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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore, under the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is responsible for the improvement and maintenance of land transportation in Singapore.

The LTA constructs and maintains roads, provides for public transportation through the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) which includes the buses and metro trains. The LTA has been doing everything possible to maintain the free flow of traffic. Some of the main steps taken by them are listed below. Indian Group during one of the visits

Roads are built in three layers i.e. on the ground, flyovers and underground tunnels. Lane discipline and speed limits are made mandatory to follow to ease the flow of traffic. The main reason as to why Singapore’s traffic is controlled is because the choice mode of transport is public transport. Buses are given priority over private vehicles on road by providing them with separate lanes thereby streamlining the traffic. Heavy taxes are levied on private cars for travelling on certain roads and this tax is either added to the citizen’s credit card bill or is deducted from their salary. Hybrid vehicles are encouraged by reducing taxes on them, as they are more fuel efficient. Reduction of private vehicles on the road automatically reduces traffic congestion on the roads.

Pedestrian crossovers and underground subway crossings on the main road help pedestrians to cross the road safely and cause no disturbance to the traffic.

Public transportation is made very efficient, fast and is a cheap means of transportation for citizens. Their main aim is to make the travel time across the island a maximum of sixty minutes. The subway and bus station are being made accessible to the blind and the physically challenged by providing tactile guides and rams respectively.

The fare system of the public transportation is transparent as the citizens are allowed to know the shortest, fastest and the cheapest route to the destination. Tickets are cashless transactions as cards are used instead of them which are swept at the entry and exit of the services.

LTA is a very successful organization which as been able to realize most of its goals in management and development of Singapore Land Transport System.

Anokha Jagadish

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