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Science toons, as the name suggests, was for all the art fanatics out there, for all the doodlers in class, for all those avid thinkers that bridge science and art and bring it to life with mere pen and paper. … Continue reading

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In today’s world, where we experience the magical power of science everywhere, taking a moment to appreciate its raw and ethereal beauty behind every day phenomena could leave us in awe. The event ‘E-science’ held on 7th July, aimed at … Continue reading

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Sparking Young Minds to Protect the Environment – An Initiative By ECO Club, CJC

One of the most alarming problems in today’s age is indeed waste management. In fact, Bengaluru is also referred to as “the garbage city”, rather than its reputation of a “garden city” it enjoyed earlier. It is also true that … Continue reading

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MockStock – The Stock Market of Christ!

“One of the funny things about stock market is that every time a person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.”- William Feather. The MockStock event of Christ Junior College was organized to give a glimpse to the … Continue reading

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It’s Coming Home! – FIFA WORLD CUP QUIZ

One of the most awaited and highly anticipated quiz, the FIFA Quiz, was conducted on the 7th of July 2018 in Room No.108. The quiz was co-hosted by Marvin Paul and Vineeth Prasad of 2 N.  There was a huge … Continue reading

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Transcendence 2018, the science and technology fest conducted by St Joseph’s Boys’ High School on the 29th and 30th of June 2018, saw the active participation of our young budding scientists and analytical thinkers.  From challenging events like Zenith, QRiosity, … Continue reading

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The 29th of June buzzed with excitement as everyone assembled around the quadrangle to witness the investiture ceremony for the teachers and student heads, who are responsible for the various clubs and associations. The chief guest, Dr. Nitin, an alumni … Continue reading

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