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Carbon footprint The total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).   CAUSES OF CARBON FOOTPRINT  When fossil fuels are combusted, the carbon stored in them is … Continue reading

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Prakruthi’s First Meeting

All the First PU students who have registered their names for The Eco club will have a meeting on Friday (29/06/2012) Venue :- Biology Lab 01 Time :- 2:45 pm  Navaneet, Student Representative, Prakruthi

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Theatre Workshop

The workshop is conducted by a famous theatre personality, Mr. Sathish Chandra and his team for a period of 45 sessions across one and a half month. The aim of the workshop is to hone the theatrical skills of the … Continue reading

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I PUC Inauguration Ceremony

Excitement and curiosity was was in the air as the 1st  PUC  students experienced the majestic aura here at the ‘CHRIST UNIVERSITY’ auditorium. The inauguration ceremony of the 1st PUC students was an elegant one since it began on a … Continue reading

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The Schedule Of Events for the Choir Group

Months Events July 16th– 21st and 25th – Xite – Choir will arrange a performance for ten minutes August Glorious Festival of HarmonyPerformance in CJC- Independence Day Celebration September 14th – 15thMagnachrista – There will be a Choir performance, Cosmos5th– … Continue reading

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The new treasure of Prerana!

Hey dear CHRISTITES!!!!!!! we are glad say that we found more than hundreds of juniors registering during the registration process. Our list came up with wonderful classical and western dancers, singers, musicians, writers, painters and many other talented artists who … Continue reading

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The commerce club activities were inaugurated   for the year 2012-2013. The chief guest for the day was Mr. venkatesh Kumar, Vice President of Future Groups of Companies ltd.  The students were inspired by the speech given by Mr. Venkatesh as he … Continue reading

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What ho! The best of P.G. Wodehouse

Containing some of the finest and funniest words from the finest and funniest author, the past century ever knew, this book is an absolute gem, with a wonderful introduction by Stephen Fry (I’d recommend it for the intro alone). Whether … Continue reading

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Feast of the Day

Immaculate Heart of Mary The Immaculate Heart of Mary or The Sacred Heart of Mary is a devotional name used to refer to the interior life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her joys and sorrows, her virtues and hidden perfections, and above all, her virginal … Continue reading

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Feast of the Day

Sacred Heart of Jesus The Sacred Heart is one of the most famous religious devotions to Jesus‘ physical heart as the representation of his divine love for humanity. This devotion is predominantly used in the Catholic Church and among some high-church Anglicans and Lutherans. The devotion especially emphasizes the unmitigated … Continue reading

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