Re-Cover Competition

“Good Cover design is not only about beauty. It’s your first contact with a potential reader”.

– Eeva Lancaster

The Library Committee organised Bibliomania for First PU students. As a part of Bibliomania, an online Re-Cover competition was held on November 21st, 2020. Participants were given an opportunity to redesign the cover of a popular fiction. The book provided for redesigning the cover page was ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins. This competition provided them a platform to create myriad hues of colour and patterns while sticking on to the theme of the book. Forty students registered through google forms and twenty three students participated. The winners of the competition were:

I    –   Rohit Talakadu Manjunath, I PCME G

II   –   Ruthvik Arunkumar, I HEPP N

III  –  Shilpa Satish, I PCMB E and Vishakha Bakshi, I PCMC I

-Snehapriya Pius

Department of English

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Behind The Paint Competition

“Because every picture has a story to tell”


As a part of Bibliomania, the Library Committee organised Behind the Paint competition for first PU students. This was an online competition held on November 20th, 2020. Through this competition, participants got an opportunity to pen untold tales behind a painting. They could express it either in the form of a short story or as a poem. Participants utilised this opportunity to hone their writing skills. Thirty five students registered and twenty eight students participated. The winners of this competition were: 

 I     –     Lavanya Vinayak, I HEPP N

II     –    Ayushman Aron Roy, I PCMB D

III    –    Subhiksha A, I CAME L

-Snehapriya Pius

Department of English

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The United Nations at 75

2020 was a landmark year for many things, among them the celebration of the diamond jubilee of one of the largest, most revered, and ironically constantly arraigned organisations ever to be established – the United Nations. Given the prominence and relevance of this milestone, the MUN Society of Christ Junior College decided to celebrate it appropriately. On the 19th of December, the club organised a seminar with Mr. Suhaas Ema, International Anti-Corruption Consultant, Corruption and Economic Crime branch, Division for Treaty Affairs, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Who better to have with us for the occasion than someone who actually currently works with the UN and can share their real-life experiences with us? 

The realisation of the idea behind the event couldn’t have been more exact. During the session, Suhaas elucidated how exactly his department under the UNODC worked, referring to the examples of India and South Sudan, countries they had worked with not long ago. He talked about what it was like to work for the UN, including the friendly environment and the remuneration. He received lots of questions from the enthusiastic audience about the public perception of the UN, technicalities relating to the UNCAC (United Nations Convention against Corruption – one of his areas of expertise) and even about international politics, all of which he was able to answer competently. The seminar being the ideal event for it, the MUNSOC also had Suhaas do the honour of officially releasing its special edition magazine entitled ‘The United Nations at 75’. The publication talks about the various bodies under the UN and their work, and reviews the successes and failures of the organisation in the last three-quarters of a century. You can view the whole magazine at

The session had around 40 attendees and ended at precisely 1:30 hours. The Master of the Ceremony for the occasion was Riddhi Juyal of II PPES ‘O’, and the welcome address was delivered by Satvika Arun of II CAMS J. All in all the event was a major success and the perfect way for the MUNSOC to end the calendar year with a bang! 

Satvika Arun


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On 23rd November,2020 Prerana- The Language Association Club conducted a Sanskrit shloka recitation competition on Microsoft teams. The event started off with Shree Rakshitha (II CAMS  K) welcoming all the participants and the judge. Vidwan Ravi Joshi, who’s currently working as a lecturer in JSS college with nineteen years of teaching experience and who’s done Vidwath in Sahitya Shastra was invited to judge the event. Shree Rakshitha (II CAMS K) and Himadyuthi (II PPES O) carried out the event in an organised manner. About 13 participants participated with utmost enthusiasm. The participants individually chanted shlokas from Bhagavadgeetha, Rigveda and many more and explained its meaning in the given time of 5 minutes. The event was concluded by Ravi Joshi sir talking out his amazing experience about the event and Siddharth Jain (I PCMB D) giving out the vote of thanks. The event was very informative!

Winners of the event are:

1st place- Sanjana Yoga (II HEPP N)

2nd place- Harshitha Bhat Paduru (I CAME L)

3rd place- Shreya S (II CAMS K)

-Vaaruni Shastry


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On the 21st of November 2020 Prerana hosted a one of a kind event, the first ever French Dumb Charades Silencieux which had everyone immensely excited! Hosted and organised by Samyuktha Navin Menon (II CAME L), Chidheka D (II CAMS K), Pushya along with the help of the French volunteers the event started right on time at 11 am and lasted up to 12:30 and flowed with the same amount of thrill and excitement from the beginning to end.

With a total of sixteen participants divided into eight teams of two they had to face a total of three rounds in order to emerge as winners. The first round commenced and each team was given a total of one minute to enact and guess the words sent to the participant who was enacting the words out. Round two followed the same course of action except the roles of the participant guessing and enacting the words were reversed. Five of the eight teams were selected and sent on to the third and final round of the competition. Adding a little twist, the participants had to guess sentences in French which made it even more fun to witness.

As the event was coming to an end the winners were efficiently announced, with Satvika Arun and Esha Mehtain (II CAMS J) the first place, Tanisha S and Inchara Kashyap (II HEPP N) in the second and Archana Lino and Harshitha Hebbar (II PPES O and II HEPP N) in the third. The French Dumb Charades was a truly entertaining and well organized event that left the participants wanting more such events in the future!

-Dhiti S


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The students’ knowledge about the great and vibrant culture of France was put to the test by Prerana in an engaging quiz called Savez- Vouz, a French event conducted by Samyuktha Menon (II CAME L) and Chidheka (II CAMS K) on 14th October 2020. Participants answered a wide range of questions from naming the highest peak in France to identifying the world’s largest art museum. The rounds progressively got tougher and competition higher with participants battling it against each other. With over 11 participants, the event was a resounding success with everyone learning something new about France. The event was concluded by Chidekha giving the closing speech.

The winners are as follows:

First place-Chaitanya M (I PCMB C)

Second place-Kuhu Unde (I PPES O)

Third place-Priyanka N (I CAME L)

-Ishetha viswanath


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A fun twist given to an enunciation game, Prerana conducted a multilingual competition- The Virelangues. The event saw tongue twisters being spoken in four different languages in separate rounds with an active participation of over 41 students on 15th October 2020 . The event was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants who spoke the hard tongue twisting phrases with great enthusiasm which left everyone entertained. The student coordinators did a great job in managing the four different languages. The next round of the competition was held on 13th November with 8 participants for the Hindi round, 7 participants for French, 10 participants for Kannada and 7 participants for the Sanskrit round. The final round for all languages consisted of two participants going against each other in a face-off.  The winners of the competition were-


First place: Akshat Hawelia (I CAME L)

Second place: Prakruthi (I CAME L)

Third place: Pulkit Garg (I CAME L)


First place: Pari Vashisht (I CAME L)

Second place: Lakshit Kankariya (I HESP M)

Third place: Manasi D S (II HEPP N)


First place: Sidharth (I PCMB D)

Second place: Megha Palled (IICAMS K)

Third place: Shreya S (II CAMS K)


First place: Devika (I PCMB E)

Second place: Prajwal (I PCMB E)

Third place: Mytri Datta (I PPES O)

-Ishetha V


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On the 20th of November 2020 another captivating event The Hindi- Just A minute (Saath Second) was brought about by the team of Prerana. Persuading all the students to take part in it and showcase their talents, registration forms were circulated well beforehand.  And after a satisfactory response the event was scheduled for the 20th of November 2020 at 2pm on Microsoft teams. The event hosted by Dhruvi Sanghavi (II HEPP N) and Naman Jain (II PCMC I) started off with a great amount of enthusiasm. With a total of 19 participants, each participant was given a span of one minute to talk about their specific topic, with a wide array of topics the participants put forth their best foot.

With eight of the nineteen participants chosen, the final round of the event commenced. The participants were grouped into pairs and pitted against each other, making sure that they were on the edge of their seats while their opponents were speaking in order to JAM and disrupt the speech. Once this was done the participant could continue on with the topic and a time period of 3.5 minutes was allotted to each pair. This was truly an exciting round along with it also being a great learning experience for everyone who was a part of the event.

As the event was coming to an end the student coordinators were lauded for the effort put into the program and the ease it was carried out with. Overall the Hindi JAM was a well-structured event.

The winners are as follows:

First place-Shambhavi (I PCMB F)

Second place-Ashlesha H (I HEPP N)

Third place-Drishti Jain (I HEPP N) and Sayam Bafna (I CAMS J)                                            

-Dhiti S


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Ondu Nimisha

On the 19th of November 2020, a delightful event the Kannada Just a Minute- Ondu Nimisha was held. The event was hosted by Siri (II PPES O) and Abhishek (II CAMS K) from 2 to 4 pm on Microsoft teams. Sixteen enthusiastic participants attended the event.

Just a minute being one of the most competitive and yet exciting events the participants were aware of the fact that they had to put their wit and oratory skills to the best use. Starting of the first round of the competition with precisely dividing the sixteen participants into four groups and giving each group a total of fifteen minutes to exhibit their skills, the four members in the team were actually supposed to face each other as competitors. They were supposed to constantly JAM their opponent and continue on with the topic of the speech  to secure a spot in the finals.

The final round kicked off with one contestant from each of the four teams being selected along with an additional entry making the final count of finalists five. This electrifying round came to an end with the declaration of the winners, with the winners being Sunidhi Hegde (I HEPP N) in the first place, Gokul Yadav (I PCMC H) in the second and Panchami K (I PCMC H) in the third.

Keeping the participants and the viewers on the edge of the seat the Kannada just a minute was indeed a well organised event where the participants got an opportunity to exhibit their linguistic and rhetoric skills.  

-Dhiti S


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Prerana’s first musical event- Jugalbandi, The Hindi event,  of the year started off with amazing energy and enthusiasm from both participants and organisers. The musical game conducted by Dhruvi Sanghavi and Naman Jain on 13th October 2020, saw an active participation of over 35 teams of two and was carried out with great zeal. With three rounds played, it was called an extremely fun and enjoyable event with participants belting songs from popular Bollywood artists with their partners and amusing the other people in the competition.

The next part of the competition was held on 13th November where student coordinators Naman Jain (II PCME I) and Druvhi Singhvi (II HEPP N) skillfully divided the remaining 24 teams into two groups and conducted the event. In the ensuing round, the participants had to link a song to the actor shown on the screen and also had a face off among the remaining participants. The event was supervised by teacher coordinator Dr. Kavita.

The three hour long event saw its conclusion with the winners being the team of Kanak Mehta (I HEPP N) and Gehana Mehta (II CAME L) . Second place went to the team of Prakruthi. S(1 CAME L) and Kriyanshi. B. Chohan (I CAMS K) with third place going to Hiranmayi Purushotham (II HEPP N) and Sushmitha Saladi (II HEPP N). Participants immensely enjoyed the event and greatly appreciated it.

-Ishetha V


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