“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”

We, the students of 2 PPES O, had been to a village in Hosakote Taluk, Bangalore Rural on the 2nd of August. The remote village located on the outskirts of the city created awareness about the life in a rural area and has set an example to many villages which are yet to be developed. 14 villages of this area were selected for their development by the Centre for Social Action (CSA), Christ University back in 2003. The main areas of focus were children’s’ health, children’s education, women empowerment and income generation. Today, the villages have been largely benefited by these programmes. The children of these villages continue to get an education and excel in all the fields and they are also way healthy than what they were before with the awareness regarding the importance of healthy food. The women have formed self-help groups (SHGs) to support their families financially in spite of the resistance by their families and have managed to convince their families and create awareness among the other women also thus empowering themselves. In 2010, when CSA withdrew its project, the women of the village decided to take over the project. Today, the women, through the SHGs have benefited to a great extent and have saved more than 2 crore rupees with 14 villages, 60 SHGs and 763 members being a part of it.

We took great pleasure in entertaining the women and children of the village by organizing games and attempting to unveil the hidden talents in them. Visiting the school gave a lot of happiness where we became children, enjoyed and had a great time with them. One of the unforgettable experiences was the delicious food that was served to us which was made with tasty ingredients and lots of love.

The people of these villages have proved the saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way” by staying united and working towards the development of their location. Love for fellow beings and social responsibility which are two of the core values of our institution have been portrayed by these people. While we the people residing in a city are busy in fulfilling our own needs and wants, these people work for themselves and also cater to others needs. On the whole, this visit was an interesting and thought to provoke one where we were able to learn the true essence of life.

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Darpan 2017 – Street Play

The students who were a part of the Theatrix club, under the Pierian Spring, were given an opportunity to participate in the street play event of Christ Univeristy’s intra-collegiate fest, Darpan. Street play, as defined by our theatre instructor, Mr. Anirudh Mahesh, is pretty much a play performed somewhere other than on a stage. This concept along with a few impactful formations and chants to ring a strong note in social awareness is what makes a good street play. The play put up by the students of Christ Junior College lived up to all of this, along with bringing in a new element to it, too.
The play by the group was centered on the theme of Social Media awareness and was called, “It Was Just A Joke, Bro”, in context to how serious matters are dealt with using the dub of it being a joke. The entire process of the construction of this play was quite a memorable one for everyone who was a part of it. A lot of effort, thought, and time was put into every aspect of it by all the students and the instructors. An impactful message was passed on by the play and it lived up to the standards of the University teams, bagging the third place in the event. This being the first time a junior college team getting placed in a street play event, was quite a heartening achievement for all of us.



Advaith J, 2 CAME L

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Darpan 2017 – Proscenium Theatre

The students who were a part of the Theatrix club of Christ Junior College were given an opportunity to compete in the intra-collegiate fest of Christ University in the Proscenium theatre event.
The only thing more beautiful and captivating than watching a good play is watching it being made. Proscenium for Darpan was a whirlwind of crazy, amusing and magical moments, possibilities and fun fuelled by love and passion for the art of theatre.
This play, titled Past-A-Way was based on the concept of a person’s dream being shattered multiple times until everything could fall in place; all this with an unexpected twist.
There was a lot of excitement amongst all the students part of it, the excitement of watching what was written and thought about, materialize. Excitement only increased as we saw slowly unraveled each part of the play. The constant enthusiasm, energy and unending amounts of ideas, and a lot of patience, that all our mentors and teachers had is what made this idea for a play become reality. There was a lot of learning in the entire process; theatre in general, stage set up, production, character formation, acting, and so on. The days leading up to the play were really memorable ones, as the dots started connecting, as characters came into existence, and a play was born. There was a huge element of risk involved because a new idea of stage execution was tried by the team, and though the team didn’t place, there was an immense amount of satisfaction that everyone had by how the play was perfectly executed and how it made the audience live an experience, unlived before.



– Smruthi J, 2 HEPP N

Edited by Advaith J, 2 CAME L


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Colossus-A Talent Expo!!

Creativity,resolute,wit and exuberance-this is what defines Colossus-The Commerce association of Christ junior college.We heartly welcome all the 1st year students to this world of opportunity and a platform to prove yourself one step better than ‘the best’!

A wise man once said and I quote,”If opportunity doesn’t knock,build a door.” Colossus provides you the door of opportunity and the key is in your hands.Come grab the opportunity,portray your wit and sketch your destiny!!

Consisting of events like-

-Product launch-idea war

-Business crisis management

-Ups and downs of mock stock

-Best Manager

-B-quiz,business catooning,service launch etc….

Excited??Hope to see you in the events and the dates and description of the event will be put up shortly!

All the best for all prospective participants!!

Written by -Vaibhav Jain(2 CAME-L)

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Space Poetry

The Pierian Spring created a unique space for the poets of CJC, quite literally! Space poetry, an event that the literary club organized on the 7th of July was an opportunity for poets to think outside the box while presenting their ideas inside one. In this event, the participants were provided a particular shape and it was dependent on the imaginative prowess of each one to create a poem on the spot, basing it on the shape provided.

The event witnessed good participation from both, the first as well as the second year students. The competition had three poems that stood out amongst all of them in all the judged criteria. In order of their placement, these belonged to

1. Samyuktha Iyer – 1 PPES O
2. Araadhana – 2 PPES O
3. Marvin – 1 HEPP N

– Advaith J, 2 CAME L

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Sketching Competition

“I paint the spirit and the soul of what I see,” said once Brian Froud, an English illustrator. The Sketching competition organised by Spectrum, the Social Science Association, on the 30th of June this year has enabled the students to paint from both their inner spirit and soul of what they could see from their magical eyes of creativity.

As soon as the topic ‘Looking Out Of A Window’ was announced, everyone looked at their window of imagination through the frames of their hearts and eyes. Then followed drafting, scribbling, shading, erasing, wiping and again; redrawing. The more they drew, the more they erased; it seemed an endless effort to them. Well, if that was the case of few, others had a very different story to tell. Despite the richness of diversity and uniqueness of individualism in the competition, one quality that surely was strong enough to stand out amongst others was their eagerness to bring out the best from their inner talent they latched onto. Though many looked almost professional in their sketches, the number of people who had held pencils for a drawing competition for the first time was also handful in number. Few creative minds even stepped into making use of charcoal reckoning exquisite shades of dark grey and black.

Another quality that seems worth mentioning was their peculiarity of interpretation. Many had sketched what they could see from the windows of their own houses. People who drew lush tropic-green Indian landscapes had brought nativeness in their art.  The frames of windows in their sketches had actually become the outline frames of their drawing-paper by default.

The task of describing art resembles an old saying, “The more we say, the more remains yet to be said.” The flamboyant sketches of participants were indeed the exact replicas of a look into their windows of hearts.





Prajwal B.M. (2 HEPP N)


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Wealth Out of Waste Competition

As Bob Marley rightly said, “The greatness of a man is not in how much he acquires but in his integrity and ability of converting everything around him positively.” The event of ‘Wealth Out of Waste’ conducted by Spectrum, the Social Science Association, undoubtedly followed the great words of great man.

The event of Wealth Out of Waste took place on 8th of July, where enthusiasts from both first PUC and second PUC flocked in to register their names for the competition. With around 109 participants, the room was bustling with new ideas for old materials. The students were provided with the so-called waste materials like old newspapers, bottles, paper cups and plates, tissues, thread and straws. No theme was given to the competition so as to enable the students’ minds to bring out the best quality of wealth they could imagine. As time is more precious than anything, the participants never let the wealth-waste as soon as the materials were provided. The minds of the seniors and juniors worked alike when it came to creativity. Papers began to tear, bottles were cut, cups and straws were stuck…the room then was filled with the buzz of students’ activities. No given material was left unused or perhaps wasted. The students sorted out as many ways possible for converting as many things into wealth. At the time when they submitted their works, we were completely assured that the wealth they created was worth the most precious thing! The dazzling flower vases were everywhere to be seen. Elegant wind chimes proved worth- noticing! There was a snowman too amongst us! Decors, paper swans and boats were also among the wealth that was created.

The event, Wealth Out Of Waste, indeed taught students to make the best of everything they had got to the fullest and to never consider anything as waste. This event has now become one among many other innovative and exuberant events conducted by SSA and has been extremely successful in transforming students into resourceful individuals themselves.





Prajwal B.M. (2 HEPP N)


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