The Amateur Scientist 2014

“The amateur Scientist” is a science festival hosted by PES University. This event organized by PES is meant to encourage activities in the area of pure sciences and its applications.The Amateur Scientist is scheduled for the 23rd of August,2014 at PES University, Bangalore (Banashankari Main Campus). The show provides a podium for the best working projects created by students of 8th to 12th standards from various institutions across India which will be judged by the best from academia.The following are the projects that have found a place in the science project competitions conducted by PESIT which is to be held on August 23, 2014. Kudos to the participants!!!The synopsis of the projects are uploaded for you all to appreciate and encourage.

1)Maths project – DNA melting temperature and calculation of allele frequency

2)Maths project – Soliton Wave

3)Physics project – Ceasing the engine system of the vehicle if alcohol content of a certain limit is exceeded.

In addition to the Science Projects,PES has also organized the following activities:

  • Hook or Crook-a model making competition
  • Hands on Electronics Workshop
  • Quiz
  • Fun fair-Rubik’s Synchronize,Air Force One,Chemical X and Econ
  • Aero Show-A fascinating display from the experts

Interested students can give their names on or before 21st August to:

Nishanth Reddy-II PCMB E

Ravi Raj-II PCMB A

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AGAPE – (Love of Lord)

Agape, the most awaited event in ACC has been ended. “Agape” actually means ‘love of God’ and we named our annual retreat so because we wanted to spread God’s love to people around us.

Students in a skit

Students in a skit

The retreat started with an introduction video containing the record and pictures of events in ACC for the last 2years. During the ice breaking session, all students were given colorful ballons and were asked to dance. We had a good time of praise and worship on both days. Fr. Vinay Kamath had come down from Mumbai to give talks on ‘The world and the youth today’, ‘God’s unconditional love’, ‘Sin- the wall that separates me from God’, and ‘Heart of repentance’. His talks were inspirational and heart changing. I learnt that ‘LOVE’ is unconditional, forgiving, sharing, steadfast, selfless, hopeful, trusting and encouraging. We also had a session with Fr. Jomio which was based on ‘Holiness’.

Students @ the Retreat

Students @ the Retreat

Our audiovisual team performed a very heart changing skit which helped the students have a good confession. We also had a time of adoration. All the students participated in the Holy Mass. Our music team and the dance team helped the students to keep the spirit of the retreat with their beautiful music, voices and dance. We enjoyed dancing to songs like mandalela. We also had a panel discussion where the panelists shared their experiences working for God and how their lives are a celebration with God. It was a very good experience to be a part of the retreat.

I would like to quote the lines of Max Lucardo:“God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way. He wants you to be just like Jesus.

Sharon Vas, Student Representative, ACC

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Glorious Festival of Harmony

Glorious Festival Of Harmony is a 2-day festival featuring 30 of the best choral groups from all over India, participating from schools, colleges, youth bands, independent groups and choirs, and presenting various styles of music, bringing together on the same stage a symphony of excellence. This year, it was held on the 9th and 10th of August in the grounds of Bishop Cottons Girls’ School. The CJC choir performed along with other PUC and school choirs on 9th.

The choir sang Chekkele by Avial- a song that describes the sad fate of Chathan and Neeli who are two farmers. The song highlights the plight of a lot of farmers in India in the form of a story, made into a song.

The Blessing by Steven Curtis Chapman is another one of the songs the choir performed. It is a beautiful farewell prayer. This song was also sung for Father Jose’s sendoff.

Last but not the least, the choir sang Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi . The famous song is about a fictional working class couple, Tommy and Gina, who struggle to make ends meet and maintain their relationship.

Our performance was met with a lot of appreciation. It was a grand success. It was a tremendous and fun experience for all in the choir and the audience.

On behalf of the choir, I would like to thank Mr. Prashanth Gnanamuthu for conducting us, the band who played for us and Glorious for giving us a platform to display our talents.

Anjana Moraes, Student Representative, The Choir

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Team Building

Activities are a very important part of CSA. Thus, we had a team building activities hour for the new members. The members were split into five groups. The older members chose the social topic “School Dropouts” for which each group had to do a five minute presentation. Through these presentations, they had to show their views on why students drop out of school. The presentations could be a speech, a skit, a song or a written presentation. All groups chose to do skits, and decided names for their groups.

Group 1 – Boss did a skit on the difference between a “good” student and a “bad” student. The good student who had an interest in learning and being attentive in class was able to achieve a lot in life. The distracted student however had no interest in joining school. He was forced by his mother to attend school, but in classes he does not pay attention and always disturbed others. He finally dropped out of school, and tried to find a job for himself, which he was not able to get due to poor educational qualifications.

Group 2 – Revolutionaries, through their play, wanted to show how students become dropouts, which they felt were due to environmental factors. In their play, the student, Asha, wished to study and always did well in her class. However, her family life wasn’t so good. Her family discouraged her from studying. Her step-mother made her do all the chores at home, and her father beat her for studying. Unable to handle her family life, she dropped out of school and left her home. She found a cleaning job in a store. While doing her job, her school friends saw her and teased her for being a school dropout. The group wanted to emphasise on how environment often leads to children dropping out.

Group 3 – Active Citizen in their skit, showed how the economic condition of the students family could affect their education. The student in the skit paid a visit to the principal, where she begs the principal for more time to pay the fees. The students went home to ask her father for money, but the father dismissed her requests and took the money her mother earned and spent it on alcohol. When the student was unable to pay her fees, the principal expelled her from school. The student was crying, when a few CSA volunteers saw her and decided to help her out. The CSA volunteers talked to her father, and the father, finally realised the fault in his ways paid for the child’s education.

Group 4 – Farz, Our Duty started their skit with a scene where a man stole a woman’s purse but got caught and sent to jail. His children were very affected by this. The news of their father being a thief spread, and the other children in their school teased and bullied them.  They dropped out, feeling utterly humiliated and embarrassed about their father’s actions. The students began to work, where they were spotted by CSA volunteers. The CSA volunteers helped them out. They ended their skit with the song Give Me Some Sunshine from 3 Idiots (movie).

The last group, Group 5 – Identity, did a skit on child labour being the main cause of school dropouts. The mother earned the money in the house which the father spent on alcohol. The child did not have any money saved up for education, so she worked in a small tea shop. The people who worked there with her tried to dissuade her from attending school, but she went to school anyway. Her employer did not want her to go but let her go anyway. She reached to school late, for which the teacher scolded her. Her school friends tried to be supportive but it did not help her. She was forced to work extra hours, which angered her father who forced her to drop out of school to bring more money for the house.

All the skits were presented really well. The CSA volunteers had really put some thought into their presentations.

Malavika M, Student Representative, Centre for Social Action (CSA)

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Cosmos – Event Highlights

Some highlights on Cosmos Version 5 are:


Oh yes! Some more events are under wraps. Wait for the D-day.

J E Easha, Student Representative, Science Forum






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NOVA 2014

The inter-collegiate science project competition, NOVA (Nurturing Opportunity with Vision and Augur) is being held on 13th of September 2014.

J E Easha, Student Representative, Science Forum

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Cosmos Version 5 – Impact of technology on human development

The one thing thing that man is gifted by God that differentiates him from other mammals is the ability to question and find solutions. Man has always thrived to make his life easier which has been the driving force in today’s technological advancement as stated “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Technology has made its impact in each one of our lives be it medical,transport and communication, military and defense, agriculture etc. It has knitted the world together through communication,created defense walls for the country. With the population explosion it is extremely difficult to meet its increasing demand of food but with technology it has become easier to meet its increasing demands. Technology has not just made our lives easier but has become part of our lives. Man has always tried and is still trying to make his imagination,his inner world into a reality and hence it is appropriate to tagline Cosmos Version 5 as “Innervision beyond reach”.

J E Easha, Student Representative, Science Forum

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