Anakritis, an event conducted at Magnachrista 2018, had the biggest turnout among the science events because of its interesting detective-like archetype. ‘Anakritis’ is derived from the Gorgan Anakritis, who were interrogators in Greek mythology. This was well encapsulated in three rounds.

The preliminary elimination round had a set of logic-based questions to be answered on paper. When interviewed, the participants said that a combination of spontaneity and common sense is needed to answer the questions.

The second round involved a riddle, featuring a line from ‘Toy Story’- “Ride like the wind- bullseye” which was said by Woody, a cowboy. If one could fit the puzzle together they’d arrive at the Ramanujan number. The top six participants who were quickest to unravel the riddle proceeded to the next round.

The final round was a classic detective murder mystery. The setup consisted of an outline of a dead body, a diary, fingerprints and a half- burnt photo. The characters involved were the victim, his best friend, his colleague and his neighbour, who he wasn’t very friendly with. Whichever team figured out first who the killer was and explained the plot of the murder won the event. This event thus managed to push participants to their analytical extremes and had channel their inner detectives!

Winners :
1st price- Christ academy
2nd price- Jyoti Nivas College
3rd price- Transcend PU college

-Manasa V Reddy

  1 PCMB D

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