Indo-Swiss Exchange Programme – A Report

Before we arrived at Switzerland we had heard a lot about it. Phrases like “Heaven on earth” and “The most beautiful place in the world” come to mind. I feel happy to tell you that these phrases are as accurate as anything can be or will be. In my opinion, Switzerland is a must visit for everybody.

Our Swiss partners were so hospitable towards us. I don’t think any of us missed India while we were with our host families or anywhere in Switzerland for that matter.  We had a chance to see everything, and I can say without doubt that it was amazing. The night life, the landscapes, everything.

The following places were visited:

  • Capital city of Bern.
  • Geneva: UN headquarters and Red Cross Society
  • Callier Cadbury – Chocolate factory
  • Tete- de moine cheese factory
  • Gyesse Bach waterfall
  • Guyere – castle and H.R. Giger’s museum
  • Longines watch factory
  • Straumann Factory
  • Luzern Transport Museum
  • Ballenberg

Aahan Sapru, Student Member, Indo-Swiss Exchange Programme