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ENVIRONMENT,  You would probably come across this most used (or rather misused) word from people standing on podiums delivering speeches, preaching methods to adopt for a healthier tomorrow or perhaps on internet pages, social issue advertisements, project materials and so … Continue reading

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Social Science Exhibition

Today, the Social Science Association held an exhibition in which students presented different projects related to their subjects. Each class was divided into 4 groups depending on the subjects taught in their class. These groups included Economics, Psychology, Political Science, … Continue reading

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Photography Competition

For all of you who think you can be just as good on the other side of the camera, the SSA is hosting the Christ Junior College Photography competition. Test your skills as a photographer and see if you can … Continue reading

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World Literacy Day

Knowledge is the supreme purpose of every life. It is the inevitable and most valuable power in this whole universe. St. Thomas Aquinas has rightly said “Beware the man of a single book.” Every citizen of the country should have … Continue reading

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Film Club

Films are one of the greatest means through which a story teller can tell a story. Films have a way of captivating the audience like no other form of media. When you watch a movie, at first it’s just about … Continue reading

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JAM Session

There will be a JAM session for I and II PUC Commerce and Arts on September 19th from 11:45-12:15 pm. It is mandatory for all Christian and Catholic students to atend. Attendence will be taken. Araditha C R, Student Representative, … Continue reading

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Global warming is defined as an average increase in earth’s temperature, which causes various changes in climate and increases overall air and water temperature which if continues will surely affect life on earth. The causes of global warming mainly depends … Continue reading

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