new ones like Mathekoo and Rope the loops. Various projects were exhibited and innovative ideas were displayed by the First PU classes. An on-spot quiz called Brainability was organised at 12. It had nothing to do with Great and high-level Mathematical skills, but it was simply based on charts and projects displayed. Not only science students, but Commerce and social science students actively took part in all the games and the quiz. Father Biju also came up to share his mathematical skills with the students. “If you get hundred in maths, please thank Father for this”- said the MC. It was a student friendly event with loads of fun involved in it.

24th september,2015- BIOLOGY AND ELECTRONICS DAY

This was one of the most awaited days because it had the blend of both Life Science and technology.Various projects were displayed in the quadrangle, both related to biology and electronics. Two completely different subjects, yet displayed beautifully without compromising the importance of either. Quiz was organised which was utter fun. From the robots to the human skeletal system, It was highly informative and student- friendly.

This marked the end of this 4-day beautiful journey which will always be cherished by each and everyone of us. Not only Science students, but also the commerce and Social science students actively took part in it, along with the teachers. It was filled with enthusiasm and utter fun.

PS: we have various pictures of the events which have been clicked by Shaman Bhat of 2PCMB-B.

RHYTHM GIRDHAR, Science Forum Representative.

Glory Glory Christ

A great man said – Failure defeats losers , Failure inspires winners.

From the past few competitions the group of commerce folks are increasing their potential not only to win but to be the best of the winners.

Recently Jain college Jc Road had conducted their fest Spoorthi  in which Christ wasn’t only the winner , but the best of the best.

And here goes the winners


                    1.RAMITH 2L

                    2.KANISHK 2L

                   3.VISHAL 2L


                  1. PRADHAM 2K

                  2.  PAUL 2K

                  3. ANUSHA 2J

                  4.  TANIA 1K

                 5.  PRARTHANA 1J


                   RAKSHITH 2L

The best part is Christ not only won a hell out of a competition but also where the overall winners in the fest. Hail Christites.





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Intercollegiate competitions by Prerana

Prerana, the language club is eager to inform all interested students that language skill oriented contests have commenced, and are scheduled to last a couple weeks to come. Bhaavageethe, folk song and poetry writing are some of the events included. Interested students are requested to contact the language department for more information. Prerana is looking forward to positive response from the student fraternity.

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PRAKRUTHI – THE ECO CLUB conducted a Poster making competition on 04th of September 2015. The topic was to make ” Posters which will remind us to switch off lights and computers when not in use” . Students from 1st and 2nd PUC   participated actively and won prizes . This was done to create an awareness on using Nature’s  resource judiciously and to reduce the pollutants released into the environment . We hope that it contributed a little to save this beautiful Nature .








Vinu Sujitha

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Social Responsibility Week 2015-16

Helen Keller once said, “Until the great mass of people shall be filled with a sense of responsibility for each others’ welfare, social justice can never be obtained”.
When The Social Responsibility Week was launched by CSA from 3rd August to 7th August, we were honestly quite baffled yet curious to know what it is all about. We were informed that it is in collaboration with the Fair Trade India and will comprise of a number of activities, ranging from competitions to stalls. Fair Trade India is a non governmental organisation that aims at eliminating middlemen and giving Cotton farmers their rightful share of profit. The topic for this time’s Social Responsibility Week was “Who grew you clothes? Love your Fashion, Love your farmer. Think, Act, Buy fair”. Three stalls were set up where we sold products from Fair Trade India.
There was also the largest organic T-Shirt which was released in Christ and this massive T-shirt made it to the Limca Book of Records as well.
I was a part of the stalls and the experience of all those who took part was definitely unlike anything we had seen before. Having the tables turned for once, with us trying to sell organic items and the products of the Parivartana wing of CSA, was a rare mixture of fun and learning.
We enjoyed that one hour of making people aware of the benefits and pressing need for fair trade. The feeling that we got after we finally sold an item was truly that of achievement and satisfaction.
In the end, all I have to say is that it was a magical and unique experience which not only was fun-filled but also transformed the way I think before making any purchases. But more than that was the small step we had taken on the long path to make a difference.
Neha Rajan
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