The Mathematics Quiz

The Math Quiz was conducted by Math Department in collaboration with Sedes Minerva. The quiz was hosted by Suman Sir, who handled the quiz efficiently and effortlessly. The quiz was not at all stream restrictive and saw a good participation from students of all streams. It was a delight for all of us as the classroom was full and we were certainly overwhelmed by the participation.

The prelims comprised of 20 questions which were from the basics of 9th and 10th standard mathematics. The students solved the problems very well and the top six teams made it to the final.

The final witnessed four high voltage rounds which really tested the mettle of our participants. They were really innovative and tricky in nature.

The Math Quiz was officially our last quiz. It was an honour and privilege hosting and preparing quizzes for all. The enthusiasm and zeal shown by our participants is what keeps us going. We’re happy that our endeavours were actually helpful as it ignited the spirit of inquiry and the passion for quizzing in many. As we keep telling our participants that quizzing is not studying some quintessential quiz books or rote learning, it is the simple act of keeping oneself updated with latest happenings and trying to apply that logic to the questions which are designed in a way to keep our participants thinking on their feet.

None of the final rounds in our quizzes were direct, in fact they were designed keeping in mind certain highly unnoticed and rare things. The constant participation of students regularly is something which is highly appreciated. Our predecessors set a benchmark, we lived up to the same and have made quizzing a more accessible and fun avenue. We hope our successors can do the same.

On this note, we would like to thank our Teacher Co Ordinator, Mr. Kenath Arun for being a pillar of support and supporting us in all our endeavours. He was always forthcoming in accepting all our ideas and was the backbone for some exceptional quizzes. We can’t thank him enough for his tireless efforts in promoting quizzing and constantly motivating us. We’d like to thank all our collaborators for really helping us produce some exceptional quizzes.

Last but not the least, special mention to all our participants for always being there in huge numbers to participate in quizzes. Kudos to all the winners. Quizzing isn’t always about winning, we have emphasised this and truly believe in this. Echoing the words of the exceptional quiz club, ‘we made quizzing great again’. Thanks to all once again. Cheers.

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Until next year, goodbye.

Be curious and never stop learning as it is never too late.

Winners of Math Quiz :

1st Place – Chirag S(2’H’), Yadhuraj M(2’H’) and Ullass(2’B’)

2nd Place – Mohit Raj Bhurat(2’I’), Divy  Jain(2’I’) and Rahul D Makhija(2’I’)

3rd Place – Yash Darira(2’I’), Sharan F Peter(2’I’) and Syed Imad(2’I’)



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