Crisis management

” The secret of crisis management is not good Vs bad ,it is preventing the bad from getting worse “- Andy Gilman
The key characteristic of a crisis is that you cannot control ,that’s why they call it crisis management .You have to understand in real time when to yield and when to tilt and even if you navigate to perfection ,the threat could be existential .
Few essential tips – do not deny the problem ,minimise the problem ,slow down the blame,refrain from lying ,do not reveal the previous negative aspects and magnitude of the problem ,be clear do not succumb And panic when questions are shot at you .If you are confident and spontaneous ,you will manage to get through .

We expect to see overwhelming participation .

Written prelims round will be conducted on 17th  September 2016 .

Members – 3+1;  Selected teams make it the finals .

Results of product launch –

1. Keerthi and team (2 Cams ‘K’)

2. Raghvendra and team (2 Cams ‘J’)

3. Nidhi and team (2 Cams ‘J’)

  • Aanchal Nagori
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